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How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin – All The Different Ways

by Jordan Harris
How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin

Have you been working with fiberglass lately and it entered your skin? You have probably been looking for how to get fiberglass out of skin? If this is the case, then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover on this topic.

Working with fiberglass is dangerous, this is because fiberglass is not like other materials out there and it can easily enter your skin and be a pain to remove. It can stay in the skin for a long time and create inflammation and cause rash to appear. You could get yourself in a world of pain because you decided to make a fiberglass panel or patch a hole on your car with it.

That’s why you need to play it safe when it comes to fiberglass and don’t leave anything to circumstance. You never know what could be the consequences of this fiberglass if it gets deep inside of your skin. Later on, we will elaborate on these dangers from being in contact with fiberglass and the possible risks for your health.

But first, we will learn what is fiberglass and what are its applications in the industry. Then we will discuss the symptoms of fiberglass on your skin and whether or not it will go off on itself. Then we will learn how to get fiberglass out of skin with three easy methods. And then we will answer some of the questions that bother you when you have fiberglass in your skin and you are looking at how to get fiberglass out of skin. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a cloth-type material that has a ton of different purposes in many different industries globally. This fiberglass material exist for centuries. But for the first time, it was patented in Prussia, now Germany, by a Prussian inventor named Hermann Hammesfahr back in 1845. Then it spread globally and became a big hit.

It hasn’t been long before its introduction in the US. This material was introduced in the US in 1980 and saw a big use in many different industries. But more on that in a bit.

What is important though is that this material is the essence and that is the glass fibers. This is real glass but formed in such a way to resemble tiny glass particles that stick to each other. This bonding is also made possible by using epoxy and different types of resins to make it hard and durable.

Fiberglass comes in sheets similarly to carbon fiber, then these sheets of fiberglass are covered with resin to form a hard structure that is very hard to break. It is not that hard as carbon fiber because its structure is not so well bonded. But it still does a good job in the automotive industry. More on that in a bit.

What is important to note is that this fiberglass as we mentioned is formed of tiny glass fibers that can easily protrude into the human skin and make you enter a world of pain and look at how to get fiberglass out of skin. But we will cover that a bit later. Let’s first learn the fiberglass applications. As we said this material finds its way in many industries and they are worth mentioning.

Fiberglass Applications

As we mentioned, fiberglass has found its way in many different industries and it is one of the most widespread materials used out there. So, what are these types of industries that are using fiberglass?

Namely, the first industry that is the largest user of fiberglass, is the construction industry. Fiberglass is widely used in building walls and making sure that there is proper insulation in buildings and other objects like houses etc. Fiberglass is mostly installed between the drywall and this material keeps the house cold during the summer and warm during the winter.

Other industries that use this material as the industries for building water tanks. As we said, fiberglass is very durable and also cheap. So, there are some tanks out there that can hold even up to 300 tons of water, which is a rather insane number.

Fiberglass also finds its way into the oil industry where it is used for pumping oil from the ground. The rods that are used for this purpose cannot be manufactured by other material than fiberglass.

But what is important to us is the use of fiberglass in civil industries like car manufacturing, boat manufacturing. Fiberglass here takes the primal role since it is so durable and basically indestructible material. Boats are manufactured primarily out of fiberglass.

Cars also saw a big use of fiberglass until carbon fiber was introduced to the market. Many of the classic Le Man’s cars were made out of fiberglass. And fiberglass is still used even today. Namely for body repair. Fiberglass sticks to broken plastic and makes sure that you repair it right, and here injuries come as well as questions of how to get fiberglass out of skin. And that we will cover next.

Symptoms Of Fiberglass In Skin

Whenever you come in contact with fiberglass and you don’t use protection, you will get some of this glass in your skin pores. But why this is happening?

This is happening because the glass fibers are tiny microscopic particles, as well as your pores. So, they end up inside and get stuck. They do not want to get out and you need to learn how to get fiberglass out of skin.

But before doing this, you need to learn some of the symptoms that indicate that you are having fiberglass inside of your skin. And that’s what we are going to cover next, where we will discuss the symptoms in great detail. After discussing the symptoms we will focus on the methods of removal also known as hot to get fiberglass out of skin. So let’s learn the symptoms.

1. Pain And Skin Irritation Caused By Fiberglass

This is one of the most common symptoms associated with fiberglass exposure. When you are exposed to fiberglass, the material will easily enter the pores of your skin.

When you have some tiny spikes in your pores will also introduce pain and discomfort. The pain depends on how exposed your skin was to fiberglass. The important thing is that you don’t rub the skin because you will make things worse and make rash and irritation develop and make your discomfort even worse.

That’s why when having a problem like this, the important thing is to learn how to get fiberglass out of skin as soon as possible. Because there is no other way, but more on that we will cover a bit later after we finish the symptoms.

2. Eye Irritation From Fiberglass In Skin

Eyes can also get irritated from fiberglass. As we mentioned, these particles are floating in the air when you are sanding fiberglass for example.

So, if you don’t have proper eye-wear that will keep your eyes safe, the fiberglass will enter your eyes and cause you pain, redness in some cases will also be present. The most important thing when you work with fiberglass and other types of bodywork is to make sure that you wear safety equipment.

Whenever you work with fiberglass you need to make sure that your eyes are safe and no particles enter them and make your eyes irritated.

3. Other Symptoms

Other symptoms that are connected with inhaling fiberglass dust or allowing this dust to enter your stomach are soreness of the throat and nose as well as stomach discomfort.

These symptoms more rarely happen, but soreness in the nose or throat can be more common than stomach discomfort.

What is important though is that the more this fiberglass protrudes your skin and the more you irritate it, the more pain and discomfort will produce. Whenever you feel that you have fiberglass in your skin, you must learn how to get fiberglass out of skin and make sure that you remove everything. But more on that a bit later.

Will The Fiberglass Come Of By Itself?

As we briefly discussed above, fiberglass will not go on its own. You cannot expect that since these tiny glass fibers are inside of your pores. Whenever you work with fiberglass, always wear safety equipment if you want to avoid situations like this.

Or if you are already in a situation like this, the most important thing is to avoid irritating the place. Try not to touch it and not to irritate it. The more you do this, the worse it will get, the more you rub, the more the glass will enter the skin, and damage to the tissue will be done.

That’s why you need to learn how to get fiberglass out of skin and in the following few chapters, we are going to cover precisely that as we will learn how to get fiberglass out of skin by following 3 different methods.

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin? 3 Methods

We have covered the symptoms when it comes to fiberglass entering your skin. Now let’s discuss how to get fiberglass out of skin. Knowing this will be a lifesaver for you if you contacted this problem for the first time.

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin

Or if you didn’t even better, since you will be properly prepared and you will know how to react if you get in this situation and you already know how to get fiberglass out of skin. So, what are the different methods? Let’s discuss.

Method 1: Getting Fiberglass Out With Duct Tape

The first method that we are going to cover is removing the fiberglass from the skin by using duct tape. This should be your first call whenever you notice that your skin was affected by fiberglass.

It is important though, not to clean the skin with soap or water if you are planning on trying this method. This is the case because with using soap and water you will make the glass protrude even deeper in the skin and this method will not work. So, how do you perform this method in reality?

It is dead easy, you find the best tape that you can get out there. Go to your local hardware store and tell them to give you the best they got.

Then you need to place a sheet of this duct tape at the affected place. Press it well enough to make the duct tape stick to the skin 100%. Then pull the duct tape off the skin fast but not so fast to remove the skin completely, be gentle.

Pull it in one smooth motion and try to avoid irritating the skin even more. After this step, it is useful to repeat the step once again and do another pull. Or even a third pull until you get the result you want and don’t feel that fiberglass inside of your skin.

By doing this you will also remove the hair around the place, so you need to be aware of this. Then after removing this tape, move on to washing your hands and cleaning the place. After cleaning if the rash doesn’t go away, the best would be to visit your dermatologist since there could be some infection caused by the fiberglass.

Method 2: Getting Fiberglass Out With Tweezers

The second method would probably be by using tweezers. They serve a purpose for trimming eyebrows. With these tweezers, you can get access to the fiberglass and learn how to get fiberglass out of skin.

The important thing before you do this is to not irritate your hands by washing them with soap. If the fiberglass fibers are long and you can see them, this will be the perfect moment to grab some tweezers and remove them completely.

If you cannot see the fibers, it will be useful to get some good lighting and if you can the best would be to find a magnifying glass to allow you to see better when you will be pulling off the fibers.

Now we come to the important part. Place your hand under the light and get the tweezers. Then one by one start to remove the fibers from your hand. This procedure can be time-consuming if there are a ton of them, but it has to be done if you want to get rid of this problem once and for all.

After removing them all, give the area and good wash and disinfect it. If the redness doesn’t go away, please visit your dermatologist also known as a skin doctor. They will remove these fibers quickly and effectively and your skin will be good as new.

Method 3: Getting Fiberglass Out By Observing The Area

Method three requires doing absolutely nothing. Wash the area, keep good hygiene and observe how things will go.

If the redness goes away then excellent, you don’t have any more glass fibers in your skin. If the redness doesn’t go away and it keeps inflaming then you probably are having an infection.

How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin

When you are having an infection, the best thing would be to make an appointment with your dermatologist also known as a skin doctor. They will give you the right medicine and will write you a prescription and also remove the fiberglass from your hand. In this case, you don’t need to learn how to get fiberglass out of skin.

Everything will be done by the doctors and they will bring you back in excellent shape in no time. As we said, there are a few tricks like the duct tape trick or the tweezers, but if things get persistent, a visit to the doctor’s office is essential for you if you want to avoid some worse situations happening to your skin.

Possible Dangers Of Working With Fiberglass?

We have answered the common DIY methods of how to get fiberglass out of skin and as we know these were the duct tape trick where you stick duct tape on your skin and peel it off slowly. Another trick is by using tweezers, although the best thing for you would be to visit a doctor.

But have you been wondering about the possible dangers of working with fiberglass? What are the scariest parts when it comes to working with fiberglass?

If you are one of these industries like boat manufacturing, construction, automotive industry, or other places that are all dusty when it comes to fiberglass work, then you need to make some health checks once in a while.

You need to keep your health in check if you don’t want to have some permanent problems with your health. Because you are breathing this stuff on a daily basis. It’s not something casual that you do every once in a while.

So, being exposed to this stuff can be damaging for your health in the long run, these particles enter your lungs and make all sorts of things with your breathing. And here you need to learn what are the things you need to follow to be completely safe from fiberglass and not try to learn how to get fiberglass out of skin.

How To Be Safe When Working With Fiberglass?

Being safe while you work with fiberglass should be one of your top priorities, why I’m saying this? I’m saying this because safety is the number one priority. You need to prioritize being safe before you start doing anything out there and the same is when working with fiberglass.

Being safe will prevent you from learning how to get fiberglass out of skin because there will be no fiberglass in your skin. So, what are the important bits here?

The first thing is to get the right equipment before you work with fiberglass. You need to get a protective mask, N95 would do the job well since it blocks most of the particles in the air. But the best thing would be to use a respirator. Respirators are designed to cover you in every aspect and prevent bad particles to enter your body.

In addition to this, safety eyeglasses are also beneficial. Fiberglass can also enter your eyes and create irritation. You don’t want that.

Then you will also need to wear a sleeved jacket as well as hand gloves that are resistant to fiberglass. Keeping your hands safe, will guarantee that nothing will possibly harm your skin and make you look at how to get fiberglass out of skin.

When Is The Right Time To Visit A Dermatologist?

If your condition is persistent, then it is time to visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist is basically a skin doctor. But when is the right time to do this? Well, it depends on the injury, and also it depends on how persistent it is.

Some injuries on the skin caused by fiberglass are really small and insignificant. Let’s say that the affected place is only a fraction of a square inch. But if it is a larger area, you might have a problem dealing with work. You will not be able to work and you will ask to take a paid leave for a couple of days.


So, when it is the right time to visit a doctor should be up to you. Since you know best when the situation is that bad that you need to seek medical attention. But the best is prevention if you are asking me. Knowing the dangers and how to protect yourself will make you safe from all these possible harmful events. And you will not have to learn how to get fiberglass out of skin anytime soon.

Conclusion To How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Skin

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to fiberglass. We learned what is fiberglass and what its main applications are. As we concluded, fiberglass finds its way across many different industries worldwide. Most notably construction and also the boating industry as well as automotive. Overall, very durable material.

Then we covered the main symptoms of fiberglass in the skin. As we can recall these were rash, red skin, problems breathing, stomach discomfort, irritated eyes. Then we covered the most common methods of how to get fiberglass out of skin. These are the duct tape trick and the tweezers trick.

Lastly, we learned what to do if you are working in an environment like this. And also how to protect yourself when it comes to working with fiberglass. Also when is the right time to seek medical attention if you have a problem.

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