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Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity: Is It Worth It?

by Jordan Harris
Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity

Tesla’s Model Y crossover-SUV has been on the top tier list for some time now. While it might share about 75 percent similarity with the Model 3, by no means is it the same. The Tesla Model Y is everything that the Model 3 is and more than it could be. It’s is an incredible car with great horsepower. Yet, the Tesla Model Y towing capacity is a huge question mark for every car fanatic.

It is fascinating to talk about the various facilities and features that the car has to offer. In this article, we will be covering everything about the Tesla Model Y towing capacity that it can haul along.

With a horsepower of 384 horsepower, the Tesla Model Y has an average towing force of approximately 125,680 Newton. Of course, this towing force depends on the engine to produce a pull of 125,680 Newton each second.

While it does produce this amount of towing force officially, much of it is lost as heat and sound. Unofficially the calculated towing force would be much less. Officially, the Tesla Model Y towing capacity is around 1,600 kg with an average raw engine force of 125680 N.

Tesla Model Y Related Specs

Tesla Model Y towing capacity might have fascinated you with this automobile already. But we aren’t yet done with all the specs that contribute to keeping this towing force as premium as it sounds. These specs are as follows:

  • DRIVETRAIN LAYOUT– Front + rear motor, AWD
  • MOTOR TYPES– Front: Induction; rear: Permanent-magnet
  • POWER (SAE NET)– 384 hp
  • TORQUE (SAE NET)– 375 lb-ft
  • WEIGHT TO POWER– 11.4 lb/hp
  • TRANSMISSION– 1-speed automatic
  • WHEELBASE– 113.8 in
  • LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT– 187.0 x 75.6 x 63.9 in
  • RECOMMENDED FUEL– 120, 240 & 400-volt electricity
  • AIRBAGS– 8: Dual front, front side, f/r curtain, front knee
  • BASIC WARRANTY– 4 yrs/50,000 miles
  • POWERTRAIN WARRANTY– 8 yrs/unlimited miles (includes batteries)
  • STEERING TYPE– Rack Pinion
  • TURNING DIAMETER– 39.8 feet

Overall Performance

The previous Model 3 had used a standard specification for its engine. However, not all details from Model 3 are similar to the Model Y. The engine that has been equipped inside the Tesla Model Y is very strong while being highly efficient.

In a sample test drive, the car covered zero to 60 mph in a mere 3.6 seconds. The Tesla Model Y has shown a great performance in its overall performance, especially its acceleration.

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity

However, it is still far from being as satisfying as the Model 3. The main reason behind this is the streamlined rough shape of the car. While this cuts through the air quickly, it does not offer much maneuverability.

Interior Design

The Model Y might not come close to the same internal comfort that Model X offers with its huge and spacious interior. Model Y’s interior design is simply a slight improvement over the Model 3.

Like the other model, Model Y is relatively free of buttons. The internal functions can be controlled from a large touch screen display centered on the front dashboard. This display is mainly used to see the information about different functions of the car relay.

The car is incredibly spacious and can even house a third-row seat for an extra cost of 3000 USD, adding to the total initial cost of the car. Even if you don’t want to use the car to tow an item, you can store the towable item inside.


All major functions inside the Tesla Model Y are carried out through large and slim infotainment. This tablet is placed on the front row dashboard.

Several entertainment functions are embedded into the dashboard display that you can watch if you are too bored with waiting for something like the car getting fully charged. If you are worried about them affecting you when driving, don’t worry because the tablet is built to not distract the driver when driving.

Safety Features

If you are worried about the Tesla Model Y towing capacity being overloaded and causing the car to go haywire – don’t be. Tesla is known for its automated autopilot system. The Model Y is no exception to this feature as well. There are quite a lot of features that have been installed in the vehicle’s mainframe to maintain maximum security against any theft while offering safety to the passengers and drivers.

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity

Some Common Key Features Include:

  • Automated braking when the car detects a pedestrian in front of it.
  • Warnings that show when you change lanes or need to change them.
  • Self-driving modes.

Warranty And Maintenance Coverage

The maintenance of the car is the same as the Model 3, and Model S. This means four years or 50,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage. In addition, eight years or 100,000 miles of coverage for the battery and electric motors warranty is also given. Since no complimentary maintenance is offered, you need to book the maintenance schedules on your own.

  • The warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles.
  • The powertrain warranty covers about 8 years or about 100,000 miles.
  • No complimentary scheduled maintenance is offered.

Pricing And Availability

Many regions outside of the USA will get the Tesla Model Y starting from early 2022. A few cars will be sold in China while the rest will be sold in Europe starting with the UK.

The long-range version is priced at 58,990 USD, and the performance variant is priced at 63,990 USD. You can check on the Tesla webpage to order early.

Tow Hitch

For a Tesla car to tow items, a tow hitch is a vital instrument. The franchise stores offer the tow hitch for around 1200 USD that you will need to pay in addition to the total cost of your car. Alternatively, you can also choose to buy from external sources such as the EcoHitch from Torklift Central.

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity

While the package is termed at 1000 USD, if you want professionals to install it into the car for you, this will cost you an extra 200 USD. The total net pricing of the tow hitch package is set at 1200 USD. The tow hitch is set to fit the maximum Tesla Model Y towing capacity.

  • 2″ hitch receiver and a single steel tow bar
  • NA 7 pin standard connector with a trailer harness
  • Software package for activating and deactivating trailer mode

The Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity And UK Release

The first Tesla Model Y is scheduled to be officially released in early 2022 in many non-US-based regions using Chinese chips and components. While a few models might be sold in China most of them will be coming to the UK. These UK models will feature the latest 4680 cells and a structural battery pack.

Tesla’s Berlin factory is responsible for producing and equipping the Model Y with the 4680 batteries. Currently, it is rumored that there are going to be two main variants of the car- Long Range and Performance.

While Tesla Model Y towing capacity in the UK is set at 1600 kg (or 3,527lbs), it is going to differ in the rest of the world. This can be seen in the USA since the Tesla cars manufactured in the US tend to have a greater towing capacity.

The Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity And US Release

Currently, almost nothing about Tesla Model Y or its towing capacity in the US market is known. They will be updated eventually after the car is released in the UK in early 2022. However, from previous data, we can safely say that the car might have greater facilities and a towing capacity compared to their European counterparts.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Tow Hitch

Tow hitches from other external sources are a lot cheaper than the ones officially sold by Tesla Motors. If you want to buy a tow hitch from external sources there are several things that you must consider beforehand.

Below we have compiled the three main factors that you should be taking care of before you can buy the tow hitch. These are as follows:

1. Cargo Weight

How much weight do you intend to tow? Will you be bringing along anything extra along with the item you are towing? Do you have bicycles? Will you be towing an electric wheelchair or scooter? Is it a mini-camper or boat? The amount of weight that you will be towing completely depends on the answers to these questions.

While Tesla Model Y’s towing capacity is set at 1,600 kg, not every tow hitch will be able to carry that much weight around. For instance, if a towing hitch doesn’t have enough elasticity to withstand the reaction force in between the towed item and car, it will snap. The cargo should not exceed the weight limit that the car and hitch have imposed on it.

2. Tow Hitch Capacity

Tow hitches have different weighting classes or ratings. Class, I can manage up to 2,000 pounds. Class II can manage up to 3,500 pounds, while Class III and IV tow hitches can haul as much as 5,000 and 10,000 pounds.

As we mentioned earlier, if your toe hitch does not offer enough elasticity to withstand the reaction forces, it will snap. In addition, you should also take care of the dimensions of the item being towed and the angle from which you are towing it. Depending on this angle, you might experience a lot more resistance when driving your vehicle.

3. Material That The Hitch Is Made From

One of the most important deciding factors for tow hitches that many other people forget is that they weigh their own. Depending on the type of metal used to make the hitch, the weight of hitches differs. A lead tow hitch might be heavier than one made from certain alloys.

A weighty tow hitch will be more of a burden to your vehicle than the item that you are supposed to be towing. Not only will it increase the chance of the total towing capacity increase, but it might also increase the resistance experienced by the car when driving.

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity: How To Select A Towing Hitch

Now that you know about all the factors that you should be determining for your potential hitch, your next step would be to buy one. The steps to buying a hitch are as follows:

Step 1:

Enter the website of the brand from whom you are going to buy the hitch.

Step 2:

Enter the make and model of your car or simply the towing capacity. The Tesla Model Y towing capacity is 1600 kg. You can enter that figure into the website.

Step 3:

The website will be displaying various hitches of different weight classes. You can buy the one that matches your needs and preferences.

Step 4:

After the hitch has been delivered to your doorsteps, install it onto your Tesla. You can also hire help from a professional if you can’t install the hitch by yourself.

Step 5:

While you are working with the hitch, you should also buy the related accessories to get the complete package such as all mount, trailer ball, hitch lock, and wiring harness. They will come in handy for many different purposes.

There are five different types of towing hitches that are used for most vehicles. The type of hitch that you are going to buy will depend on your need and the factors that have been mentioned before.

In addition to the steps that you are following when purchasing the right sort of hitch; take care to remember the following tips. You might mess things up if you don’t remember them when using the tow hitch.

  • Know the real weight of the items you are towing.
  • Make sure that the towed items are at least 500 kg lower than the maximum Tesla Model Y towing capacity that has been issued.
  • Know how to distribute weight evenly to avoid any accidents.
  • Tow from the right angles and dimensions to minimize the resistance when driving.
  • Know whether you need to have any extra accessories along with the tow hitch.
  • Know how to control your car when driving with the entire extra load that you are towing.

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity: How To Install The Mount Ball

If you are going to tow a speedboat or trailer behind the vehicle, you might want to install the mount ball to the towing receiver. Do make sure that the overall weight of the installation doesn’t affect the total allowable Tesla model Y towing capacity.

The procedure might be slightly complicated to follow through. Especially since someone with no experience might never be able to keep up with the instructions so make sure to pay enough attention. To attach the mount ball follow the following procedures:

  • Use a flat screwdriver to carefully forcefully produce a gap between the hitch foundation and dust cover. Keep on doing it until the cover is completely removed.
  • Remove the cotter from the bolt and slide it down the assembly. Do this step only if it is unavoidable.
  • Hold the ball holder parallel to the hitch assembly.
  • Put the locking bolt through the assembly and fix it up.
  • You will find a hole at the end of the bolt. Insert the cotter pin into the hole

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity: How To Remove The Mount Ball

Removing the ball mount is easier than installing it. All you need to do is remove the cotter pin from the installed setting. Then slide the bolt till it comes out of the assembly. Pull and remove the ball holder. Finally, fix back the dust cover on top of the hitch. Store the mount externally in a safe place till you need it again.

Please do remember that it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that all the electric lines and equipment are working properly. You must perform regular manual checks on all equipment like the mount ball. Make sure that they aren’t damaged and will work properly whenever you need them.

If they start to malfunction in the road, this could lead to disastrous effects like road accidents and even destruction of property, both private and public.

Tesla Model Y Trailer Mode For Towing

The Tesla Model Y, just like all other Tesla models, comes with the Trailer mode feature. This is used to decrease the burdens related to towing. It comes together with auto parking and steering, as well as sensors from the rear of the car that are activated when parking. Additional features include:

  • The traffic control function gives you all details of the traffic in nearby areas and the distance of your car to the next cars from all sides.
    Collision warnings to warn you whenever your car is in danger of collision from any side.
  • The braking force provided by an automated braking system might be too little. The stopping distance function is used to maximize the braking distance as much as possible.
  • To enable the trailer mode, you need to use the touch screen display tablet on the front of your dashboard. It can be manually enabled or disabled by going to controls. Then go driving before toggling and selecting the trailer mode. Please do note that if you are using the autopilot mode, trailer mode might not work.

As long as you are towing any large item, trailer modes are highly recommended. However, that doesn’t mean that you are excused from exceeding the Tesla Model Y towing capacity.

Tesla Model Y Towing Range

A long-term Tesla Model Y will have a towing range of 156 miles. This is about 50 percent of the total stated range from manufacturers. Based on this estimation, Tesla Model Y can easily surpass a range of 130 miles even if it has reached the Tesla Model Y towing capacity.

However, it has to be noted that a reduction of 50 percent in the range is only an estimation. The final miles reached might also differ based on the type of ground the car is driven on and the amount of resistance it is facing.

Wheels rim tires tyres brakes braking system callipers rotors discs

Manufacturers have stated that the Tesla Model Y Long Range requires 280 Watts/miles for a distance of 315 miles. However, much of that electricity is lost to the surroundings as heat, sound, and many other functions that the car needs to run. These functions are unavoidable and we are simply making assumptions and making estimates based on them.

How Does Towing Affect The Range Of The Model Y?

According to manufacturers, Tesla Model Y towing capacity is at 1600 kg or 3,500 pounds provided that the Tesla tow hitch package is used. This value might differ for externally bought hitches. Towing increases the amount of resistance that the vehicle experiences while it is moving. This could be from the air or the friction created by the contact between the wheels and the ground.

Since the resistance is increased, the amount of distance covered by a towing Tesla car is decreased. If the car can cover 315 miles under normal circumstances, it will cover about 130-150 miles when towing. Of course, other external factors could cause the car to cover a greater distance or even further slow down.

These additional factors could include using the air conditioner, running the front and backlights (if dark), and other functions or modes that are available in the car.

Is It Smart To Buy A Tesla Model Y For Towing?

While you can use the Tesla Model X for towing, today’s electric cars have yet to reach that capability where it has shown great potential in towing. The current state of battery technology is such that only so much energy can be stored in a package that’s not too big for a passenger car.

Therefore it can’t finish the whole journey in a single charge while towing a large item like a boat or RV. Of course, this won’t be the case if you can charge your car at regular intervals. The problem with charging at regular intervals is that not all places have electric car charging ports. In addition, charging the electricity can sometimes be more expensive when compared to filling gasoline inside a vehicle.

So while you can buy a Tesla Model Y for towing, it is not practical to tow using this vehicle. It is only about 45 percent fuel-efficient when it tows large objects. Even then it will lose more energy quickly depending on external conditions. Click on this link to learn more about this.

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity – Conclusion

If you think of the overall performance of the Tesla Model Y, it is pretty good especially since it comes with all the functions that rarely appear in most cars, like the trailer mode. However, it still needs a lot of work and improvement before it could become the pioneer among towing vehicles.

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