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CV Axle Replacement Cost – Is It That Cheap Or Not?

by Jordan Harris
CV Axle Replacement Cost

Are you starting to hear some noises coming from one of your wheels and you are thinking that the CV axle is broken? So, you want to learn the CV axle replacement cost? Well, if this is the situation that you are into, then you are at the right place because there will be quite a lot to cover on this topic and learn about the prices of this part.

Doing your own research before you make a purchase is key if you want to not end up in the hands of money-hungry mechanics and dealerships and allow them to rip you off. Knowing the prices of these components will make you able to negotiate a good price if you want to replace this component and not rely on their “precise” estimates.

What is good is that you are here and you want to learn more about this issue and how to solve it. Don’t get manipulated by dealerships ever again. And for this, we are going to help you out.

First, we are going to learn what is a CV axle and what it is doing. Then we will learn why it is so important and essential for you to have. Later, we will discuss the symptoms of a bad CV axle and then we will go and diagnose the problem as well as cover the CV axle replacement cost. Lastly, we will see if you will need to perform an alignment after you do this work to your car. So, if you want to learn more, follow us till the end because there will be a lot to cover.

What Is A CV Axle?

Before we dive into more complex stuff and cover topics like the CV axle replacement cost. Let’s learn some of the basics when it comes to the CV axle. What is a CV axle after all? Is it the same with a solid axle? What is different from a solid axle? Let’s elaborate.

A CV axle is a constant velocity joint. Meaning that it is extremely flexible and versatile. This invention is centuries old. But its wide use started with the invention of automobiles. Most modern automobiles are using the Rzeppa joints that were patented by Alfred H.Rzeppa in 1926.

But how does a CV joint work? It is really simple to explain. One side of the axle has a spherical ball with 6 grooves. And this is covered by an enveloping shell. Between the ball and the shell, there are steel balls. Each of these grooves that we mentioned is guiding a single ball. Then this spherical ball and the enveloping shell are placed in a large housing that keeps the components nice and tight.

These small balls that we have mentioned are allowing the axle to be extremely versatile and move up and down without a problem. And do this countless times before it fails and make you look for CV axle replacement cost.

That’s why CV axles are so good and they deliver an excellent performance. They are just perfect for vehicles that have independent suspension. The car is far more controllable when you have a versatile axle that adjusts based on the road than to have an axle that is solid and drives terribly.

But what does the CV axle replacement cost? We’ll get there, let’s first learn why the CV axle is such an important piece of equipment.

Why Is The CV Axle So Important?

So, what does the CV axle replacement cost? We will answer that in a bit. Let’s first see why this type of axle is of such great importance for you as a driver?

The CV axle is of great importance because it allows the torque from the transaxle or differential to be transferred to the wheels and delivers a proper driving experience.

As we all know, in the past there were solid axles. But these types of axles didn’t do much except make the vehicle drivable in a straight line only. As we moved in the 21st-century engineers thought that something had to be done when it comes to this and make vehicles more drivable.

CV Axle Replacement Cost

So, the CV joint type of axle was the way to go. This is the case because when you go over potholes. The CV joint allows the wheel to adjust itself based on the surface. Meaning that the wheel moves up and down while the body of the car stays level.

This greatly helps driving comfort and the overall drivability of the vehicle. It is much more controllable and predictable in comparison to a solid axle vehicle from the ’70s or earlier. Simply there is no comparison between a vehicle with a solid axle and a vehicle with a CV axle when it comes to these things.

What is also good is that these axles are also quite affordable. But what does the CV axle replacement cost? We will get there. Let’s first focus on the symptoms of a bad CV axle.

Symptoms Of A Failing CV Axle, And Needing A Replacement

Now before we dive into the CV axle replacement cost, let’s first focus on the symptoms of a bad or failing CV axle. Knowing the symptoms will help you in diagnosing the problem much quicker than without knowing them.

As you know, every component before it fails, it starts to develop some symptoms. Some of these symptoms are unique and if you have the knowledge that is needed and how the symptom might sound or look like, you will be able to tell if something is wrong in no time. But what are these symptoms of a bad CV axle? Well, let’s elaborate in the following chapters more on them.

1. Clicking Noises When Turning The Wheel

Before we learn the CV axle replacement cost, let’s first learn the symptoms of a bad CV axle. The primary symptom that you are probably going to experience is the clicking noises when you turn the wheel.

Audible information like this is one of the key symptoms to estimate if the CV joint is good or is it bad. And knowing this stuff will make your diagnosing process much simpler and easier.

So, when you come to a stop and you turn the wheel fully left or right, you start to experience some clicking sound. This means that there is something wrong with your suspension at that specific wheel.

Especially if it is a clicking sound. This sound develops because the balls inside of the CV joint are slightly worn and the CV joint simply doesn’t work as it did before.

The clicking noises are one of the first symptoms that develop and tell you to learn the CV axle replacement cost. Detecting this problem at the early stages will be a complete lifesaver for you and will probably help you avoid a complete failure of this component and that is really something that you don’t want. But we are also going to cover that in a bit. And after that, we will discuss the CV axle replacement cost.

2. Knocking Or Clunking Sound Caused By The CV Axle

A knocking sound coming from the wheel is something that shouldn’t be ignored. This knocking sound is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the front suspension components and has to be checked.

Luckily for you, there are not a lot of components that could make this noise. Since the ball joints are not knocking when they fail. The bearings are producing whining noise when they fail. And the last thing that could cause this knocking sound is the CV axle.

This knocking sound develops after the clicking noise that we covered above. Meaning that the CV joint is much closer to failure than when it clicks only.

As we said, this symptom shouldn’t be ignored and you should look into diagnosing the problem and learning the CV axle replacement cost. Later in the article, we are going to cover precisely these problems and we will explain how you can tell if the CV axle is broken and needs replacement. Now let’s sort out the rest of the symptoms of a worn CV axle.

3. Vibrations In The Cabin

Another important symptom that is usually experienced whenever there is a bad CV axle is when there are vibrations inside of the cabin. This is a clear indication that you need to learn the CV axle replacement cost. But more on that in a bit.

What is important though is that these vibrations often happen at higher speeds. The mechanism that is inside of the CV axle is half broken and the axle is unbalanced. This loss of balance is causing the CV axle to produce vibrations. The axle will constantly shake and produce these vibrations that will probably annoy you quite a bit.

You will feel how the steering wheel vibrates and also the side where this axle is located will experience increased vibrations.

Either way, not an ideal situation. In this situation, a good diagnosis and learning the CV axle replacement cost will be your best bet when it comes to tackling this problem quickly and effectively.

The important thing is to not ignore this symptom. This symptom can also indicate worn-out motor mounts. So, whenever you have vibrations in your cabin, it is also often useful to check the condition of the motor mounts as well. Since they might be one of the causes for vibrations as well. Now let’s move on to elaborating the rest of the symptoms and then we will discuss the CV axle replacement cost.

4. Visible Damage To The Rubber Boot Of The CV Axle

The most probable symptom that you will experience when you are having a bad CV axle would probably be the visible damage to the rubber boot of the CV joint.

If you open a browse online the phrase “CV axle”, you will notice how the CV axle looks. You will see a big bulge between the two steel rods that are covered by rubber. That is the rubber boot that we are talking about right now.

This boot is keeping the grease inside of the CV axle and doesn’t allow it to escape from the outside. If there are ruptures in the rubber boot, the grease will escape and cause the axle to friction. Meaning that the metal components will rub against each other and wear off prematurely.

In most situations, this is how the CV axle fails. The grease leaks out and the components wear quicker than previously anticipated. Then you learn the CV axle replacement cost.

Unfortunately, there are no methods available to know when this boot fails and to act quickly. Because the more the car drives like this, the greater the damage inside of the CV joint is. That’s why replacing the whole CV joint is recommended if you don’t want to have problems in the future.

But what does the CV axle replacement cost? More on that in a bit after we cover the last symptom of a bad CV axle.

5. Complete Failure Of The CV Axle

In more extreme cases of a bad CV axle, there could be a separation of the joint. This is the point where you don’t want to be.

When there is a separation, the joint completely fails and the wheel comes off and gets all mangled up.

This situation can scrap the whole car and the CV axle replacement cost will seem to you like a tiny amount.

So, imagine what would happen if the axle separates. The wheel will come off and will destroy the front fender and the whole wheel well.

The wheel will still be attached to the strut tower. So, whenever this accident happens, the strut tower will get mangled up as well. Meaning that your vehicle has structural damage. And when a vehicle has structural damage it gets totaled.

You probably don’t want to get your vehicle totaled and you want to enjoy the car in the distant future. So, to do that, you need to learn the CV axle replacement cost. But first, let’s cover the diagnosing process of this problem.

Since diagnosing is key in preventing some major catastrophic failures. Learning how to diagnose it, will save you even thousands of dollars on possible repairs. So, how it is done? Let’s elaborate.

Diagnosing A Bad CV Axle

Now let’s move on to diagnosing a bad CV axle and after that, we will cover the CV axle replacement cost. So, how you can diagnose a worn-out CV axle?

The first thing you can do is hop in the car and get a good open space. A parking lot will be perfect for this practice.

How you test the car is by starting the engine and turning it fully right. Then put the car into gear and move slowly. The car should turn in a circle and then you should open the windows and try to hear if some clicking sound is coming from the front end of the car.

Practice this method in both directions. If you have a clicking or clunking sound then you have your culprit and now you need to learn the CV axle replacement cost. But wait a minute. There is another way to diagnose the problem.

This involves turning the wheel completely left or right depending on the wheel that you want to check. Now grab a flashlight and turn it on. Point the flashlight to the rubber boot and inspect the boot for cracking.

If there is cracking on the boot and the boot is ripped. Then you need to think about replacing your CV joint. Since it is already open, soon it will start to deteriorate and the situation will get worse. Learn the CV axle replacement cost and make your life easier. And that is precisely the thing that we are going to learn in the following chapters. First, we are going to learn how to replace it, and then we will learn the CV axle replacement cost.

How To Replace CV Axle DIY?

So, what does the CV axle replacement cost? We’ll get there in a bit. Let’s first see when the replacement process is. Since this is a good DIY job for people that are already familiar with car mechanics and have already started wrenching on their car.

So, if you are one of these guys who is not afraid to work on his car, this might be the job you were looking for since it is dead easy to do. We will not get into details with explanations of how this is done when the good old Scotty can teach you ten times better in the video that we are going to attach.

Replacing a CV joint is a relatively simple thing to do, so no be afraid of doing this work on your car. Just make sure that you torque everything well and make sure that you are not left with extra parts. If you do, then you did something wrong. Now let’s move on and cover the CV axle replacement cost.

CV Axle Replacement Cost

Now we came to the important bit and that is the CV axle replacement cost. How much is it? Well, that really depends. What is important tough is that the part is not that expensive.

A CV axle on average costs between $150 and $300. Depending much on the make and model. Most of the commuter cars are on the cheaper side, so you cannot expect that you will pay a whole fortune for this component.

What is bad though is the labor costs, the labor is going to cost you an extra $170 to $200 on average. So, the whole CV axle replacement cost with parts and labor will be about $320 in the best-case scenario. And about $500 in the worst case.

These are rough estimates of the CV axle replacement cost. The most important for you is to get some offers from your local mechanics and go for the cheapest one if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Avoiding dealerships is probably the best thing since they sometimes overvalue their work.

Do I Need An Alignment After CV Axle Replacement?

We covered the CV axle replacement cost, now let’s see if an alignment is one of the essential things that you need to perform after you replace your CV axle.

And the short answer is yes, you definitely need to do an alignment. Why I’m saying this? Well, I’m saying this because alignment is an essential thing to do when you are replacing some of the suspension components.

When you do some suspension work, the car loses alignment and will be quite uncontrollable and difficult to drive since the components in the suspension are not in perfect sync.

CV Axle Replacement Cost

So, spending $50 on an alignment will be a lifesaver for you and your tires. Since you don’t want to have uneven thread wear and throw your tires in the trash. This might increase the CV axle replacement cost by $50 to $100. But that’s how things go and you need to make some sacrifices if you don’t want to drive a potentially unsafe vehicle.

Yep, that’s right. A car that is misaligned is a potential danger. You never know what to expect from this car and it can cause the wheel to pull on the left or the right. Or to have bad thread wear that can cause a puncture on highway speeds. This is dangerous for you and your occupants. That’s why, do an alignment if you want everything to be in check.

CV Axle Replacement Facts:

  1. The cost of replacing a CV axle ranges from $137 to $672 depending on whether you go to a mechanic or DIY.
  2. The estimate is based on national averages for all vehicles and does not include taxes, fees, or your particular make and model.
  3. RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator provides a more accurate estimate based on your make, model, and location.
  4. Replacing a CV axle is a maintenance item that typically takes between 1.5 to 3 hours to complete, depending on the vehicle and if other repairs are needed.
  5. A CV axle typically lasts for 70,000 to 130,000 miles, but regular inspections are necessary to ensure the axle’s longevity.
  6. It’s acceptable to replace only the failed CV axle rather than both at the same time, which can help keep the cost of repair down.
  7. DIYing the job can reduce the cost to $100 to $500 but is an intermediate-level difficulty.
  8. A CV axle connects the transmission to the drive wheels and contains CV joints that wear out over time, necessitating replacement.
  9. To replace a CV axle, parts of the suspension, such as ball joints, tie rods, or struts, need to be disconnected.
  10. Symptoms of a bad CV axle include a clicking sound, vibration, and grease marks inside your wheel well, engine bay, or under your car.

Conclusion To CV Axle Replacement Cost

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to the problem with the bad CV axle. First, we learned what a CV axle is and why it is so important.

Then we have covered all of the symptoms of a bad CV axle. And frankly, there are plenty of them. Namely, clicking sound, clunking sound, visible leaks, torn boot, and more.

After we learned how to diagnose the problem and also how to replace it DIY. Then we have covered the CV axle replacement cost. Luckily for you, the replacement of this part is not that expensive and can be done for about $300 at a shop. But do not forget to do an alignment after this work.

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