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Vehicle Tycoon Codes – Redeem Your Free Rewards Right Now!

by Jordan Harris
Vehicle Tycoon Codes

Do you play Roblox Vehicle Tycoon? Are you tired of grinding for hours on end just to earn a smidgen of cash? Well, good news! We have some Roblox Vehicle Tycoon codes for you to redeem and earn some free cash. Promo codes are a great way to earn free rewards without having to work too much. We’ll list down the currently active Vehicle Tycoon codes that you can redeem. In addition, we’ll list some older ones (if there are any) just in case you want to give it a try. We’ll also guide you on how to use these Vehicle Tycoon codes if you’ve never done so before. Let’s start!

Codes For Vehicle Tycoon

There are quite a lot of promo codes for Roblox Vehicle Tycoon that are currently active. All of them will give you free cash in different amounts. Here are the codes that you can redeem:

Updated: December 17, 2022


  • CHRISTMAS – Get $15,000
  • HAPPY – Get $10,000
  • SNOW – Get $10,000


  • 20mil – Redeem code for 200 Likes
  • NewCar – Redeem code for free money
  • 4mil – Redeem code for 40 Likes
  • HAPPY: Redeem this code and get $10,000
  • CHRISTMAS: Redeem this code and get $15,000
  • SNOW: Redeem this code and get $10,000
  • YEAR: Redeem this code and get $1,500
  • GIFT: Redeem this code and get $2,000
  • TURKEYRedeem this code and get $1,500
  • DOUBLE: Redeem this code and get $2,500
  • SCHOOL: Redeem this code and get $1,250
  • HALLOWEEN: Redeem this code and get $2,500

If all of the codes are still working by the time you use them, you can earn as much as $46,250 of free in-game cash. While that doesn’t sound like much, it’s still plenty enough for you to splurge on a car or two. For example, a Toyota Supra costs $35,000 in the game.

Afterward, you’ll still have an extra $16,250 left and that’s enough to upgrade your Supra to level 2, which costs $14,000. If the Supra isn’t your thing, you can splurge and buy several Honda Civics in the game, which costs just $5,000 to purchase.

You can buy up to nine Honda Civics if you want, although we wouldn’t recommend that, and just buy the fastest car possible instead.

Roblox Vehicle Tycoon Codes: How To Use Them

If you’ve never redeemed a promo code in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon, here’s how to do it:

  1. On the left side of the screen, you will see a box with a yellow star on the left side and a plus (+) sign on the right.
  2. Type in the promo code into the box.
  3. Click on the plus (+) button and enjoy your free cash.

Promo codes often have an expiry date, although it’s not stated when these codes will expire, so be sure to use them as soon as possible! If you need help redeeming the codes, watch this video below to learn how:

Roblox Vehicle Tycoon

If you’ve never played Roblox Vehicle Tycoon and you just happen to stumble upon this post, you’re probably wondering what the game is like and whether or not you should start playing it. But before you learn more about Vehicle Tycoon, you’ll need to understand what Roblox is.

What Is Roblox

Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system made by the Roblox Corporation. The platform allows users to program games as well as play games created by other users.

It was released in 2006 and hosts tons of user-created games of multiple genres using the programming language Lua, and users can create their own gaming world by using the Roblox Studio application.

In a way, it’s similar to those free browser games that were popular in the mid-2000s and you play on certain websites such as Miniclip. You go into the website, you choose a game you want to play, and you’re good to go.

However, there are a couple of key differences with Roblox. First, you will need to create a Roblox account before you start playing. Creating an account is fairly straightforward: simply choose a username and input your password, you don’t even need to tie it to an email account.

But this does mean that you will need to remember what your username and password are. Because if you forget, then there’s no way of retrieving or resetting the password via email.

Secondly, with Roblox, you will need to download the Roblox player to play the games. Whereas with browser-based games such as the ones in Miniclip, the game simply starts in your browser and all you need is a compatible browser that still supports Flash player.

It’s also fairly simple though, simply login to your Roblox account, choose a game you want to play, and the website will prompt you to download the Roblox player. After downloading the game, simply install it and log in, and you’re good to go.

Is Roblox Free

Yes, it is. Part of the reason why Roblox has started becoming more popular is that it’s free-to-play. However, the game does have in-game purchases using a virtual currency called ‘Robux’.

This currency can be used to create or purchase virtual items that can then be used to decorate a player’s virtual character which serves as their avatar on the platform. You can also sell items should you no longer want them but you will need a premium membership to be able to sell them.

Additionally, Roblox administrators can sell accessories, body parts, gear, and packages under the official Roblox user account. On top of that, some items in certain games can be bought by using Robux.

For example, the Devel Sixteen in Vehicle Tycoon can only be bought by using Robux, which costs 1,000 Robux. How much is that in real money you ask? Well, the smallest amount of Robux you can purchase is 400 Robux, which costs $4.99 in real American dollars.

You can purchase 1,700 Robux for $19.99, which means the Devel Sixteen costs just a little under $20 to purchase.

Why Is Roblox Popular

The main appeal of Roblox is that it’s free to play and there are a wide variety of games that you can play. Of course, since it’s all based on the same programming language, all the games have this similar, blocky, almost Minecraft-like look.

However, you can choose from automotive games, RPG, town & city games, and all sorts of other genres. Meaning if you’re bored with one game, you can just browse the almost-endless catalog of games in Roblox and just choose whatever you feel like playing.

The free-to-play aspect also means that it’s popular with children and younger teens. It’s a great option for kids who wants to spend their time playing video games but has no access to a gaming PC or a console since you can play Roblox even on the most basic PC and laptops, and even Android.

It’s also a great option when they don’t have any allowance to spend on pricey video games. Small wonder that over half of Roblox’s player base in the United States is under the age of 16.

Before 2010, Roblox was a relatively small and niche platform, partly thanks to the co-founder’s lack of interest in press coverage. Resulting in a lack of coverage in popular media and only a small cult following.

Roblox actually only started gaining more popularity in the late 2010s and has seen massive growth thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most people are stuck at home and have a lot of free time on their hands, a free-to-play game like Roblox is a cheap and great option to spend time on.

What Is Roblox Vehicle Tycoon

The game is actually relatively new and was developed by Roblox user liteimpulse. Contrary to other “tycoon” title games where it simulates being a business person of some sort, Vehicle Tycoon is really mostly a racing game.

You start by owning a dealership and then buy a bunch of different cars for your dealership. But rather than flipping and selling them to make money, you drive and race the cars to earn more money. The more expensive the car is, the more money you will earn from it.

For example, the Honda Civic will earn you $20 for every race. You can increase the number of cash given from the car by upgrading them, the Honda Civic will earn you up to $112 when you upgrade it to level 5.

Other more expensive cars, such as the Chevrolet Corvette will earn you $186 per 200 studs, and up to $400 per 200 studs when maxed out to level 5. If you didn’t know, a stud is a measurement of size and distance in Roblox, 1 meter is equal to 20 studs.

That’s really all there is to it to Roblox Vehicle Tycoon. You buy cars, you drive and race the cars, and you earn money. It’s a fairly simple game, and while it doesn’t sound all that interesting, it’s still a pretty good game if you just want to pass the time by playing a video game that won’t need you to invest too much of your time or money. Here’s a video showing what it’s like to play Roblox Vehicle Tycoon:

Is It Worth Downloading Roblox Vehicle Tycoon

We have a very simple rule: if it’s free, then it’s definitely worth it. Well, most of the time, at least. Anyway, this is true for Roblox Vehicle Tycoon. The game is free and you won’t have to invest any money to have fun with it.

Unless you want to buy that Devel Sixteen in the game, then you’re probably going to need to spend about $19.99 to earn that. But apart from that, you can play the game for free. Additionally, since Roblox is now available on Android, you can play it on the go.

The game isn’t very complex nor does it have great graphics, but it’s still a good (and free) way to pass the time. On your break until the next meeting and don’t know what to do? Drive around in some cars to pass the time. On your morning commute to your workplace? Drive around or upgrade your dealership in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon to pass the time.

Keep in mind that some players have complained that Vehicle Tycoon can feel like it has a high degree of grinding. Meaning that you will need to play the game quite extensively to earn enough cash to buy the nice cars in the game.

And since only the Devel Sixteen is available for purchase with Robux, you will have to grind to earn enough cash to buy other nice cars in the game. That being said, grinding in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon is simply just driving around and racing your cars.

Tips For Making Money In Roblox Vehicle Tycoon

If you’re new to Roblox Vehicle Tycoon, you’re definitely going to want to make money fast. That’s really the only goal in the game: make money, buy cool cars, and make more money. Here are some tips on how to make money faster in the game:

Vehicle Tycoon Codes And Tips #1: Go AFK

If you didn’t know, AFK stands for “Away from Keyboard” in gaming. This is what gamers usually say in an online chatbox when they’re playing an online multiplayer game and they need to do something away from the game.

To get a sandwich or a refreshing drink, for example. This is to notify other players that you’ll be away from the keyboard for a bit. In this context though, it’s slightly different.

As mentioned, you can earn money in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon simply by driving around in your car. AFK in this context is to automatically leave your car to drive around in circles to earn money while you go and do something else with your life. Maybe get a project done while your Lamborghini Aventador in the game drives around in circles.

Anyway, to do this you simply need to find an open space on the map of the game. The race track is often recommended. Afterward, simply push “W” so the car will go forward, and press either “A” or “D” on the keyboard to go either left or right depending on the space you have available on the map.

Once your car is running around in circles, press forward slash or “/”. This will then make the car continue to drive automatically without your input. The car will then continue to earn money even without you pressing anything on the keyboard, and you’re free to do something else.

Vehicle Tycoon Codes And Tips #2: Race…By Yourself

Competing in races will earn you cash in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon. Having more players compete in the race will multiply the amount of money you earn. And of course, the higher you finish, the higher the rewards. However, you can actually compete in races by yourself, and you will still earn money.

To do this, simply go to the racetrack and start a race by yourself. After the race starts, complete a few laps of the race track and finish the race. Once you finish, you’ll earn $1,000 from the race, on top of the amount of money your car makes for just driving around. That’s really all there is to it.

Vehicle Tycoon Codes And Tips #3: Use Real Cash

If you don’t feel like grinding for too long and you just want to skip to the good part of buying cool cars in the game, you can use actual money to turn it into in-game cash. You can also buy the Double Cash game pass for Vehicle Tycoon, which doubles the earnings you get in the game. However, this pass won’t double the cash you earn from competing in a race.

You can also pay to get Robux, and then use the Robux to purchase in-game cash from the in-game shop. For example, for $24.99 you will get 2,000 Robux. This can then be used to trade for in-game cash in the shop, 1,200 Robux will get you $1,000,000 in-game cash.

That’s plenty of cash for you to buy a bunch of cool cars in the game, such as the BMW i8, the Chevrolet Corvette, the BMW M5, and more.

Keep in mind that there are hypercars in the game such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 918, and the Bugatti Vision GT among others. These hypercars cost well over $1,000,000 of in-game cash to purchase.

If you’re looking to buy these exotic cars, you will either need to grind on top of the $25 you already spent for the Robux, or spend more than $25 to buy them without grinding.

When you’ve done all that but still need more cash in the game, be sure to use our Vehicle Tycoon codes to get free money.

Best Cars In Roblox Vehicle Tycoon

Cars in Roblox Vehicle Tycoon have three stats: acceleration, top speed, and cash earned from driving them. We’ll list down some of what we think are the best ones according to the stats they offer:

Bugatti Vision GT

Being the most expensive car in the game alongside the Devel Sixteen, the Bugatti Vision GT better have good stats to make the price worthwhile. And thankfully, the stats do look good. It may cost a whopping $5,000,000 of in-game cash to purchase, but it does have a top speed of 268 studs/sec.

It also accelerates at 8 studs/frame and gives you $2,658 per 200 studs. As far as we can tell, this is the best stat of any car in the game.

Unlike other cars which can be upgraded to level 5, the Bugatti can only be upgraded to level 2. It’s going to cost you $50,000 to upgrade the car, but it will improve the top speed to 301, and the acceleration will improve to 9.4 studs/frame (the higher the number, the better the acceleration).

Koenigsegg One:1

The Koenigsegg is half the price of the Bugatti Vision GT at a very reasonable $2,500,000. Even so, it still boasts impressive stats that can rival the Bugatti. In stock form, the Koenigsegg has a top speed of 263 studs/sec and accelerates at 7.8 studs/frame, while giving you $1,423 per 200 studs.

You can upgrade the Koenigsegg up to level 5. However, it will cost you a hefty $4,880,000 of in-game cash to max out the stats of the Koenigsegg. That being said, at level 5 the Koenigsegg will have a top speed of 306 studs/sec, 9.6 studs/frame, and earn you $3,600 per 200 studs when you drive around in it. It also looks really cool in white, just like the real thing.

Toyota Supra

Roblox Vehicle Tycoon has tons of expensive exotic cars. On the cheaper side of things, may we recommend the Toyota Supra? It costs just $35,000, which is a fraction of the price even when compared to supercars like the BMW i8 and M5 which costs over $100,000.

Even so, it still has a top speed of 141 studs/sec and 3 studs/frame. That being said, the Supra will only earn you $69 per 200 studs. You can upgrade it to level 5 and it will earn $186 for every 200 studs you drive, but the top speed and acceleration don’t improve that much. On top of that, it will cost you another $68,000 to max out the Supra.

If you have a little bit more in-game cash to spend, the BMW M5 is actually a pretty good option. We generally would recommend you to steer away from the BMW i8, as it costs more but the performance stats does not justify the price.

Roblox Vehicle Tycoon Facts:

  1. Roblox Vehicle Tycoon is a game that allows players to own a car dealership and purchase various cars.
  2. The game offers a range of cars, from a few nice automobiles to fabulous supercars.
  3. Redeeming Roblox Vehicle Tycoon codes can provide players with cash, which can help them purchase better cars in-game.
  4. Vehicle Tycoon codes can expire, so players need to use them quickly to get the benefits.
  5. Players can find new Vehicle Tycoon codes by visiting websites that update them regularly, like the page linked in the article.
  6. In addition to Vehicle Tycoon, there are other Roblox car games like Ultimate Driving, Driving Empire, Drive City, and The Drive on Pro Game Guides.
  7. Players need to accumulate cash to buy better and faster cars in Vehicle Tycoon, and codes can help with that.
  8. To redeem Vehicle Tycoon codes, players need to find the input field for codes on the left side of the game screen, enter the code and press the blue plus button.
  9. Some expired codes for Vehicle Tycoon include HALLOWEEN, GIFT, TURKEY, YEAR, DOUBLE, and SCHOOL.
  10. The ultimate goal of Vehicle Tycoon is to own all of the cars available in the game and become a successful car dealer.

Vehicle Tycoon Codes: Wrap Up

The Roblox Vehicle Tycoon is a simple and inexpensive (provided that you don’t actually spend a fortune on the cars just to skip the grinding) vehicle game that you can play on PC and Android. Like other Roblox games, it doesn’t demand a lot of power from your PC and you can play it on even the most basic PC or laptop in your house. Here are the spec requirements to play a Roblox game:

  • CPU: 1.6 GHz or better, most processors released after the year 2005 will do just fine. Note that some older AMD processors may have issues with the game.
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS: Roblox will install on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10. For Windows 8/8.1 you will need to run Roblox in Desktop Mode.
  • Video Card: DirectX 9 minimum and Shader Model 2.0. Most computers less than five years old with a dedicated video card will do just fine, says Roblox. Or if you have a laptop with an integrated video card, anything less than three years old is fine.
  • Disk Space: 20 MB

See? Not a lot, so you can start playing even if you have a very basic PC or laptop. And if you decided to start playing Roblox Vehicle Tycoon, then hopefully the Vehicle Tycoon codes we’ve provided will help ease your grinding in the game and you can almost immediately buy some nice cars. We’ll try to update you should there be any more new Vehicle Tycoon codes. Happy driving!

FAQs On Vehicle Tycoon Codes

If you’re still curious to learn more about Vehicle Tycoon codes or the game itself, our FAQs here might help…

Who Is The Richest Person In Roblox

It’s a well-known fact that you can make quite a lot of money on Roblox if you do things right. For those of you who don’t know, Roblox isn’t so much a game, rather it’s a gaming platform where regular folks could make games on it. This involves using its built-in studio and game assets to develop games within the Roblox ecosystem for other players to enjoy. If your game is worth playing, you might even consider monetizing it to earn money. And, it’s been quite lucrative thus far. As of 2022, the richest player in Roblox is David Baszucki. They’re worth around R$282,486,088, which is equal to about $988,701 in real-world cash. Just for a spot of context, the bottom-end of the top 10 richest players on Roblox is worth at least $250,000 in in-game currency.

How To Get Money In Roblox For Free

There are numerous ways to get free in-game Robux currency within Roblox. Before we get started, however, you have to be wary of scams. There are plenty of ‘get your free Robux’ scams going around at the moment and it has become rather prevalent. Rather than becoming a victim, there are 3 legit and real ways of earning free Robux. The first method is by putting the time and energy required to make a game within Roblox. If it’s a good game, there are those who might consider paying you to play it. Next, you can consider taking part in Roblox’s affiliate program. Here, for every new person that you invite to join Roblox, you get a percentage of their purchases. Other than that, you could also earn free Robux every month by joining the Roblox membership program.

Where Are The Car Parts In Car Dealership Tycoon

In Roblox Vehicle Tycoon (aka Car Dealership Tycoon), you can find valuable vehicle parts by scavenging around the map. Putting these parts together will unlock you a Langhini LN2 (a Lamborghini LM002). For instance, you can find the tires, engine, rear fender, and brake calipers by scouring around the desert area. Moving on, the main neighborhood area contains the hood, exhaust, rear doors, front doors, and rear tires. In this area, you might have to climb atop buildings to find the parts, while others are literally found at the bottom of the in-game ocean. Finally, the last three parts – seats, front fender, and trunk – are all hidden within the mountains just outside of the main urban neighborhood area. Now, you can bring each part to your barn and start putting them together.

How To Make A Car In Roblox Studio

Building a car in Roblox Studio is rather complex, but with enough practice, it can be rather straightforward. First, you’ll have to download the car building kit and show all the necessary constraint points. From there, you can start molding the constraints and begin by creating an axle. Here, you can set the limits of this cylindrical axle, such as its rotational limits. Then, you can practice a similar process by creating the suspension and assembling together the wheels. Then, sorting out the constraints between the wheels and the chassis. This includes hinges, rotation points, suspension travel, and more. With this complete, you can give it a test drive, before using tools like Blender to form the bodywork. After that, you can put finishing touches like tuning its dynamics.

How Do You Drive A Car In Roblox

Driving a car in Roblox is pretty easy. Once you’ve found a vehicle, head over to the driver’s seat, and press Y (the default keybind) to start moving. From then on, the WASD keys on your keyboard will be how you’d control the car… W to move forward, S to move backward, A to turn left, and D to turn right. While you’re driving, you could use the mouse to zoom in and out, as well as pan and move the camera around. Some cars in Roblox have more advanced features like a manual gearbox. In this instance, pressing R and F (or sometimes Q and E) to shift up and down. Meanwhile, there are also cars where you’d have to press the R or X keys to start the ignition first. Furthermore, some cars may have cruise control, horns, turn signals, lights, alarms, and more, each requiring a different key.

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