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How Fast Is A BMW i8 – Does It Offer Supercar Speeds?

by Jordan Harris
BMW i8

Many people wonder how fast is a BMW i8. With all-new innovations that seem to be flooding the market these days, it’s difficult to gauge the BMW i8’s impact on the auto industry. The 2014 BMW i8 altered the automotive world by pioneering the first high-performance hybrid sports vehicle. Which feels like it was released in the distant past now.

The BMW Group is known for making automobiles with large engines. But the eco-friendly hybrid electric BMW i8 has given a whole new meaning to the phrase “sheer driving joy”. BMW developed the plug-in hybrid, all-wheel-drive concept by merging the TwinPower Turbo technology developed for their notorious M cars with the environmentally friendly eDrive technology.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The BMW i8’s Power:

Is The BMW i8 A Great Vehicle?

The BMW i8 is a contemporary supercar demonstrating that eco-friendly hybrids don’t have to be dull. A powerful turbocharged gas engine and high-tech electric motor combine to give a serious performance. While some attention-getting style ensures you’ll stand out from wherever you go.

The i8 was first released in 2014, but in 2018 it was updated with a more powerful electric motor and increased electric range. The BMW’s outrageous appearance hasn’t changed, but it still appears more spectacular than the Honda NSX and Audi R8 especially with the upward-hinging doors wide open.

Inside, things are slightly more stunning, but you still get an intelligent minimalist cabin with plenty of soft materials and a digital driver’s display instead of traditional dials. Unlike other supercars, the BMW i8 has four seats, making it surprisingly comfortable to live with.

Sure, there’s no room for a set of golf clubs in the 154-liter box, but it’s bigger than Audi’s load bay. And there’s enough room in the BMW’s front seats for you to get comfortable if you’re over six feet tall.

How fast is a BMW i8? Because of its incredibly silent electric motor and comfortable suspension. The i8 is also more fun to drive than most traditional supercars. Visibility is also good, so driving in town isn’t too problematic, and you don’t hear much bothersome breeze or tire sound at highway speeds.

Overview Of BMW i8

However, when you put it in sport mode, things get a little rowdier. The three-cylinder turbocharged gas engine fires up, and the i8’s speakers stream synthesized engine sounds into the cabin. How fast is a BMW i8? The BMW i8 will race from 0-62mph in a still-pretty-blooming-exciting 4.4 seconds, which is quite thrilling. That beats a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 by a long shot.

The i8’s extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber also helps it be as sporty as possible on a twisting country road while also extending its electric version. A three-hour charge from a dedicated wall charger allows you to cruise for roughly 30 miles and up to 75 mph almost silently.

When you run out of electrical power, the gas engine kicks in automatically to keep you moving while also charging the batteries. This means that, unlike many other electric cars, the BMW i8 will never give you range anxiety.

The numerous safety systems that come standard also assist in setting your mind at ease, including automatic emergency braking. Which will apply the brakes if the car detects an obstruction in the road ahead. The i8 isn’t the most thrilling supercar to drive. But it’s a highly capable sports hybrid that’s a worthy rival to the more traditional Porsche 911 and the more expensive Honda NSX.

Let’s look into the specifics and see how fast is a BMW i8.

Exterior Of The BMW i8

BMW has done an excellent job with the design of the i8. Nothing else on the road compares to it, and it may be one of the few cars to ever really live up to its premise. To begin with, there is the characteristic ‘U’ shaped daytime running lights that easily distinguish the i8.

The complexity of the body panels, paired with the black belt that runs straight down the center of the automobile, is what stands out. A pair of flying buttresses sit over the brake lights at the back of the car. These wrap over to the front of the car and extend out wide across the hood, providing the i8 a deep and wide road presence.

Exterior Of The BMW i8

Then there are the signature BMW kidney grilles. Which are actually panels of gloss black plastic with blue accents rather than grilles. The blue theme runs throughout the car, but it’s never overdone; instead, it’s used to highlight design elements and draw attention to them.

Of course, the scissor doors also contribute to the i8’s excitement and spectacle. Because it is so ambitious, its design is nearly impossible to criticize. The only concern people have is that the 215/45 rear tires give the impression that the car is on stilts. However, there are few cars on the market right now that will turn heads like the i8.

BMW i8 Interior And Design

The BMW i8’s striking appearance isn’t simply limited to its attractive bodywork. The interior design is striking, but the controls are well-designed and simple to operate like any BMW model.

Dashboard Of The BMW i8

The BMW i8’s daring future look may not be to everyone’s taste. But it has a lot more exciting dashboard than the Audi R8, Porsche 911, and Porsche Panamera. The dashboard wraps around the driver like a fighter jet, with the driver and passenger sitting in a shallow fixed seating position.

The dashboard has a lot of blue highlights, which are the color of BMW’s ‘i’ electric-car brand. The climate control and primary radio panel are identical to those found in other BMWs. You get BMW’s iDrive system, which uses a rotary dial to handle services such as navigation and audio.

The BMW i8 comes with three driving modes: Eco Pro, Comfort, and Sport. The i8’s suspension is softened in Eco Pro and Comfort modes, making it incredibly comfortable. Sport stiffens the suspension to make the car more enjoyable to drive in corners, with less body lean than the basic modes. The seats are incredibly comfortable in any mode, and there are various leather trim options available.

Features Of BMW i8

The BMW i8 is well-equipped, as one would expect given its six-figure price tag. LED headlights, a head-up display that projects critical information onto the windscreen in your line of vision, heated seats, leather upholstery, and climate control are all standard features.

Features Of BMW i8

The sound system in the i8 includes a 20GB hard drive, DAB radio, an 8.8-inch screen, and BMW’s ConnectedDrive Services. Which includes a number of apps, including Facebook, and allows the owner to control some car functions with their smartphone.

The i8 was also available with Apple CarPlay connectivity for a one-time lifetime membership charge starting in 2018. There are 20-inch alloy wheels, foldable door mirrors, and parking sensors from the outside.

Trunk Space Of BMW i8

The BMW i8 was never going to be the most practical car on the earth. And it certainly doesn’t compare to more practical sports cars like the Porsche 911. The trunk can only accommodate 154 liters of luggage, which is significantly less than a Volkswagen Up, a city vehicle.

However, BMW does offer a custom Louis Vuitton luggage set that makes the most of the available space. Because some of the luggage is meant to fit over the back seat, fitting this changes the i8 into a two-seater.

Options Included

The BMW i8 comes well equipped as standard; thus, the list of optional features is limited. Leather trim enhancements are available in a variety of pricing points, from low to high. Other noteworthy options include a Harman/Kardon audio upgrade and various alloy wheel designs.

Many of the main options, as well as exterior and interior design aspects not found anywhere else, are included in the ‘Pure Impulse Design Package’. It is, however, not inexpensive, costing more than $16,000.

Twilight purple pearl, java green, and solar orange are just a few of the ‘Individual’ paint colors available. There’s no denying that these are eye-catching, but they’re also pricey, won’t be to everyone’s taste, and may have an impact on resale values.


The 8.8-inch touchscreen screen is standard on all BMW i8s. However, it’s simple to glance at fast while driving. When you’re driving, the rotary dial controller in the center console makes scrolling through the system’s many menus a breeze.

You also receive a set of physical shortcut buttons that enable you to swiftly switch between crucial features without taking your eyes off the road. As a result, it’s miles ahead of the annoying touchscreen on the Honda NSX in terms of use.

Satellite navigation is included, and you can even write letters of a postcode on the touchpad on top of the rotary controller to enter them. This may seem strange at first especially if you’re right-handed but it works very well and takes far less time to input an address than a traditional on-screen keyboard. Once the navigation system has been programmed, it provides clear, simple directions using colorful, easy-to-read maps.

Interior cabin steering wheel infotainment system electronics

Unlike other BMWs, the i8 comes equipped with a digital driver’s display rather than traditional analog dials. This 8.8-inch screen, along with a head-up display system, puts all the information you need in your line of vision, including your speed, remaining battery charge, and impending navigation system directions.

However, the display isn’t as huge as the 12.3-inch unit found in the new BMW 5 Series, and it lacks the crisp visuals found on the 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit system found in the Audi R8.

Another downside on the i8’s side is that it doesn’t come with Android Auto smartphone mirroring, and Apple CarPlay is an extra cost.

This would be fine in a budget sports vehicle, but it feels quite miserly in a high-end supercar. At the very least, a powerful Harman Kardon stereo is included as standard.

Performance Of The BMW i8

How fast is a BMW i8? A three-cylinder sports car may not sound like the most exciting prospect in the world. But owing to the help of an electric motor, the i8 feels just as speedy as most of its competitors. Reportedly, it takes 4.4 seconds to accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour, but in practice, it feels much faster because of the electric motor’s immediate torque.

Regardless of gear,  the i8 comes standard with a six-speed automatic transmission. The i8 responds instantly to every push of the accelerator. Because the i8 is half supercar, part environmental vehicle, it features multiple driving modes that influence how the engine and electric motor interact.

So, by shifting the gear lever to the left, you get the gas engine running all the time, the full output of the electric motor, stiffer damper settings, and more forceful power steering. However, if you keep it in Comfort or Eco Pro mode, the i8 will strive to run entirely on electric power, only bringing in the gas engine when you accelerate hard or exceed 45 mph.

Performance plug-in hybrid electric EV sports car supercar

How Fast Is The BMW i8 Compared To Other Sports Cars?

The environmentally friendly eDrive mode allows for up to 34 miles of pure electric driving and increases the top speed to 75 mph. The gearbox adds to the sensation of speed by delivering flawless shifts that provide the impression of a continuous wave of acceleration.

When you drive the i8 through a sequence of turns, it feels light on its feet, with little body roll and precise steering feedback. Unlike some competitors, which feel as if they are pounding the road into submission, the BMW is more delicate and methodical, requiring only minor driver inputs.

Once you’re in the curve, you’ll notice that the i8 isn’t as engaging or as adaptable as a 911 or an Audi R8, but it’s still a genuine contender. Ride comfort is superb due to the included adaptive dampers, and wind noise is minimal thanks to the BMW’s aerodynamic appearance. It has a drag coefficient of just 0.26. Despite its narrow tires, the i8 produces a lot of road roar but not nearly as much as a Porsche 911.

Engines – How Fast Is A BMW i8?

There’s only one drivetrain to discuss, but it’s worth doing so because it’s so innovative and essential to the i8’s existence. A three-cylinder turbo gas engine with 228bhp, around 100bhp more than the MINI Cooper, is mounted behind the driver in the mid-rear. It powers the back wheels.

The 141bhp electric motor is located in front of the driver and drives the front axle. The i8 now has an all-wheel drive, with the motors being able to work together or separately. During mild driving, clever software ensures that the electric motor. which is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, supports the gas engine in consuming as little fuel as possible.

On the other hand, during more aggressive driving, the two work in conjunction, with the electric motor providing instantaneous torque for quick acceleration and the i8 achieving its maximum output of 369bhp.

Horsepower Of The BMW i8

The BMW i8 has a total output of 357 horsepower, with the rear combustion engine producing 228 horsepower and the front electric engine producing 129 horsepower. It boasts 420 lb-ft of torque, with the combustion engine producing 236 lb-ft and the electric engine producing 184 lb-ft.

How Fast Is A BMW i8

The BMW i8 has a top speed of 155 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 4.2 seconds. The 6-Speed manual transmission BMW M4 is only 0.1 seconds slower.


The BMW i8 achieves a stunning EPA-estimated 76 MPG in hybrid mode using both electric and gasoline engines. With a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery. The BMW i8’s maximum combined driving range is up to an EPA-estimated 330 miles in normal driving conditions.

Combustion Engine BMW i8

A 1.5-liter, three-cylinder internal combustion engine powers the i8. It generates 228 horsepower and drives the rear axles. Based on the notorious BMW M models, the engine is fitted with TwinPower Turbo technology.

A high-performance turbocharger and direct high-precision fuel injectors are combined with Valvetronic fully variable valve control in the gasoline-fueled engine. The vehicle has a 6-speed automatic transmission and can reach up to 75 mph. The BMW i8 is rated at roughly 28 MPG when powered solely by a combustion engine.

BMW i8 Electric Hybrid Engine

The eDrive hybrid electric motor was created specifically for the BMW i8. How fast is a BMW i8? The motor has a maximum output of 129 horsepower, a top speed of 75 mph. The ability to drive the vehicle independently, thanks to a lithium-ion high-voltage battery with liquid cooling.

Plug-in hybrid electric powertrain engine motors

The advantage of an electric motor is that it provides quick and steady power from zero to any RPM range. During acceleration, the electric motor offers a boost of excessive current to the combustion engine.

The electric motor and battery capacity are designed to ensure that the i8 can run on electric power alone and achieve maximum efficiency. The BMW i8 has a maximum range of approximately 22 miles in all-electric mode.

BMW i8 Fuel Efficiency And Emissions

The BMW i8 coupe’s official combined fuel efficiency is 149.8 mpg, with CO2 emissions of 42 g/km. The official range of the electric vehicle is 34 miles, which is 50% longer than the previous generation. These are the results of the new WLTP test, which have been compared to the NEDC ‘equivalent.’

The official combined fuel economy for PHEVs in NEDC testing and the new WLTP cycle is meaningless because the real-world economy depends entirely on how long you drive your journey on electric power.

On a 350-mile journey, we averaged 44.0mpg in our real-world test. That’s a good result for a car as enjoyable to drive as the i8. We got 51.5 miles per gallon on average. Of fact, if you only drive locally and on electric power, the official mileage of 150 miles per gallon might be easily achieved.

In eDrive mode, you can go up to 75 mph on electric power. When the gasoline tank and batteries were both full, the i8 displayed driving ranges between 380 and 500 miles. To charge the i8, you’ll need to plug it in, just like any other plug-in vehicle. A home charger is suggested, although fast and rapid public chargers may be found throughout the U.S.

Safety And Durability

The BMW i8 came out with a lot of new technology, which made projecting long-term durability a little more complex than usual. But there haven’t been any serious issues in the years since then. The car’s battery has a lengthy guarantee and is equipped with a BMW TeleServices system. Which notifies you when the car requires service and when your local dealer has an open slot.

BMW i8 copper

The BMW i8’s Durability

The BMW i8 has yet to be included in the annual driver power customer satisfaction poll due to its tiny number of owners. BMW was ranked 27th in the 2020 edition (down two places from 25th in 2019), with 20.4 percent of owners experiencing one or more defects in the first year of ownership.

However, because these results were primarily based on traditional gas and diesel BMW owners. It would be unrealistic to expect i8 users to have had a similar experience.

Although many of the i8’s components are of cutting-edge design and manufacturing. Most interior switchgear is shared across the BMW range. The 1.5-liter gas engine is found in several mini vehicles, including the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer MPV.


Based on crash test data on the BMW i8, it should be safe. All BMW i8s come equipped with brilliant LED headlights, but if those aren’t cutting-edge enough for you. BMW can add laser headlights for an additional fee. These are ten times more powerful than standard lights, with a pure-white beam that can reach up to 600 meters ahead of the vehicle.

The vehicle also boasts a high-beam assistance system, which dims the lights when it senses a vehicle approaching from behind. A driver assistance package, which includes an autonomous braking system, is also available for the i8. If the automobile detects an impending collision. It will slow down, while the object detection system will detect a vehicle in your blind spot.

Final Verdict:

The BMW i8 was a game-changer when it debuted in 2014, and it continues to be a game-changer today. In the media, there have been comparison tests with cars like the Porsche 911. However, we believe that the BMW i8 cannot be truly compared to such vehicles because no other vehicle can perform as well as the i8.

On electric power, it can travel up to 34 miles. It can go over 350 miles over the US’s highway network and get 44.0 miles per gallon in real-world driving, with the battery only being charged once before leaving. The real-life economy would obviously be much higher over shorter distances with a fully charged battery.

On the right roads, it may provide an enjoyable driving experience. It appears to be fantastic. The interior is attractive and practical. It’s also simple to live with. It now clearly explains how fast is a BMW i8 and whether it is worthwhile to get one.

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