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Is A Rebuilt Title Bad – Should You Get A Rebuilt Car?

by Jordan Harris
Is Rebuilt Title Bad

Are you planning on purchasing a used vehicle and you have noticed that the title of the car that you plan to purchase is a rebuilt title? So, you are asking yourself is a rebuilt title bad? Well, if that is the case, then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover on this specific topic.

Knowing the types of titles that exist out there is really important before you go out there on the market and purchase a used vehicle. Why I’m saying this? Well, because the car title basically tells you how much this car is worth and also how careful you should be when purchasing this type of vehicle.

So, this is why you need to understand the types of titles. Especially the rebuilt one since this title is one of the most common ones found on second-hand markets. There are a lot of cars that have been rebuilt at some point and this is why you need to be aware of the thing that you will be dealing with if you purchase a car in this condition. But you shouldn’t worry because we are going to help you out.

First, we are going to learn what is a car title and the different types of car titles that are out there. After that, we are going to focus primarily on the rebuilt title. We will learn what this type of title is and what it represents, the pros and cons of running a car with a rebuilt title, and if is a rebuilt tile bad. So, if you want to learn more, follow along till the end.

What Is A Car Title

Now before we learn more if is a rebuilt title bad, let’s learn what is a car title in general. Knowing what is a car title is one of the first steps when it comes to understanding what is a rebuilt title. And there are a lot of beginners who are not into cars and want to understand some of the basics when it comes to these types of documents. So, let’s cover this real quick.

So, what is a car title? Well, a car title is basically a legal document that guarantees that you are the owner of a specific vehicle. This document is also known as a certificate of title or a pink slip.

On the car title, there are all the details that are associating you with a specific vehicle. On the title there is the VIN number of the vehicle, make and model, paint code, and all other essential information.

Is Rebuilt Title Bad

In addition to this, there is a name and surname. Considering that you have this document, it will be really easy for you to prove that you are a legal owner of a specific vehicle. If the vehicle is purchased through a lien, then the name of the lien holder is on the title. And you will become the legal owner after you pay off the car.

This document is really essential. If you lose it, then recovering it might be a difficult process. You need to go to your local DMV and tell them that you lost and then get a new one. Which can be a pain. But what are the types of titles and is a rebuilt title bad? Let’s learn more about that next.

Types Of Car Titles

We learned the basics of what is a car title. We think that now it is time to move on to other topics. More precisely, we need to discuss the different types of titles. Since as you probably know, there are more than a few of these titles.

This will be another useful topic for people who are not into cars and want to learn more about the basics of what is a car title in general. After we cover the types, we will cover the question of is a rebuilt title bad. So, follow along.

Clean Title

The first type of title that is the most important for you is the clean title. A clean title vehicle is a vehicle that has never been in an accident, at least not a recorded one. And this is the type of car that holds the most value. Since people see this type of vehicle is something that can be trusted.

So, this is the type of vehicle that you probably want to purchase instead of getting a rebuilt title. So, if you are asking if is a rebuilt title bad, then you should know that this type of title is not on the same level as a clean title car. This means that it is not that desired as a clean title. But more on that later on.

Salvage Title

The second type of title is the salvage title. A salvage title gets any vehicle that has suffered considerable damage and lost more than 75% of its original value. These salvaged cars are sold in an auction so people could purchase them and rebuild them. They still hold some value and if they are properly fixed they can return to the road.

But what is a rebuilt title and is a rebuilt title bad? Well, more on this we are going to cover later on after we cover the different types of car titles.

Junk Title

Another very important title that you will notice at salvage auctions where these salvaged cars are auctioned is the certificate of destruction. But what does this mean?

Well, this means that the vehicle is beyond repair. These are usually the cars that have been in major accidents and whose frame is beyond repair. In this category also go the flooded cars. So, if the car was flooded, it will definitely get a title like this.

These cars can be only sold for parts and nothing else. So, if you notice a flooded car, you should definitely not buy it. Check out the title and if the title says that it has a certificate of destruction or a junk title, stay away from it if you don’t want to lose a ton of money on this specific vehicle.

So, when you are dealing with this type of car, you know that you cannot register this vehicle and return it on the road. But is a rebuilt title bad? Well, more on this we are going to cover next.

What Is Rebuilt Title

Now before we learn if is a rebuilt title bad. Let’s learn more about what is a rebuilt title in the first place. We didn’t list this title previously since we want to elaborate more in-depth on this type of title. So, what is a rebuilt title?

Well, a rebuilt title is a car title that a car gets when it is repaired and put on the road. So, when a car crashes and gets a rebuilt title when it gets repaired and put on the road by the insurance company.

Or if it gets totaled and goes to the auction, it gets a salvage title, and then when it gets repaired it gets a rebuilt title.

In order for a car to get a rebuilt title, it must undergo a serious repair. Everything needs to be fixed and the bad parts replaced. Also, the work needs to be perfect and everything needs to be welded properly. All, the metal work, gaps, paint, everything needs to be perfect.

Once the car gets rebuilt, it goes to inspection at the DMV and a new rebuilt title is issued to this specific vehicle. But is a rebuilt title bad? More on this we are going to cover in the following chapter.

Is A Rebuilt Title Bad

So, is a rebuilt title bad? Well, not quite. A rebuilt title is not a bad thing after all. A rebuilt title is even a good thing because you can get a car at a discounted price.

But you need to accept that this car at some point was into an accident and live with it. What is worse is that we sometimes do not know what kind of repair was performed on this specific vehicle.

So, you get the point. Rebuilt titles can be a risky business if you don’t with what you are dealing with.

So, we would not recommend them to anyone. There are sketchy repair jobs and whatnot. And if you are not into cars and do not know how to inspect a rebuilt car title car, then you should definitely avoid these cars.

In some cases, there could be something simple like a hail-damaged car that has been repaired. But in some cases, there could be cars that had suffered some serious damage and they are really unlikely to be considered a good purchase.

For these cars, you really need to train your eye and look at the small details, because these details will tell you the story of the car. You need to inspect the frame rails and the rear boot for possible bends or cracks. Everything has to be checked in order to avoid ending up with a lemon. Now as we learned is a rebuilt title bad, we can discuss some other topics.

Rebuilt Title VS Clean Title

Now since we learned if is a rebuilt title bad, we can cover some other topics. More precisely to compare the rebuilt title with a clean title. Are they comparable?

Yes, they are. Both titles are given to roadworthy vehicles. This means that any vehicle that has these two titles can be registered and used on the road.

What is worse is that a clean title car has a clean history if documented well. This means that there were no accidents and the car is solid. On the other hand, a rebuilt title indicates a car that has at some point been involved in an accident and was repaired by a shop and then put back on the road.

In some cases, nobody could know what type of damage this car has suffered. So, these cars are a risky business sometimes because there are a ton of scammers that do a poor job when it comes to rebuilding cars. So, is a rebuilt title bad? Well, sort of, you still need to know what you are getting yourself into.

Rebuilt Title VS Salvage Title

We learned if is a rebuilt title bad, now let’s take a look at the rebuilt vs salvage title difference. What is the difference between the two title types? Let’s explain.

The difference is that with one of these titles you cannot register a car. Whenever a car gets totaled it gets a salvaged title. And this is basically a car title that is not allowing you to register the car.

You can sell the vehicle but you cannot drive it like this. The car needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Once proper repairs are conducted, the car will go under rigorous inspection in your local DMV and there you will be able to get a rebuilt title for this vehicle.

So, you understand, a wrecked car is a salvage title vehicle and repaired vehicle that is good to register is a rebuilt title vehicle simple as that. So, we compared these two titles and learned if is a rebuilt title bad. Now let’s cover another topic when it comes to this problem and what are the pros and cons of owning a rebuilt title.

Pros And Cons Of Rebuilt Title

So, we learned if is a rebuilt title bad, now let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of having a car that has been rebuilt.

As you know, everything has its positives and negatives. So, knowing what you can expect if you purchase a car like this will be a good idea. This is why we will cover them in detail in the following two chapters.

Pros Of A Rebuilt Title

So, we learned if is a rebuilt title bad, now let’s cover the pros of owning a rebuilt title car. What are the positive sides of this type of purchase?

Well, there are a lot of positives. You get a vehicle at a great discount. These cars are about 30% cheaper in comparison to clean title cars. And 30% is really a lot of money sometimes. Especially now when car prices are soaring every day.

In addition to this, most of these cars are relatively low mileage. Some of them were even wrecked after they left the dealership.

There is a high chance that you get a good car with even less than 10,000 miles on the odometer for a heck of a deal. This is why the answer to the question of is a rebuilt title is bad, is not always yes. Sometimes, there are a lot of positives that you can get out of a deal like this.

Cons Of A Rebuilt Title

We covered the question if is a rebuilt title bad, now let’s learn more about the cons of a rebuilt title. What are the cons that you can expect when having a car like this?

The biggest con is probably the low resale value. There is a reason why these cars were totaled in the first place. The repairs were simply not feasible. It costs a ton of money to rebuild the car and the resale value is really low. 30% lower than a clean title car as we mentioned. So, purchasing a rebuilt car might be a heck of a deal but selling one can really be a pain to deal with.

Also, when purchasing one of these cars, you never know what you are going to end up with unless you are a skilled person. You just need to know where to look when purchasing a car like this. You need to check all the places that are prone to damage.

And basically have an eye for noticing issues on cars concerning bodywork. This is why we recommend finding a skilled mechanic that knows how to deal with these issues if you don’t want to get scammed.

Is A Rebuilt Title Bad For Insurance

So, we covered if is a rebuilt title bad, now let’s see if this type of title is bad for the insurance of the vehicle?

And the short answer to this question is yes, insurance premiums for cars that have rebuilt titles are running a bit higher than cars with clean titles.

So, why is this the case? Well, this is the case because when you own a rebuilt title, there is a higher chance for the owner to file a claim compared to a clean title car.

Is Rebuilt Title Bad

So, can you get full coverage on a rebuilt title? Yes, you can. Even though it is kinda tricky to find an insurance company that will give you full coverage. And even if you find one, you will get a worse deal in comparison to a standard clean car title.

Usually, prices for insurance range at about 20% higher for these cars in comparison to a car with a clean history. But is a rebuilt title bad? More on that we will answer next where we will learn if is bad to buy a rebuilt title car.

Is It Bad To Buy A Rebuilt Title Car

So, we learned if is a rebuilt title bad and we can say that in most cases it is not. But you are probably asking yourself the question of should I buy a car with a rebuilt title?

Well, the answer to this question really depends on a lot of different factors. The first factor is how much you like this car in the first place. If you don’t like that specific car that much, there are probably a ton of other cars on the market with clean titles.

The second thing is whether or not you have enough money. Some people just don’t have the money needed to purchase a clean title car and they get a rebuilt title car for a discount. There are a lot of different stories. But whenever purchasing a car, make sure that you do a good inspection before paying the money.

Salvage Title Inspection Near Me

So, we mentioned the inspection, where to take your car for inspection? When it comes to salvage title cars, a mechanic is not enough.

Is Rebuilt Title Bad

Since these cars were wrecked hard in some cases, you need more than that. And that is a body shop guy who is repairing cars like these on a daily basis. Performing proper inspection and seeing if all the angles align light should be your biggest concern. If the car is solid, you can buy it and enjoy it.

Facts about Salvage and Rebuilt Title Cars:

  1. Salvage and rebuilt title cars are vehicles that have been repurchased and repaired after being declared a total loss by the insurance company.
  2. Salvage titles are designated for vehicles whose repair costs outweigh their market value and are considered totaled.
  3. Rebuilt titles are given to cars with salvage titles that have undergone repairs and have passed safety requirements in some states.
  4. Vehicles with a rebuilt title may have a lower market value of up to 20% to 40% less than a similar model with a clean title.
  5. Buying a car with a rebuilt title may be a good deal, but it could also have drawbacks, such as potential safety issues and difficulty getting insurance coverage.
  6. Purchasing a car with a salvage or rebuilt title can be risky, and the repairs previously made may not be up to par, leading to more costs in the long term.
  7. Salvage or rebuilt vehicles cost 20%-40% less than the same type of vehicle with a clean title.
  8. To obtain a rebuilt title, a salvage certificate from the vehicle’s insurance company, an inspection by an authorized third party, and proof of ownership are typically required.
  9. Buyers should check a vehicle’s history, determine who did the repair work and the quality of their work, and examine the car’s frame and alignment before buying a vehicle with a rebuilt title.
  10. Some insurers may only offer liability coverage for rebuilt title cars, and collision and comprehensive coverage are unlikely to be offered with this type of title.


In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to car titles. First, we learned what is a car title and the different types of titles that are there.

Then we covered the rebuilt title and learned if is a rebuilt title bad. We learned what this type of title represents and what you can expect from a car with a title like this in terms of value and also in terms of quality. Since most of these cars were wrecked hard at some point.


Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Why Is A Rebuilt Title Bad

It is bad because the car was wrecked at some point or had another type of accident and was totaled. Then the insurance company or a rebuild shop fixed it and brought it back on the road. It is not completely bad since a lot of these cars are running really well for many miles.

What Is A Salvage Title

A salvage title is a title that is a given on a car that was wrecked. Once the car is totaled it gets this title. Then it has to be rebuilt in order for the title to be changed and the car to be driven.

What Does Rebuilt Title Mean

This means that the car was once wrecked and was later fixed. When the car was wrecked it got the salvage title and once the damage was sorted it was given a rebuilt title.

What Does Clean Title Mean

A clean title car is a car that has never been in an accident. This means that the car has a clean history and the body is rock solid.

How To Get A Salvage Title Cleared

First, you need to repair the car. Once the car is repaired, it must undergo a thorough inspection at the DMV and if it passes you will get a rebuilt title. With this title, you can register the vehicle.

How Much Does A Salvage Title Devalue A Car

Usually, about 30% compared to a clean title car. Sometimes even less, it really depends on the vehicle and the mileage. If it’s a fairly new car, it could be a bit less. But on average, it is about 30%.

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