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How Much Is A RX7 – Is Getting A Rotary Worth The Cost?

by Jordan Harris
How Much Is A RX7

Are you planning to buy a used Mazda RX-7 and you are looking to find out how much is a RX7? Well, if that is the case, then you are at the right place because, in this article, we are going to learn all about this legendary car that created a huge impact in the car world.

Doing your own research before you purchase a used model is always a good thing. Especially when it comes to cars like the Mazda RX-7 whose prices can really depend on a lot of factors. Namely, the year of production, mileage, condition, and other important things that you look at before you purchase a car.

This is why thorough research is needed in order for you to be able to determine which car is the model that you really need. Since these cars ain’t cheap. These cars even though old, are considered to be collectibles and can cost a whole fortune on the used market right now.

And not to mention that markets nowadays are crazy in terms of how car prices are determined. The market is like a giant bubble with everyone demanding a whole fortune for his car. But more on the prices, later on.

First, we are going to learn more about the RX-7 and its legendary status in the US market and the car community. Then we will cover the last two generations of the model. We will learn about the size and dimensions, engines, and transmissions. As well as how much is a RX7. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

Who Is Mazda

Before we have a deeper discussion of the Mazda RX-7 and learn more about how much is a RX7, let’s take a look at who is Mazda and learn more about the history of the brand. Since if you are after one of their models, you probably want to know how everything began and why Mazda is one of the most legendary automakers out there. So, let’s discuss it.

Mazda as a company was founded in 1920. This company was founded by Jujiro Matsuda in Hiroshima, Japan. In its early days, this company started as a cork-making factory. If you don’t know, cork is the wooden cap used to seal glass wine bottles.

Then in 1931, the factory produced its first automotive product. Which was the Mazda-Go rickshaw. If you don’t know, a rickshaw is basically a motorcycle for transporting people. Something like a taxi here in the US (if you’re curious, you might be interested in checking out our guide on how to drive for Uber).

Nevertheless, during WW2, the factory moved to war production. So, it only produced guns. During the postwar period, they started to lean toward carmaking.

But their first real product came in 1960 when they introduced the Mazda R360 model. And this model was followed by the Mazda Carol in 1962.

Then in the 60s, they were greatly inspired by a German automaker NSU and their Ro 80 model that used something known as the Wankel engine (or something else, if you’re thinking about an RX8 motor swap, such as doing a Mazda RX8 LS swap), named after its inventor, Felix Wankel.

And this is the type of engine that Mazda ran in their cars up till recent years. These engines are rather unique because they do not follow the same principles as piston engines.

What Is The RX7 And Why Is It So Legendary

But more on that, we are going to learn next before we cover more on how much is a RX7. Now let’s continue with our story and learn more about the RX7. How did this model come to life? Did it have a Wankel engine?

The answer to this question is yes, Mazda RX-7 had a very lightweight Wankel engine that created a lot of power. And this is one of the reasons why this model is so special and so legendary.

The thing we like about Mazda is that when they intend to use something on their cars, they stick to it. Even though nobody in the car industry follows the same principles. Sometimes being different and unique is rather productive in the long run.

So, they introduced the Mazda RX-7 in 1978 and this car, unlike most American car models implements a rather smooth silhouette.

If you look at the first gen RX-7, you will immediately come to the conclusion that this model was at least 10 years before its time.

And on top of that, it uses the Wankel engine. Could it be better than this? I think not. Owning a Mazda RX-7 back in the day was the same as owning a Porsche 911.

Mazda was one of the first carmakers to turbocharge their cars. The first RX7 turbo was released in 1983. Which produced 165hp. And for that lightweight chassis of 2,300lbs, this was a healthy treatment because the car managed to accelerate like nothing else on the road.

And then followed generation two released in 1985 and generation three released in 1992. More about the specs of these cars, we are going to cover in the following chapters in great detail, including how much is a RX7 car.

RX7 Generations

Now let’s discuss the generations of the Mazda RX-7. We will cover the last two generations since these are both the most recent and also most widely produced in terms of numbers in the US market.

We will discuss the dimensions and size, the engines and transmissions used in these models, as well as the answer to the question of how much is a RX7. Now let’s get into the details and learn more about these two models.

FC RX7 (1985 – 1992)

Now let’s take a look at the main specs of the RX-7 before we learn how much is an RX 7. This second-generation model of the RX-7 is known under the codename FC.

This generation has implemented a big revamp on the design and Mazda made the RX-7 resemble more on the Porsche 928 but with pop-up headlights. And not only that, but the Mazda engineers also studied the Porsche suspension designs in order to improve model handling characteristics. Since what handles better than a Porsche?

How Much Is A RX7

Nevertheless, the FC model didn’t mean to be a proper sports car. But something more nimble, like a grand tourer. Something that you can daily drive and enjoy. And to be honest, Mazda engineers nailed it.

The design on the second generation of the RX-7 is timeless and screams 80s when you see it, which I really appreciate as a guy who loves the 80s pop culture.

In terms of trim levels of the RX-7, what’s worth noting is that there were plenty of them. Some of them are the S4: Sport, GTU, GXL, Turbo, and others.

This model was produced until 1991 and a total of 272,027 units were produced in total during the 6-year-long production stint. But how much is a RX7? More about that, we are going to learn in a bit.

RX7 Dimensions & Size

In terms of dimensions, the RX-7 FC is rather compact. It has a wheelbase of only 95.7 inches and an overall length of 168.9 inches. It is also 66.5 inches wide and 49.9 inches tall.

But the key selling point when it comes to the performance that this model delivers is the curb weight. The RX-7 has a curb weight of 2,851lbs. Which is quite light. And even though it has a small rotary engine (check our guide here if you want to know whether are rotary engines reliable), the performance is rather noticeable.

But it is nothing too crazy comparable to modern standards. Nowadays cars are quick as a bullet in this same segment. But how much is a RX7? More on this we will cover in a moment.

RX7 Engine & Transmission

The US model came with two engines. The base model included a twin rotor 1.3L engine that created 146hp. But there was another optional engine. The optional engine was the same 1.3L 13B engine but with a turbocharger. This turbo addition managed to squeeze about 182hp and 183lb-ft of torque.

In 1992, there was a revised model introduced with better fuel management. This engine was known under the name of 13B-DEI, the non-turbo engine produced 160hp, while the turbo engine produced 200hp and 195lb-ft of torque. This is the same 13B that formed the basis of the RX8 Renesis engine that was used later on.

In terms of transmissions, there were two of them available. A 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic. The manual is a more preferable option if you want to have more fun while driving the car. Also, going for the Series 5 introduced in 1989 with the updated engine is the way to go since these engines are more fuel efficient and produce more power. But how much is a RX7? More on that in a bit.

Fuel Economy

Before we learn more about how much is a RX7, let’s take a look at the fuel economy this model delivers.

The EPA numbers for the 1991 model year were 15 mpg in the city, 23 mpg on the highway, and 18 mpg combined. As you can see, the RX-7 is as fuel efficient as a pickup truck. So, why is this the case?

Well, this is mainly the case because of the Wankel engine. These engines are not highly regarded for their fuel efficiency and also for their longevity. But how much is a RX7? More on this after we cover the safety aspect.


In terms of safety, we can say that this model’s safety rating is difficult to determine since there were no tests done back in the day.

In terms of safety equipment, you only get seatbelts, driver’s airbags, and ABS in the later model years. But to make sure, you need to inspect the car for yourself, since except for the seat belts the ABS was a special feature and was not something that came as standard back in the day. But how much is a RX7? More on that next.

How Much Is A RX7

Now let’s see how much is a RX7? Is it really expensive? Well, it is quite an expensive car to obtain. There are four cabriolets listed on Autotrader as we are speaking and they start from $14,500 and can cost up to $20,000.

Mazdas from this era are considered collectibles. So, they are valued quite highly. Even though sometimes a hidden gem can pop up on websites like Craigslist or eBay. More specifically on eBay (do consider checking our guide on is eBay Motors legit to understand the pros and cons of buying a car on eBay), we could find one for only $8,500.

FD RX7 (1992 – 1995 USA)

Now let’s take a look at the third generation of the Mazda RX-7. This model is known under the codename RX7 FD and was released in 1992 and produced until 2002. But unfortunately, here in the USA, the model only was produced from 1992 to 1995.

The production was stopped because only 500 units were sold for the 1995 model year and Mazda hasn’t found this to be economically feasible to continue the production of the left-hand drive models. Overall, in total there were 68,589 units produced, both left-hand and right-hand drive.

Nevertheless, the Mazda FD was a big departure from the previous model in terms of design language. The new model kept the pop-up headlights. But the overall design language was changed and Mazda went for the egg-shaped design that most of the carmakers followed in the 90s.

The designers that designed the MX-5 of that era worked on this model as well. So, these two models share a lot of the design language.

How Much Is A RX7

Another thing that the RX-7 kept was the layout, it still was a RWD car with the engine at the front and had two doors.

The model that was produced between 1992 and 1995 was known as Series 6. And this model had the highest sales of all of the models.

It included many trim levels, like the Type S, Type R, Type RZ, Type RB, A-Spec, and the Touring X model. Every trim level carried something different with it.

There was a Series 7 starting in 1996 and Series 8 starting in 1998. But these models were not available in the US, as we noted previously. Only Series 6 is available in the US. But how much is a RX7? More on this, in a bit.

RX7 Dimensions & Size

Now let’s discuss the specs of the RX-7 before we dive into how much is a RX7. First, we are going to cover the size and dimensions and then we will take a look at the engines in which the RX-7 was released. So, let’s get into it.

The Mazda RX-7 FD has a wheelbase of 96.3. inches and an overall length of 168.7 inches. The model is 69.3 inches wide and 48.4 inches tall.

It has a curb weight of 2,685 lbs and 2,954 lbs (depending on the trims). As you can see, it is quite heavier in comparison to its predecessor which was basically in the featherweight category. If you don’t mind the added mass but something a bit larger and more practical, then do consider comparing the RX7 vs the RX8, its successor.

Although, just be wary of the Mazda RX8 reliability concerns, if you’re thinking about getting the latter.

But even though lighter with a lower profile, it still packed some power under the hood. This model is the most powerful out of any RX-7 produced before and more on the engines and transmissions, we are going to learn about it in the following chapters, and then we will learn how much is a RX7.

RX7 Engine & Transmission

Now let’s take a look at the engines and transmissions included in the RX-7 before we learn how much is a RX7.

In terms of engines, there was only one engine available. This engine was the 13B-REW twin-turbo engine. This engine was a 1.3L twin-rotor engine that was aided by two turbochargers. This basis is often used as an inspiration for extracting more power from its successor, with an aftermarket RX8 turbo kit.

One of the turbos was smaller and would kick in at low RPM and once the RPMs increase, the second turbo would kick in. So, you would not have an issue known as turbo lag.

Turbo lag is the situation where you wait for the turbo to build up enough boost to kick in. That’s why the twin-turbo systems were invented. And this system was also present in the contemporary Toyota Supra. Also, take a peek at our guide on how much is a Supra, if you prefer that other JDM grand tourer, instead.

Nevertheless, this 1.3L engine, even though small, it produced a lot of power. The standard version of the Type R, Type RZ, and Type RB made about 252hp and 217lb-ft of torque. While the A-Spec model created 261hp and 217lb-ft of torque. And this version was the fastest RX-7 model, and among the fastest Mazda models ever made.

All of these trims were equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. Only the Touring-X model came with a 4-speed automatic. And if you want to have fun, you should definitely go for the manual transmission. But how much is a RX7? More on that we will find out in a bit.

Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel economy, this generation of the Mazda RX-7 was not much better than the previous one. It still carried the same 1.3L engine that is a true gas guzzler.

The model gets 15 mpg in the city, 22 mpg on the highway, and 18 mpg combined. When you are purchasing a car with a rotary engine, you should note that the fuel economy is really poor. These engines cannot be regarded as engines that have good fuel economy as well as good reliability.

A rotary engine is quite a high-maintenance engine. Usually, whenever they reach 60,000 miles, they often require a full rebuild to be performed on them. And unfortunately, there are not a lot of shops that work with these engines.

So, you have to be aware of this as well. Owning and maintaining a rotary engine can be a really expensive sport (not really fitting as cars with the cheapest maintenance). But how much is a RX7? More about that we are going to find out in a moment.


Another topic that we would like to cover before we learn how much is a RX7 is the safety aspect of this model. Can this model be considered safe?

Well, the safety is quite comparable to other models from that era. And these ratings would be quite poor if the car is tested nowadays.

The good thing is that you have airbags and also ABS and other stability control. These features became the standard starting in the 90s. But still, you want to check what the car you intend to buy has before you purchase. But I want to buy an RX-7 anyways, how much is a RX7? More about that, we will find out next.

How Much Is A RX7

When it comes to how much is a RX7, we can say that it costs a lot of money to purchase this car. These cars are crazy expensive nowadays.

The cheapest example on Autotrader that we could find starts at $30,000 and the average RX-7 costs about $65,000. While the highest price possible that we could find was about $88,000. Which is absolutely crazy for this type of car.

If you want one of these cars, you will have to pay for an arm and a leg in order to obtain it. So, you have to be prepared for this. And finding one that is stock is also a challenge. Most of these models are already Mazda RX7 modified and they pack a lot of upgrades and produce a crazy amount of power.

In Conclusion…

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to the Mazda RX-7 and Mazda in general. First, we learned about the history of Mazda and how this company evolved.

Then we covered the last two generations of the Mazda RX-7. We covered their specs, features, as well as how much is a RX7. FD RX-7 models are crazy expensive and low-mileage stock examples can cost up to $80,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Who Makes The RX7

The RX-7 is a model that was manufactured by Mazda until 2002 when the model was discontinued. In the US, the last RX-7 model year was 1995.

Are Mazda RX7 Legal In The US

Yes, they are legal if you have a left-hand drive car. In 1995 sales were stopped in the US. But Mazda kept making only the right-hand drive cars and sold them elsewhere. And these cars are not legal in the US for obvious reasons. The wheel is on the wrong side.

What Engine Is In A RX7

The engine used in the latest FD model is the 1.3L 13B-REW engine. This is a twin-rotor, twin-turbo engine that produces about 252hp and 217lb-ft of torque.

Are RX7 Reliable

They are not quite reliable. Rotary engines are not highly regarded for their reliability. These engines wear out too quickly and require a full rebuild to be performed on them.

How Many RX7 Were Made

The first-generation SA model was produced in 471,018 units. The FC which is the second-generation model was produced in 272,027 units. And for the third-generation FD model, were a total of 68,589 units produced.

Where Can I Buy A Mazda RX7

You can check out websites like Autotrader or similar car listing sites where these cars are often listed for sale. Or you can head up to eBay Motors or Craigslist, hopefully, to find one.

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