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Best Paint Jobs On Cars – Top Custom Colors And Design Ideas

by Jordan Harris
Best Paint Jobs On Cars

Cars can depict our societal status in some ways. They say so much about us. Having the best paint jobs on cars or the best car colors makes you distinct; hence, you have to know your way around it to get the best.

Matte paint jobs like the matte Purple Vorsteiner BMW M4, two-tone paint jobs, and fade paint jobs are among the best paint jobs on cars. Pearlescent is also a paint job you might love.

A lot of things might make you want to paint your car. It might be that you want to change the color of your old car, your car got scratched by a random car driver, or you bought a new car but don’t like the color.

Before choosing any paint job, there are things you need to consider. The aesthetic appearance is significant, as is the process of application. It’s important to think about how long it will take to dry, as well as any possible health risks and finishing options.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars

Classic vehicles

Below are some beautifully designed paint jobs on cars that you would love.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars – #1. Matte Color Paint Job

A good example of this paint job is the matte purple Vorsteiner BMW M4. This is one of the best paint jobs on cars we recommend. It has become so popular. This paint job has a flat color that is not reflective.

It now lasts longer and has a higher degree of durability than before. With this paint job, the application of a clear coat dries into a rough texture, which is better compared to other paint jobs.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars – #2. Two-Tone Paint Jobs

This is another painting job on the top list. This involves two different shades of color on a car. This paint job gives you the opportunity to choose two colors based on your style and taste.

This two-tone paintwork is done in such a way that two-thirds of the car is painted in one color while the other part is painted in a neutral color, making your car look too distinct and charming. This is one of the best paint jobs on a car that will have your head spinning.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars – #3. Pearlescent

Looking for the best and most unique car paint job? This might be an option. This painting project includes a texture that allows for a variety of interesting results. When you refract light, this paint job splits the joint into several colors with different actuating depths.

So imagine someone looking at your car from different angles and noticing different colors. Isn’t that awesome?

Best Paint Jobs On Cars – #4. Fade Paint Job

This might look similar to a two-tone paint job, but it is distinct from it in that you use different colors that blend. This paint job looks very technical and unique. It also takes a lot of skill, because the transition between the two colors must be smooth for the full design to show.

Also, you can decide to add from top to bottom or front to back, depending on your choice.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars – #5. Metallic Paint Job

This is also one of the best paint jobs on cars you’d love. A metallic paint job makes your car look shinier than any random paint job using traditional paint because a small amount of metallic powder is added to the paint.

What makes this a better option is that, even when you have damage on your car instead of going for another paint job, it disguises the damage when looking at it from a distance. It increases the visual appearance and market value of a car.

Note, this metallic powder isn’t the same as powder coating. To learn more about the latter, feel free to head over to our guide on the cost to powder coat your wheels. And, our overview of powder-coated rims.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars – #6. Roller Paint Job

This is another type of paint job that is best for you. It involves using a foam roller to apply Rust-Oleum rather than standard auto paint. This is also cheap and affordable.

Most Popular Car Color

Colors have a way of having emotions, reflecting our personalities, our cultures, etc. Hence, choosing a car color might be a bit tricky, as it might be a problem after choosing a brand and model.

According to Ward’s Auto and automotive paint supplier Axalta, white will be the most popular car color. Here are the full rankings of the world’s most popular car colors:

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Most Popular Colors #1 – White

White is a very popular car of choice for a long time. It rates 35% of the world’s most popular cars. It is also considered best in a hot climate as it reflects heat and keeps the cabin cool.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Most Popular Colors #2 – Gray

Grey is also very popular as a car color. It has a  tricky style and blends in easily. It rates 19% of the world’s most popular car colors.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Most Popular Colors #3 – Black

Though you might say that maintenance on black cars is hard, classic apparel attracts some buyers. It is ranked at 19%. It is one of the most popular cars. Whether it’s the blackest of black paint, check out our write-up on the pros and cons of a black car to find out more.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Most Popular Colors #4 – Silver

Silver cars appear beautiful and fashionable, making this color a popular choice among different car lovers. Manufacturers also have silver in different hues to assist buyers with unique color options. It ranks 9 percent in the world’s ratings.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Most Popular Colors #5 – Blue

Color reflects mood; hence, the blue color reflects a warm and steady mood. Different tints of blue give a sense of identity to the owner among other vehicles on the road. It has a rating of 8%.

Best Car Colors

Choosing the best car colors is something that is essential and will be made based on different factors. The person’s taste in cars should reflect his personality. Someone might decide to choose bold, bright colors such as yellow, red, or green.

The deeper the color, the more scratches you’ll notice, and the longer you’ll have to spend polishing body panels. The best color may be chosen from

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Best Colors #1 – Acura Long Beach Blue

It was introduced last year on the NSX, and now the lovely Long Beach Blue makes its way to the TLX Type S for the first time through the new PMC Edition.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Best Colors #2 – BMW Thunder Night Metallic

Although BMW has a selection of unique paints, you won’t have to put in a special request to get a 2 Series Coupe in the new Thunder Night Metallic. Although this purple paint is a $550 extra, the 2 Series coupe is currently the only BMW that offers it.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Best Colors #3 – Cadillac Electric Blue

The aptly named Electric Blue is available on both models for an extra $625, alongside other fresh shades like Blaze Orange and Infrared—but this is my favorite of the bunch.

Types Of Car Paint

Best Paint Jobs On Cars

This is a paint used by automobiles for protective and decorative purposes and gives the best paint jobs on cars. Water-based acrylic polyurethane enamel paint is currently the most widely used paint for reasons including reducing paint’s environmental impact.

1. Urethane

Urethane is one of the most popular types of automotive paint. The base of this paint is made up of a carbon-based polymer, which is highly resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading from UV rays. available It is affordable and has a low risk of smudging.

2. Acrylic Enamel

Acrylic enamel is one of the two primary variants of water-based acrylic paint. It is even cheaper, making it a wonderful option. The water-based nature of this paint makes it safer and less toxic than urethane paint.

3. Acrylic Lacquer

Lacquer is the other variation of water-based acrylic paint that is commonly used. It is expensive and difficult to find. It is the easiest paint to apply, as you can easily apply it with a cloth without spraying.

Car Colors To Avoid

Like I said before, colors express your expression, so you ought to be careful about the color of your choices. In this part of the article, I will let you know which car colors to avoid as of 2022.

1. Green

Green cars have power and should be less valued than other colors because relatively few people are interested in them. It can be hard to keep them clean and in good condition. Some shades of green, e.g., pale lime green, can put them out on theme and act as cobweb magnets, making buyers think twice before purchasing them.

2. Brown

Brown has similar problems as beige and tan. It has a rust problem. It’s hard to keep clean-looking. It becomes muddy and discolored even when the vehicle isn’t completely clean.

 3. Purple

A lot of people are interested in this car color, but it has a lower resale value compared to white and other colors. It also tends to get dirty easily, especially muted purple, and begins to look brown or red, even with a little dust.

 4. Black

You might be surprised to see this as one of the colors to avoid because it is one of the most popular car colors out there. The reason is that blacks absorb heat easily, which can be a burden on the cooling system. Black is also difficult to clean and maintain.

Custom Car Paint Jobs

Paint jobs might seem to be more accessible, but some are better than others. Here are some luxury cars with customized paint jobs.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Best Custom Paint #1 – Galaxy Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

This is the dream car for every supercar lover. It has one of the best custom paint jobs. The Lambo has one of the best wrap jobs seen recently, with a detachable lightweight carbon fiber roof.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Best Custom Paint #2 – Matte Blue Koenigsegg Agera

The Agera looks natural with distinct accents; it would be a crime to wrap them in vinyl. In 2014, when it was new, it was one of the fastest and most expensive cars you could buy. It looks stunning in a matte blue and black color combination.

Best Paint Jobs On Cars, Best Custom Paint #3 – Blue Chrome SLS AMG Electric

This is not a typical gull-winged supercar but is fully electric. The Mercedes-Benz looks like it is made to wear blue chrome paint and transmits some strong 300SL vibes. It produced a whopping 740 horsepower.

Best Automotive Paint

Choosing the best paint jobs for your cars comes down to your own tastes. Paint products are available with different characteristics, with a range of colors and textures to choose from. Some may require a topcoat or a primer layer.

Although urethane paint might be said to be good, the best automotive car paint that can give you what you want is Duplicolor car paint. It is an easy-to-use, high-quality, fast-drying, aerosolized acrylic lacquer paint for cars that are made to match the exact color of the factory-applied coating.

How To Prepare The Car For Paint

There are a series of steps you need to take to prep the car for painting

1. Remove The Dents

The first thing you need to do if the car you are painting is heavily dented is to remove all the dents (and learn how to get dents out of car) as much as you can to smoothen the painting surface. Glue-sized suction cup to the middle of the dent using a hot glue gun and wait 1-2 minutes for the glue to harden.

To learn more, check out our guide on the cost of a paintless dent repair, and the removal process for door dings, as well as how to pull a dent out of a car.

2. Spread The Filler Materials And Wait

Blend your filler material to a cream consistency on a mixing board or piece of scrap cardboard. Spread it over any irregular areas in the body of the car with the help of a clean spreader or buffing pad (ensuring that you know how to buff a car). For the next 10-30 minutes depending on the product and the amount you use, wait for your filler material to harden.

3. Smoothen It

Grit the edges around the hardened filler to smoothen it. Once your putty has had time to cure totally, go over it with a sheet of sandpaper 150-180-grit sandpaper. Use a fine sanding block or Scotch-Brite pad to get your car ready if you plan on freshening up your car’s paint in a couple of spots.

Drift your sanding block in minor circles over each section you want to paint to scuff up the outer surface. Fit the electric orbital sander you want to use. Continue to sand until no visible mask or seams remain.

4. Clear Any Dirt

Best Paint Jobs On Cars

Wet a lint-free shop cloth and run it over your vehicle exterior to clear away dirt generated by sanding if you are done scrapping the old texture. The areas where you are not painting should be covered with newspaper or plastic sheeting and use low-adhesive masking tape to secure the edges.

Apply a base coat of automotive primer using a paint sprayer. If you need further references, we’ve discussed automotive paint before. We’ve previously looked at how you can remove a pin stripe on your car’s paint.

Additionally, we looked at how you can fix paint damage on your car. That includes the cost to repair a paint chip on a car, and how to fix chipped paint on a car, as well as how to fix peeling paint on a car.

Concerning unintentional oopsies on your car paint, we’ve also discussed is Goo Gone safe on car paint. On top of that, we looked at using Goof Off on car paint, and whether you can use Simple Green to wash a car.

5. Apply The Coats

Ensure that the initial coat of primer dries. Wait for like 20-45 minutes depending on the product and amount applied. If you notice any rough or uneven spots in the dry primer, sand these out manually with a 1,200-grit fine sanding block.

If you don’t find any glaring differences in texture, you can move over to applying your next coat of primer. Allow each of your follow-up coats to dry for a full hour before sanding or starting the next coat. If you have put on 2-3 even coats and allowed it to dry in the recommended drying time, your vehicle is ready for paint.

Car Paint Color Codes

Your car paint color codes help you find the exact paint that will match your car. This color code is located at various points in your car, depending on the brand and model. It can as well be seen in your car’s service history or owner’s manual.

Otherwise, you could also find your exact car color by using the VIN code. For more insight, do check out our guide on the GM paint code by VIN number – even if you don’t have a GM-branded car.

Different Types Of Car Paint

The type of car paint you choose determines the final look of your car after painting.

1. Solid Paint

When it was first made, solid paint was cheaper to make and put on cars. Most manufacturers also offer a small number of free solid paint options. It is not as attractive as metallic paint. It is the cheapest.

2. Metallic Paint

A few pieces of aluminum powder are mixed into this paint. Metallics look their best under direct, natural light, but even on a dull day, they still shine. Metallic finishes are often costly as they add to the cost of the car.

Speaking of cost, you can check out our guide on how much does it cost to paint a car to learn more. In addition, we’ve also covered how much does it cost to paint a car a different color. As well as, how much paint you need to paint a car, on top of how much does it cost to paint a bumper.

3. Pearlescent Car Paint

It shines more brightly and deeply than metallic finishes, but they are more expensive. The pearlescent brightness is created by ceramic crystals in the paint that both reflect and refract light. It is more difficult to maintain than matte car paint.

Custom Car Colors

Some companies offer custom car colors that you might like, such as polyester basecoat candy ruby color, polyester basecoat galaxy grey prism, polyester basecoat holographic prism, and silver.

The candy ruby polyester basecoat, as well as some other colors, must be thinned 50-50 with basecoat/2K thinner and requires a clearer coat. The ground coat you choose will determine the final effect.

Last Words On Best Paint Jobs On Cars

Best Paint Jobs On Cars

Getting the best paint jobs on cars is every owner’s desire, and hence different factors must be taken into consideration. You must choose a color that will portray your personality and your feelings. You also have to choose a color that you can maintain, no matter how costly it might be to paint it.

But, if painting a car costs a bit too much, you could consider wrapping it, instead. We’ve covered them before in our guide on how much does it cost to wrap a car. And, the cost of wrapping a motorcycle.

FAQs About The Best Paint Jobs On Cars

How Much Is A Paint Job On A Car

Changing the color of your car gives it a new look. It also protects it from wear and tear. A basic paint job, which is inexpensive, costs between $300 and $1,000. A standard paint job costs between $1,000 and $4,500.

How To Paint A Car

You might decide to paint your car yourself. Prepare your workspace and get the proper supplies ready. The next thing to do is to be aware of rust spots and then take proper steps to fix them. Determine the type of paint you want to use. Scrape and sand your vehicle, then wipe it down with thinners to remove dust and particles. Practice your paint spraying technique and prime the vehicle. Sand again until smooth, apply up to 3–4 coats of the to-do, and apply lacquer to the vehicle. Buff the vehicle with a buffer.

Where To Buy Automotive Paint

There are a lot of options to purchase automotive paint both online and locally, and the right place depends on what you are trying to achieve and the amount of time you have to execute your project.  Some of the online stores you can buy from if you find it hard to purchase from your locality include The Coating Store, Amazon, and PaintForCars.com.

Where Can I Get My Car Painted

In general, you get your car repainted, depending on your car’s condition, your selected package, and the shop you choose. Before you decide on which shop to use, it’s a good idea to research the shop’s history by looking up reviews on different sites such as Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here are some places you can get your car painted: Econo Auto Painting, Maaco, Ford Land, and Generators Logo GM.

What Is the Most Popular Car Color

There are different colors of cars but the most popular car color is white (35%), Black (19%), Gray (19%), Silver (9%), Blue (8%), Red (5%), Brown/beige (3%), Green (1%) and Yellow/gold (1%).

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car Black

On average, it might cost you around $2,500. You could even pay up to $6,000 if you go for a higher-end option. Although paint jobs can be expensive, you can always offset the cost by saving in other areas.

What Color Is My Car

The color of your car can only be found or known by its color code and vehicle identification number. The color code is either located at different points in the vehicle, owner’s, or service history.

How Much To Paint A Hood Of A Car

The cost of painting the hood of your car depends on whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional to do it. If you want to do it yourself, it might cost you $50-$150 plus the time you will spend, but if you are hiring a professional company to paint just the hood, it will cost you from $200-$1000+, depending on if there is damage to the hood that needs to be repaired beforehand.

How To Prep A Car For Paint

Wash your car before you start painting to get rid of the dirt and dust. Wash through each crevice thoroughly. Then let it dry completely before you start with anything else. Wipe your car clean using wax and grease. Check the quality of the surface you wish to paint. Remove even the tiniest rust immediately by sanding in the case of light rust or by using spray-on rust killers in the case of a severely rusted surface. Use automotive tape or painter’s tape to mask the areas that won’t be painted. Apply two to three coats of primer to the entire car once you finish sanding. Once the primer dries up, block the car.

How Much To Change the Color Of A Car

The cost of changing the color of your car depends on the color, but ultimately, it will cost you $1000-$3500.

How Much Does A Car Painter Make

A car painter’s estimated salary as of 2022 is $64,168 per year with a base pay of $49,131 and additional payments of $15,037. The hourly rate is $21.47.

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