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Best Car Battery Brand – Buying Guide For Top Car Batteries

by Jordan Harris
How Long Does A Car Battery Last

Most vehicles will eventually require a new battery. Time, stress, and money can be saved by learning about battery upkeep, battery replacement, and the different types of automotive batteries. The best car battery brands cost more if you understand how much does a new battery cost for a car than the average rate for a brand-new one.

All modern cars share a 12-volt battery, whether they are the most high-tech electric vehicles or the most affordable subcompact on the market. The significance of that battery is that it being defective can prevent even a fully charged electric car from starting. Not to mention the more prevalent gas-powered vehicles on the road today.

The most typical time car owners seriously investigate, shop for, and replace a car battery is frequently the day it fails. Or, when you notice the symptoms of a weak car battery, or if your car is completely dead. However, you may take a proactive step today and learn more about the finest car batteries for your scenario.

We looked into some of the most well-liked selections on the market in an effort to assist customers in locating inexpensive car batteries that endure. For good reason, 12-volt automobile batteries continue to account for the majority of the $100 billion global automotive battery business.

We’ve chosen a variety of high-quality batteries, whether you require a car battery that operates in cold conditions or extremely hot temperatures. Additionally, this manual provides advice on the types of batteries and on the replacement of the same.

Best Car Battery Brand

Car Battery

Even the futuristic EV you’re driving around needs a 12-volt car battery. Among many other things, they provide electricity for lights, exhaust fans, radios, and the infotainment touchscreen. A 12-volt battery should always be present in a vehicle, regardless of whether you drive a Tesla Model S or a car from the 1990s.

Regardless of whether it runs on gas or electricity, no ‘single component’ is more essential to your car’s ongoing reliability than the battery. Your observation may not be far off if you’ve noticed that car batteries don’t appear to last as long as they once did.

The battery is under more stress due to the rising amount of electrically driven components in the average car. Hence, why batteries can be quite dense and hefty once you consider just how much does a car battery weigh.

Measures Of Battery Power

The term “Cranking Amps” (CA) describes how many amps is a brand-new, fully charged 12-volt battery is capable of supplying continuously for 30 seconds at 32° F while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts. Or, if it’s not fully charged, perhaps you might pair the best car battery with the best battery charger for your car.

The term “Cold Cranking Amps” (CCA) describes the amount of power the battery can produce when it is “cold,” specifically when starting the vehicle. This gauges the battery’s capacity to fast transition from being completely inactive to supplying a lot of power.

The importance of cold cranking amps on later-model cars has decreased as modern vehicles can start super-quickly. The Reserve Capacity (RC) of a battery indicates how long it can be depleted at 25 amps at 80° F while still holding at least 10.5 volts for a 12-volt battery.

Evolution Of Car Batteries

Because they had limited electrical systems, early cars lacked batteries. The headlights were gas-powered, the engine started with a crank, and a bell was used in place of an electric horn. Around 1920, as cars started coming with electric starter motors, automotive batteries became commonly used.

In 1971, a sealed battery that didn’t need to be recharged was invented. The initial starting and charging systems were created as 6-volt, positive-ground systems. These had the chassis of the car directly connected to the positive battery terminal (for more context, check out our guide on positive or negative first when connecting a battery).

Modern road cars nearly universally have a negative ground system. It means that the car’s chassis is attached to the negative battery terminal. Speaking of terminals, maybe you’ll find our tips and tricks on how to clean battery terminal corrosion handy someday. And, we’ve also covered how to safely disconnect a car battery.

Best Car Battery Brand

The Hudson Motor Car Company began using batteries made by the Battery Council International in 1918. Hence it became the first company to employ a standardized battery. Dimensional specifications for batteries are established by BCI.

Up until the mid-1950s, automobiles relied on 6V electrical systems and batteries. Larger engines with higher compression ratios necessitated more electrical power to start. This led to the switch from 6V to 12V.

Smaller vehicles with lower starting requirements, like the Volkswagen Beetle in the middle of the 1960s and the Citroen 2CV in 1970, continued to use 6V for longer. A 42V electrical system standard was proposed in the 1990s.

It was designed to provide room for wiring harnesses for cars that are lighter and more powerful electrically driven accessories.

Types Of Car Batteries

The attempt to move the primary automotive voltages has been largely defeated by the development of higher-efficiency motors, new wiring methods, digital controls, and hybrid vehicle systems that utilize high-voltage starters/generators.

Most automobile batteries are some sort of lead/acid battery. The most popular ones can be divided into two categories: conventional “flooded” lead-acid and absorbent glass mat (AGM). Lithium-ion batteries are another option, and they are beginning to enter the car industry mainly as EV batteries and not as 12V units.

The lithium-ion batteries are by far the priciest, but they’re also very amazing. However, for the majority of individuals, a lead-acid battery of some kind will provide the best value and features.

1. Lead-Acid Batteries

The majority of cars have these. They are made up of an exterior casing that contains battery acid. In the acid, the terminals represent positively and negatively charged lead plates. Hence, why you should be attentive when connecting a set of jumping cables by the positive or negative terminals.

Lead-acid batteries may not perform as well as more sophisticated ones. However, they are still more than sufficient for the majority of uses. On average, they are also the cheapest.

Best Car Battery Brand

2. Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB)

Although they are constructed similarly to lead-acid batteries they deliver up to twice as much cyclical stability. Because of their design, they are more durable and offer superior resistance to vibration and discharge.

They cost more, but they also frequently last longer. Your vehicle might have come with an EFB if it has stop-start technology (but, is auto start-stop bad for your engine… check out our guide here to learn more).

3. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

These are the most expensive and powerful. After demonstrating its dependability on military vehicles, this design gained popularity in the 1980s. The name refers to a thin fiberglass carpet that has been doused in acid.

The battery is now spill-proof, which is great for off-road applications. AGM batteries are used in sports cars and luxury cars because they are ideal for high-powered features.

Replacing Car Battery

The majority of automobile owners typically don’t think about their battery until it runs out. The automobile won’t start when you try to turn it on one morning after getting dressed for work and getting into it. Oftentimes, it might be wise for you to diagnose beforehand if it’s a bad alternator vs a bad battery.

A new battery is required because your current one is dead. If you own the same vehicle for longer than four or five years, this is something you never want to happen to you in the near future. However, it is inevitable. Unbeknownst to the majority of people, choosing the wrong battery in the first place is the primary cause of battery failure.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, the battery is typically the one that gets the least attention. The voltage or energy source that keeps the engine running is stabilized by it. The battery makes sure that there is enough power for the vehicle to keep running. The car can be entirely shut off if the battery is not properly maintained.

Choosing A New 12V Battery

Your engine size and driving style will have a significant impact on choosing the best car battery. On paper, some large-capacity batteries can seem appealing. But they may end up being the wrong size for your car, and other car battery types might not be available in the power levels your car requires.

Check out the owner’s manual or technical handbook for your car’s make and model year to obtain the correct numbers for its power requirements. By narrowing your search based on these values, you might locate unconventional battery options that are compatible with your car.

There are more 12-volt battery technologies than ever before, including gel, absorbed glass mat, and conventional batteries with flooded lead acid. Even though buying a car battery can be challenging, you’ll regret waiting until your car won’t start.

Or, if your car won’t start with a new battery, or if your car won’t start but the battery is good. Otherwise, you might face other issues, such as when you have a new battery, but your car won’t start without a jump. Thankfully, some cars will illuminate a battery warning light and turn it on as an early sign of failure.

For anything from small-engine sedans to track cars to RVs, we’ve done the legwork by compiling a list of some of the best car battery brand options currently on the market over a wide price range. Some of them are available through online or physical auto parts stores, while others can be ordered directly from Amazon.com.

Best Car Battery Brands

Among other things, good car batteries let you start your vehicle, keep your headlights on, and play the radio. It’s critical to get a car battery that will perform well for you. Selecting the finest car battery, however, might be difficult for most individuals, especially in this large sector where many brands have flooded the market.

The effectiveness of the battery is also significantly influenced by the brand. Maybe you’ve read reviews of different car batteries to get a sense of which are the best car battery brand options.

We have devoted hours of study to compiling a list of the companies we believe to be the best ones right now in order to assist you in finding the best car battery brand.

Best Car Battery Brand #1: Odyssey Extreme

For those familiar with car batteries, it should come as no surprise that Odyssey is at the top of our list. AGM batteries produced by Odyssey effectively established the benchmark for modern automobile batteries.

The finest reliability in even the most demanding settings is guaranteed by their usage of only pure lead and excellent construction. So much so that it’s a moniker recognized by specialized service vehicles used by the military, law enforcement, and first responders.

The typical person may rest easy knowing that the company backs its batteries with impressive warranty coverage. A three-year warranty is offered for non-commercial marine and recreational applications and a four-year warranty for non-commercial vehicles and trucks.

Extreme temperature resistance is another feature of Odyssey’s Extreme series of batteries. Additionally, The Odyssey has a great tolerance for extreme temperatures. Its temperature rating ranges from -40 F to a scorching 176 F. Even on hot days and in hot engine bays, such capacity ought to be sufficient.

Even though the battery’s 950 CCA rating is amazing on its own, it can also produce 1,750 amps for five seconds while heated. If you really want to make sure, you could always learn how to test a car battery. With a four-year full replacement warranty, Odyssey claims it will last 400 charge cycles.

However, all of that power does not come without a cost. If you’re used to paying less than $100 for a battery from Walmart, the Odyssey Extreme’s price of over $300 may set you off-balance. A battery rated for such intense heat is necessary if your use case requires you to endure some of the hottest conditions on the planet.

Best Car Battery Brand #2: Optima Red Top

Some of the industry’s best and most recognizable batteries are produced by Optima. The Red Top, which serves as their “starting” battery, is advised for use in their clients’ more conventional automobiles.

That is to say, the Yellow Top is the one they suggest if you have an incredible sound system, a race car, or something out of the usual. But the Red Top, which has a rating of -50 F when fully charged to 12.6–12.8 volts, wins the prize for cold weather performance.

Sulfuric acid and distilled water are combined inside batteries. Water can freeze, and depending on how fully charged the battery (to learn more, check our write-up on how long does it take to charge a car battery) is the temperature at which it does so varies.

Consequently, the Red Top can tolerate some extremely chilly temperatures when fully charged. Maintaining a properly charged battery, especially when temperatures decrease, maybe the most crucial aspect of starting in cold weather.

Due to its exceptional resistance to battery failure, Optima Red Top requires no maintenance and can be a wise option for SUVs, RVs, pick-up trucks, and street cars. The battery is spill-proof and versatile enough to be put almost anywhere.

The SpiralCell Technology of Optima is what sets the Optima RedTop apart from the competition. One positive lead plate and one negative lead plate make up each spiral-wound cell found inside an Optima battery. The automotive battery’s architecture enables it to be 15 times more vibration-resistant than conventional batteries.

It is a little more expensive than some of the other battery options available. But since they last so much longer, the higher initial cost is more than mitigated. It’s actually one of the better offers available when you consider the cost per year that you receive.

Best Car Battery Brand #3: DieHard Platinum AGM

We believe in DieHard batteries because of the company’s longevity and consistently positive consumer feedback, just like the Optima RedTop. This series was created specifically for older automobiles that use conventional flooded batteries. It is designed for medium power demands.

However, in comparison to conventional lead acid batteries, the revolutionary stamped grid architecture offers more starting power and a longer lifespan. The very extended guarantee is one feature that sets this battery apart. For this battery, DieHard also offers an AGM type, although it only comes with a three-year warranty.

It will withstand strong electrical demands even better thanks to the AGM construction, and it easily handles a stop-start system. To top it all off, this battery is built with at least 94% recyclable materials.

It’s good to know that this battery is recycled as much as possible because lead and acid aren’t the world’s most environmentally friendly components. Extreme weather is no match for DieHard batteries, which include a stamped grid structure that triples corrosion resistance.

However, cost and warranty duration are drawbacks of this particular battery. However, AGM batteries are pricey (as we’ve seen when looking at how much is a car battery at AutoZone) and can be unnecessary for regular-duty applications.

Despite being longer than many of its cheaper competitors’ warranties, DieHard’s three-year warranty can’t be considered generous.

Best Car Battery Brand #4: EverStart Maxx

Working with a limited budget and in need of a fresh battery? The EverStart Maxx Lead Acid battery might then be your best choice. Even in chilly climates, it has more than enough strength to start cars and trucks. Walmart carries the EverStart brand and offers it for in-store purchases as well as online.

These batteries are available in several grades, as well as standard sizes and combinations. Do you need an AGM? They have it. Want to get a battery at the lowest price possible? They also have that. The Maxx series of EverStart batteries come in the majority of common group sizes.

But it works best in the Maxx 35 and other sizes that are typically used in vehicles and SUVs. The Maxx 35 series has a three-year full replacement guarantee and has a cold cranking amp rating of 640. If you need a battery in a hurry, you could install one under the hood and leave it.

Because it cost much less than $100, if you’re curious about how much is a new car battery (and understanding how long does a car battery last). Although there is also a one-year warranty included. Most people would opt for an Ever Start battery. It’s difficult to compete with them given the low cost and ease of purchasing them at Walmart.

Additionally, for the vast majority of car owners, the name has done nothing but deliver. Although these batteries may lack some of the premium brands’ bells and whistles, they have shown to be dependable enough for the ordinary commuter.

They also offer a three-year warranty and the choice to upgrade to the Platinum AGM battery. Like every battery, the Ever Start line has received both favorable and unfavorable reviews. Even though their performance is adequate for most, it’s undeniable that other brands are better in extreme conditions.

Best Car Battery Brand #5: Deka Intimidator AGM

Deka is not a new competitor and might be the way to go if you’re looking for the most durable battery available but don’t want to spend a lot of money on top brands. Deka makes its batteries in the USA and they are a little overdone.

Deka’s line is well known for maintaining its CCA ratings long after many others start to lose them. This is because these units are frequently capable of producing a higher CCA rating than is indicated on the side when they are brand-new.

With this approach, if you examine the CCA rating in four or five years, it can correspond to the actual rating.

Here, an Absorbed Glass Mat battery is highly advised since it can handle deep discharge better. It is also more likely to recover completely if it is mistakenly discharged. The Deka Intimidator AGM Deep Cycle Series is specifically what we recommend.

It produces a sizable 800 cold-cranking amps. But with a 105 AH reserve capacity, it should be able to safely run lamps and loud car audio for more than 3 hours with the engine off. The Intimidator Deep Cycle is backed by a two-year complete replacement warranty and is designed to prevent dangerous ultradeep discharges.

Best Car Battery Brand: In Conclusion…

Keep in mind that you should get a replacement automobile battery that is the same size and type as the OEM battery. AGM batteries are now the standard for most modern automobiles. They are able to provide more power for the many onboard electronics common in new vehicles.

The Odyssey Extreme and Optima RedTop AGM batteries are among the best car battery brands. The Odyssey Extreme is a more premium option while the Optima RedTop is a high-performance battery offered at an affordable price.

The DieHard Platinum series, which makes use of stamped-grid technology to increase battery lifespan, may also be worth considering for those searching for a lead-acid battery for older vehicles. When you get behind the wheel, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your car will start.

So, as soon as you determine that the problem is with the battery, order a replacement as quickly as possible. After swapping it you can rest easy knowing that your car will always start no matter how chilly the climate is.

FAQs On Best Car Battery Brand

If you’re curious to learn more about the best car battery brand, our FAQs here might help…

How Much Is A Car Battery

Depending on what you’re looking for, the price of a conventional battery might range from $60 for one with a short lifespan to upwards of $300 for one that offers good performance. Batteries might represent a recurring amount of maintenance when estimating the overall cost of maintaining a car. This is because they have varying life spans and their prices can change.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries

Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. a.k.a. Interstate Batteries is a privately held battery marketing and distribution business in the US. It sells automobile batteries made by Exide Technologies, Brookfield Business Partners, and other manufacturers through independent distributors. The business is based in Dallas, Texas, and it sells batteries for starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) systems as well as other applications.

How To Check Car Battery

Switch off the vehicle’s ignition as well as all power-consuming accessories. Set your multimeter to 20V DC if it is not auto-ranging. Connect the red lead to the positive battery terminal, denoted by a red cover, and the black lead to the negative terminal. Examine the measurement. You might need to charge your battery if the reading is less than 12.4 volts.

Does Costco Sell Car Batteries

Costco is one of the top stores to buy a car battery. In all of its locations, Costco sells the Interstate battery brand. These batteries can be found in the store’s automotive section, typically on the bottom shelves. You’ll need to look elsewhere for a professional to install the batteries for you as Costco doesn’t offer that service.

Who Makes Everstart Batteries

EverStart batteries are produced by Johnson Controls. These are long-lasting, high-quality, and require little maintenance. AGM and lead acid batteries are both available in the EverStart line. EverStart Plus and EverStart Maxx are two of the most well-liked AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery variants. Since 2010, Johnson Controls has been supplying Walmart with these high-quality batteries.

How Long Are Car Batteries Good For

Batteries can last as long as five or six years in some vehicles, while they might last just two years in others. In general, you will need to replace the battery in your car every three to four years. Changing your car’s battery should be considered an additional component of routine maintenance.

What Is CCA In Car Battery

CCA a.k.a Cold Cranking Amps is important for the effective cranking ability of a battery. It is the maximum amount of amps a battery can handle for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit before the battery voltage becomes useless.

What Type Of Battery Is A Car Battery

With six cells, an automotive battery is an example of a wet-cell battery. Each cell of a lead storage battery consists of lead alloy grid plates. The alternate plates come filled with sponge lead (cathode plates) or coated with lead dioxide (anode). A solution of sulfuric acid is contained within each cell which acts as the electrolyte.

How Heavy Are Car Batteries

A car battery typically weighs 25 to 50 pounds. However, this value will change based on a number of variables. For instance, the type of battery, the voltage it has, the fluid level, and the type of vehicle it is in all affect the weight of your car battery.

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