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Honda Grom Top Speed – Are The Looks Deceiving?

by Jordan Harris
Honda Grom Top Speed

Are you looking to purchase your first bike and the Honda Grom looks like one of the best options? And you are probably asking yourself what is the Honda Grom top speed? If that is the case, then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover on the Honda Grom and its specs including the Honda Grom top speed.

Getting a bike that has a small displacement engine has never been more difficult. But even if this is the case and there is a ton of options out there, you still want something sporty, you just don’t want to get a scooter. Scooters are boring, you need something more fun like the Honda Grom.

If this is the case then you are at the right place, because the Honda Grom is probably one of the best options in this category for beginner motorcycle drivers. And it is just blooming quick, but more on the specs and performance figures like the Honda Grom top speed we are going to cover later in the article when we will discuss these specs in detail.

First, we are going to learn what is the Honda Grom, then we will learn if you need a driver’s license to drive one. After this, we are going to discuss the design features of the Honda Grom as well as the specifications of this motorcycle including the Honda Grom top speed. Then we will learn the cost involved in purchasing one as well as the alternatives that are out there. So, if you want to learn more about the Honda Grom, follow along.

What Is The Honda Grom?

So, what is the Honda Grom? Why is it so special and why do many people across the world want the have their hands around one of these motorcycles? The answer is simple, they are very quick and deliver an excellent performance. But more on the Honda Grom top speed we will cover a bit later when we will discuss the specs.

But what is important for you to know is that the Honda Grom is part of Honda’s lineup named miniMOTO. This lineup is also known as a pocket-size motorcycle. These motorcycles are running smaller displacement engines and their dimensions are relatively small in comparison to the bigger sportbikes that Honda is producing.

The Honda Grom is only a fraction of the complete lineup of miniMOTO bikes by Honda. There are a ton of other models in this lineup like the Monkey Bike, Trail 125 ABS, Navi, as well as the famous Super Cub 125. All these motorcycles are designed for beginner motorcycle drivers and people who want to get a motorcycle but don’t want to get something boring like a scooter.

Nevertheless, the Honda Grom has a lot to offer on the table and it is a quite popular option. It even won the US Motorcycle Of The Year Award in 2014. And this tells you quite a lot when it comes to this motorcycle.

You are probably poised to learn the specs of the Honda Grom as well as the Honda Grom top speed. But more on that we will cover in a bit. First, let’s see if you need a driver’s license to drive a Honda Grom or not. Because you don’t want to get in trouble while driving a motor vehicle without a license (to learn more, check out our guide on can you buy a car without a license).

Do I Need A Driver’s License To Drive The Honda Grom?

The answer is short, yes you will need a driver’s license to drive the Honda Grom legally on the street. But not any license, you will need a motorcycle license.

As you know, there are moped driver’s licenses and motorcycle driver’s licenses, and you can get a license for a moped but you still will not be able to drive the Grom on the streets. Why is this the case? Well, this is the case because the Honda Grom is a more powerful motorcycle. The Grom packs about 125cc and is far ahead of the 50cc that is limited to the mopeds.

So, if you want to get your driver’s license, you need to get that motorcycle license to drive the Grom on the streets. So, how to get one for yourself and drive the Honda Grom?

Well, to get a motorcycle driver’s license you need to be at least 15 or 16 in some states. Some states are stricter when it comes to giving licenses to certain age groups since they are relatively inexperienced in life so it becomes a liability for them. That’s why you need to inform yourself of the laws that are in your states when it comes to getting a driver’s license for motorcycles.

In addition to this, you will also have to pass an eye exam where your vision will be graded as well as complete driver’s lessons. Then you will have to complete the written tests as well as the driving tests where the instructor will see if you have the right skill to drive a Honda Grom. This might be a lot for some people, but it is what it is. These things have to be done for you to drive a Honda Grom top speed.

Honda Grom Design Features

The Honda Grom is one of the most perfect-looking street bikes that you can get for your money right now. The Grom is a standard bike which means that it is a general-purpose motorcycle that can be used for anything out there.

Unlike cruiser motorcycles where you sit low or sport bikes where you lean to the front. With the Honda Grom, the situation is quite different. You sit almost at an angle of 90 degrees and the handles are in the perfect distance for you not to struggle to grab them and be forced to lean and also not so tall like in cruiser motorcycles where your hands are hanging all the time.

Honda Grom Top Speed

This makes the Honda Grom the perfect bike if you want something comfortable that you can drive in the city as well as on the highway.

That’s why the standard type is perfect for beginners. So, if you are a beginner who wants to get the first bike, the Honda Grom is probably the best option out there. You don’t need to learn the Honda Grom top speed from the start, you need to feel comfortable while driving it and become one with it. Then you can learn how to drive fast and be quick from the straight line.

In addition to this, the Honda Grom is also well designed, it has a well thought out design lines that are modern and you will not going to feel like you drive a relic from the past. Especially if you purchase the newest 2022 model which has all the bells and whistles that a modern motorcycle should have. But more on that, we are going to cover in the following chapters where we will learn the specs.

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Honda Grom Specifications

Now before we dive deeper into covering the Honda Grom top speed, let’s first discuss the specifications of the Honda Grom. The specs are really useful to know if you are on the market for a new or a used Honda Grom because by learning them, you will be able to tell if the Honda Grom is the right option for you or not.

We will start from the dimensions, then the engines and gearbox that are used in the Honda Grom. Then after we will discuss the brakes and suspension. We will also cover the fuel economy as well as the price for last. Then we will discuss the Honda Grom top speed for you to have a better perspective if the Honda Grom is the right motorcycle for you. So, let’s get into it.

Dimensions And Weight

Now let’s first discuss the dimensions and weight of the Honda Grom. Knowing these aspects will make you sure if the Honda Grom is the right motorcycle for you. Since we choose these motorcycles based on our size and knowing if we can fit a certain motorcycle or not. So, what are the dimensions? Let’s elaborate.

The Honda Grom has a wheelbase of 47.2 inches. As you know this wheelbase is a measurement for the horizontal distance from the center of one wheel to the other wheel. In metric units, this is about 1,200mm.

The seat height is about 29.7 inches or 750mm. Making the Honda Grom not that small but also not a really tall motorcycle. It is much taller than a cruiser but still not extremely tall that will make you uncomfortable. This height also greatly affects the driving characteristics of the motorcycle and makes it a real joy to drive on the streets with all that clearance that you have in front of you.

The rake angle is 25 degrees, making it ideal for beginners. Overall, when it comes to standard bikes, the Honda Grom gets all the checkboxes and is an ideal motorcycle for most of the people out there. Now let’s move on to the engine and performance.

Engine And Gearbox Performance

The Honda Grom comes equipped with a 124.9cc engine, if you are American and you want to learn the US numbers, this is about 7.62 cubic inches. Not a lot but also not a very small number. Perfect for a first motorcycle or for people who want to get something in a smaller form factor. This engine also implements a SOHC head design with 2 valves per cylinder which makes it a really good option if you want to have something economical.

The bore of the Honda Grom engine is 50mm and the stroke is 63.1mm long. Making it a real torque monster that with the help of this long-stroke design delivers really good acceleration.

The 124.9cc engine is air-cooled which means that it doesn’t have coolant but relies on air drag to cool off. This is not ideal, but on these small-displacement engines, this is quite normal and is enough to cool the engine down. The engine also produces about 10 hp at 7,000 RPM. This is quite enough for beginners or people who don’t want something really fast.

There are two transmissions to choose from depending on the model. A 4-speed as well as a 5-speed transmission. The transmissions used on the Honda Grom are quite reliable and can deliver excellent performance for what you pay for.

For the 2022 year model, Honda decided to throw some updates on the Grom and improved the serviceability of the Grom by installing a removable oil filter as well as installing a larger air-box that requires less servicing. In addition to this, a bigger compression ratio of 10.0:1 was introduced on the new model, unlike the previous 9.3:1 ratio. Overall, great improvements when it comes to Honda Grom top speed.

Suspension & Brakes

When it comes to suspension and brakes it is also useful to elaborate on these specs as well. Since you need that stopping power to make your Honda Grom stop from Honda Grom top speed to a standstill in a good amount of time. But let’s first discuss the suspension.

Honda Grom Top Speed

The front suspension is a 31 mm inverted fork that has a rake at an angle of 25 degrees. The front fork has about 3.9’’ of travel and this amount of travel is pretty much good to tackle any road obstacles out there with great comfort.

On the rear, there is a single shock that has 4.1 inches in travel. Even though it is a single shock, for most of the day-to-day usage on the street, this is pretty much enough.

In terms of brakes, the Honda Grom comes equipped with 2 piston calipers at the front with one 220mm rotor. And on the rear, there is a single-piston caliper with a 190mm disc. Considering the Honda Grom top speed that we are going to discuss later, this stopping power is pretty much enough for this application. Now let’s discuss the wheels and tires on the Honda Grom.

Wheels And Tires

The Honda Grom comes equipped with 10 spoke 12-inch wheels at the front and the rear. Even though the tire size is the same, the tire dimensions are a bit different. This is common on all motorcycles.

The front wheels are a bit narrower. The dimensions for the fronts are 120/70/12. Meaning that they are 120 mm wide, have 70 mm sidewall, and a wheel dimension of 12 inches.

The rear tires are a bit thicker. Coming at 130/70/12. Meaning that they are about 10 mm thicker than the front wheels. Nothing significant and that noticeable. But still, it greatly affects the performance of the motorcycle in the straight line as well as the cornering. But more on that, we are going to cover later when we will discuss the Honda Grom top speed.

Now, let’s focus on the fuel economy and learn how fuel-efficient is the Honda Grom.

Fuel Economy

The Honda Grom has a really good fuel economy. This is made possible with the long-stroke engine that delivers a lot of power. But still consumes less fuel than other engines with a shorter stroke.

Another thing that makes the Honda Grom this fuel-efficient is the simple SOHC head design meaning that it only implements a single overhead camshaft design. Making it spend far less fuel than other motorcycles in its class. But how fuel-efficient is the Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom can get a fuel economy of 134 mpg which is crazy, to be honest. Considering that it has a 1.47-gallon tank, you can be sure that with one tank you can drive for days on this motorcycle.

But it is worth noting that if you plan to reach the Honda Grom top speed, these numbers will decrease. But still, you will be probably able to get around 100 mpg per gallon. There are not a lot of vehicles on the road that can reach this level of fuel efficiency as the Honda Grom can. That’s why getting one will probably be one of the best investments that you make.

Now let’s get to the Honda Grom top speed since we are here for the speed numbers of the Honda Grom. If you want to learn them, follow along.

Honda Grom Top Speed

Now we came to the important bit and that is the Honda Grom top speed. Have you ever asked yourself what is the top speed of this motorcycle?

The top speed of the Honda Grom is 73 mph. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get you a ticket. So, you need to be aware when driving your Honda Grom not to go above the recommended speed on the road.

But how much time does the Honda Grom need to hit the 0-60? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but to get this acceleration, you will need about 21 seconds. Yep, that’s right, 21 seconds. But you can reduce the 0-60 time by using mods of course.

But if you mod the Grom, you can’t expect to get that fuel economy that you did, when your Honda Grom was bone stock. So, plan your upgrades and make sure that you don’t ruin the fuel economy of your motorcycle. The next thing we want to talk about is cost. Let’s see how much money the Honda Grom costs.

Honda Grom Price

We have covered the Honda Grom top speed. Now let’s focus on the price. Features and design are cool, but still, the most important aspect when getting a new motorcycle is the cost of the product. And the Honda Grom is expensive.

But you get what you pay for. And that is a great deal for your budget. But what is the Honda Grom price?

Well, the MSRP price for the Honda Grom is $3,399. Not the cheapest product to afford. But still quite affordable if you want to get something of real quality and value.

Remember that Honda is one of the best brands when it comes to motorcycles and frankly, spending a bit more on a Honda is a good thing since you will be able to resell the motorcycle for more money than some other motorcycles if you are planning to make a switch soon.

If you sell a Grom with relatively low miles, you can easily get $2,800 out of it, and that is about $700 loss for a year or two using it. And this frankly, is not bad at all.

Alternatives To The Honda Grom In Terms Of Top Speed?

We covered the Honda Grom top speed, now let’s discuss the alternatives to the Honda Grom. It is worth noting that there are some alternatives out there that are available if you want something similar and for less money.

That option would probably be the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. This motorcycle is basically in the same class as the Honda Grom and carries the same specs. This motorcycle has a bigger cylinder bore on the engine. Bigger gas tank for up to 2 gallons. And in addition to this, it is a bit lighter than the Honda Grom. 4 pounds lighter to be more exact.

The MSRP for the Kawasaki Z125 Pro is lower and you can get one for about $3,299. In reality, it is more about the taste and which motorcycle you like more. Both of them are good performers and both are quality bikes. It is up to you which you prefer more.

Facts on the Honda Grom Motorcycle’s Top Speed and Specifications

  1. The Honda Grom is a small motorcycle under Honda’s “miniMOTO” line, first introduced in 2013, popular with younger riders due to its small size, lightweight, and low price.
  2. The motorcycle is known for its easy maneuverability and fuel efficiency, perfect for city riding.
  3. The Grom’s top speed varies between 55-73 mph, depending on the model and year, with the 2022 model having a top speed of 73 mph.
  4. The Honda Grom features hydraulic single-piston caliper brakes, fifth gear, a single shock, ABS, and a 124cc single-cylinder engine that’s air-cooled with a longer stroke.
  5. The Grom’s fuel economy rating is 134 mpg with a larger fuel tank and multiple colors available.
  6. The Grom’s front and rear suspension is designed for a light bike, with the rear shock mounted low to the frame to maintain agility, and a narrower front tire for better turn grip.
  7. The Grom’s top speed is affected by wind resistance, rider weight, and terrain, with rough terrain, heavier riders, and strong winds lowering top speeds.
  8. The motorcycle’s acceleration can be improved by installing aftermarket parts like a bigger engine, high-flow air filter, and exhaust system.
  9. The Honda Grom is capable of highway riding, but the rider should be mindful of the small engine and lower power/speed compared to larger bikes.
  10. The Honda Grom is popular due to its affordability, stylish design, fuel efficiency, and nimble handling, making it enjoyable to ride around town or on the open road.

Conclusion To Honda Grom Top Speed

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to the Honda Grom. We learned what is the Honda Grom and why is it so popular. It is an excellent first motorcycle.

Then we have covered the specs of the Honda Grom. We learned the dimensions of this motorcycle as well as the engine and transmissions that are used in it.

Then we covered more on the suspension and brakes which are also of great importance when you are running a motorcycle like this. After we covered the fuel economy as well as the Honda Grom top speed. Lastly, we discussed the price of the Honda Grom and one alternative. Overall, excellent motorcycle if you are just starting out.

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