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Best GPS Tracker For Car – A Complete Guide 2021

by Jordan Harris
Best GPS Tracker For Car

Are you looking for a list of the best GPS tracker for car in 2021? You’re in the right place! GPS trackers are fantastic devices when you want to keep track of your child, loved ones, elderly parents, or for any other legitimate cause.

More and more people are electing to install a GPS tracker in their automobiles as technology improves and becomes less expensive. Simply put the tracker, a car GPS tracker will allow you to see where your car is at all times via a companion phone app. And some of the more expensive ones will even alert you if it suspects your vehicle is being broken into.

The following detailed buying guide is intended to answer all of your concerns about GPS trackers for your car and educate you on what to look for and what features are important so that you can be sure to obtain the best device to fit your needs.

What Is A GPS Tracker, And Why Do People Use Them?

A GPS tracker is a device that allows you to track something or someone’s location from afar. The gadget delivers information to GPS satellites, which route it to the device owner’s associated app or phone number.

If you use Google Maps on your phone to navigate, you’re already using the GPS network to track your whereabouts. However, GPS trackers for cars have a few key peculiarities that make them perfect for vehicle tracking, such as:

  • Long battery life or the ability to use a vehicle’s electricity supply;
  • Expendability and inexpensive cost as a standalone device. You won’t be checking your emails or updating your Instagram with your GPS tracker.
  • Specialized tracking software and a stealthy design to assist avoid detection.

Reasons For Its Use

One of the most prevalent reasons for employing these best GPS tracker for car is to protect them against theft. The owner can know exactly where the car ends up if the person who takes it does not detect the gadget and deactivates it.

Installing the best GPS tracker for car could be a good idea if it’s extremely valuable or if you park it in an area where car thieves are known to operate. Parents of novice drivers who want to ensure their teenagers stay safe and don’t get lost on their journeys can use GPS trackers.

Other instances of utilizing the best GPS tracker for car to remotely watch someone you know are typically morally questionable, if not illegal. After stalking his ex-girlfriend by putting a GPS tracker on her car, a man from St Albans was handed a three-month prison sentence in September 2018.

The only circumstances in which utilizing a GPS tracker to follow someone else’s vehicle would be advisable would be tracking a teenage family member with their consent or tracking another family member who wanted to be observed for whatever reason.

Business intelligence is a third reason to use a GPS tracker. Monitoring a corporate vehicle while driving could give crucial route-planning information. Some companies also employ trackers to collect data on their mileage, which they can use to calculate expenditures and submit to HMRC.

The Best GPS Tracker For Car

We’ve outlined some of the best options for you to consider below. Let’s get going.

Best GPS Tracker

1. Family 1st Mini GPS Tracker Device

The Family1st Mini GPS Tracker is a versatile tracker that can track cars, children, motorcycles, and even luggage. A PC, mobile device, or web app can receive up to 5-second updates from the real-time GPS tracker.

A waterproof magnetic enclosure with heavy-duty twin magnets is included with the gadget. This enables you to connect the case to any magnet-friendly surface, such as the hood of a car or truck; however, magnets will not adhere to aluminum.

You can configure the device to send warnings when your vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed, exhibits strange braking behavior, is driven outside of curfew hours, crosses geofencing lines, or runs out of energy. There are several subscription tiers available for this tracker’s service.

2. GPS Tracker By Vyncs

Our next product on the list of best GPS tracker for car is from Vyncs, and it’s a small high-tech device with a variety of unique design features. However, one of the most intriguing aspects of this device is that it is an active GPS tracker that does not require a monthly cost.

This variant does not require a battery because it connects directly to the vehicle’s OBD-II port. Because there is no need to recharge, maintenance is almost non-existent. However, you’ll need some deception to conceal the device, as a car thief may just rip it out.

To connect to your laptop or tablet device, this device uses a 3G mobile data network. That’s why there’s no monthly subscription. But it also means that mobile data outages can cause signal loss and that you can have trouble getting a 100 percent connection in more remote regions.

You do, however, have to pay a one-year activation cost of $10. The unit updates every 180 seconds at that level. If you want closer to real-time updates, expect to pay a little extra, with 15-second updates costing $129 per year.

3. Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki’s battery-powered, small tracker is an excellent way to keep track of your car’s location invisibly. You’ll have to pay a monthly charge to use this device, but once you do, you’ll be able to place it anywhere and get on-demand access to its location via an iOS or Android app.

That software may also be set up to deliver notifications when the tracker leaves a geofence, exceeds a specific speed, or starts moving. The battery life will vary depending on which option you choose from the standard option. It lasts 30 to 75 days if tracked once to three times a day, and can be upgraded to one that gives six times the performance.

4. GPS Tracker Spytec GL300

SpyTecGPS is a well-known brand in the GPS business, and the GL300 is our top pick in the best GPS tracker for car. With a battery life of 2.5 weeks, this GPS tracker provides near-perfect 4G LTE coverage. It’s also small, at 3 inches tall by 0.38 inches thick, so you can easily conceal it in your car.

Any smartphone, tablet, computer, and network provider can use the GL300. This GPS tracker uses satellite technology to provide an unlimited tracking range, so you don’t have to be near it to receive an exact location.

You may preset notification preferences and receive notifications if the tracker departs or arrives at a specific location using your smart device, which is ideal for tracking cars, especially if your child is driving. You can save up to a year’s worth of activity and create reports that summarise the tracker’s data.

This GPS tracker is also somewhat future-proof. The company’s development team uses machine learning and other modern methods to improve tracking accuracy and platform intelligence on a monthly basis.

To use this gadget, you’ll need a data plan, which starts at $24.95 per month. You can discontinue at any time, and there are no cancellation fees.

5. GPS Tracker by MOTOsafety

Another OBD2-powered device that is ideal for parents of teen drivers is the MOTOsafety GPS tracker. It tracks speed, route, and location so you can ensure your children are driving safely while still allowing them the independence they desire.

You may use the mobile app to set up geofencing and curfew warnings, as well as track driving routes and view monthly driving reports. This will allow you to address any potentially harmful driving patterns and reward improvement.

This tracking device costs roughly $20 with a $19.99 monthly subscription. You will not be required to sign a contract or pay a cancellation fee, but you must contact the company to cancel.

One of our favorites is the bundled driver training software, which includes instructional information and practice quizzes to assist your youngster in preparing for their driving test.

The daily driving report card on the mobile app is also helpful, but the stats can be confusing. Because Google Maps’ speed restrictions aren’t always precise, MOTOsafety may report you as speeding when you aren’t.

Average rapid acceleration, such as when merging onto a busy highway, can also be detrimental. Before taking your teen’s car keys away due to a poor MOTOsafety driving report, we recommend taking it for a test drive and verifying the sensitivity.

6. Bouncie GPS Tracker

If your teen is learning to drive for the first time, the Bouncie GPS tracker can provide you with peace of mind while also keeping your children safe. It connects to any OBD2 fuse box outlet, so it doesn’t need a battery to operate. It can also offer diagnostic information to identify engine or vehicle problems before they become significant problems.

The free smartphone app refreshes every 15 seconds for near real-time tracking, including color-coded routes and driving habits. Roadside assistance is also available for battery or fuel concerns, as well as flat tires, allowing your kid to seek aid even if you are unable to reach them.

7. GPS Tracker By Invoxia

The Invoxia is a versatile, user-friendly GPS tracker that can be used to track automobiles, motorcycles, and baggage. It’s a pretty attractive device. Using Invoxia and its smartphone app, we could track a car with ease.

The device conveyed its location at regular intervals, displaying its location on our smartphone screen at street level. On the flip side, when the gadget traveled into more distant places, these updates got less frequent.

Once you’ve gotten within Bluetooth range of the Invoxia, which is about 65 feet, you can use the app’s “Find Me” feature to check how near you are to the gadget. You can get the device to play a tune if you approach really close.

If you ever decide to use the device, we think this is a wonderful technique to track down a stolen car hidden in a garage or find a bag designated as lost stuff.

8. GPS Tracker By Streetwize Accessories

This GPS tracker from Streetwize Accessories is one of the most user-friendly on the market.

This device is powered by a SIM card (not included). The user sends a text message to the SIM and subsequently receives a report on the location of the tracker.

Each report costs the same as a standard text message, which is significantly less expensive than the monthly fees imposed by some of the other trackers on the market.

We found this tracker to be quite user-friendly in the car. We could imagine it being helpful in tracking pets, keeping eyes on sensitive relatives, or keeping track of valuables. The tracker can be powered by its own battery or a car battery. The latter option eliminates the hassle of manually charging the tracker.

GPS Tracker Accessories

9. Amcrest GPS Tracker With 4G LTE

Amcrest’s stylish and tiny GPS tracker is great for keeping track of loved ones and employees, and it’s incredibly simple to use. It’s small enough to fit into backpacks, purses, luggage, and, of course, cars. This unit, which is an improvement from the previous 2G model, uses 4G LTE to provide faster and more reliable tracking and information.

To fully activate the monitoring unit, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription. Still, you may do so without signing a long-term contract or paying expensive activation and cancellation costs.

This GPS tracker provides real-time tracking with up to five-second updates via your favorite web browser or the free Amcrest GPS app on your smartphone. The user-friendly and simple UI makes it a breeze to operate. You may exchange links, track activity, generate custom reports, and manage alarms.

10. GPS Tracker LandAirSea 54

This device, as the company’s name suggests, can provide global location information on virtually any car. It’s another small design that can withstand water and stick to various parts of a car due to the built magnet.

Tracking may also be done in real-time via the SilverCloud app or the web, which can also send text/email warnings when a geofence is broken or when movement begins. The viewer will also be able to see where the tracker has been by playing back the historical data.

But, as with the other options, keep in mind that this device requires a subscription. This GPS tracker contains an AT&T SIM card with unlimited data and access to LandAirSea’s tracking servers, as well as 4G LTE connectivity. The company also offers speedier rates for $24.95 a month for 60-second tracking updates.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing GPS Trackers

Before you go out and buy the best GPS tracker for a car, there are two things you should keep in mind.

Purchasing GPS Trackers

1. Low Cost Is Not A Wise Choice

Keep in mind that a low-cost GPS tracker isn’t always the best option. Although it is unwise to judge a device just on the basis of its price, even if it is inexpensive and you want to buy it, make sure you verify its characteristics.

2. Identify Your Needs

The first and most crucial factor to consider is your needs. Examine why you want to get a GPS tracker. Do you require vehicle tracking? Do you want to retain a record of your pet’s daring adventures?

Or are you concerned about your child’s, parents’, or employees’ health? After you’ve decided why you need a tracker, you may start looking for trackers that have the characteristics you need. Knowing your tastes and requirements can also help you narrow down the large selection of trackers available.

What Characteristics Should A Perfect GPS Tracker Have?

The technology, terms, and features of each GPS tracker are unique. However, before purchasing the best GPS tracker for cars, it is critical to seek specific features. Understanding the various characteristics of a GPS tracker is essential for selecting the right GPS tracker for your needs.

A few features to look for in the best GPS tracker for cars are listed below.

1. Connection To GPS

The capacity to connect with the global positioning system is required for your GPS tracker. Despite the fact that most users have access to 3G, your GPS tracker must offer you much more. However, in comparison to 3G, 4G provides significantly more data transfer and speed.

A few trackers additionally employ LBS and Wi-Fi to provide good coverage and lower costs. In such circumstances, however, a SIM card is required for the tracker to function correctly.

2. Software For Tracking

Several tracking devices include free GPS tracking software that allows you to view where your tracker is at any time and from any location using any free app or web browser. Some trackers also send notifications and SMS to the owner in order to provide reliable, real-time data.

Software for Tracking

3. Portable Vs. Wired

Wired trackers are a little more difficult to remove and provide fewer data. They have a very slim possibility of being discovered. In addition, when you put wired devices in your car, they might consume a lot of power. The most significant disadvantage of wired devices is their lengthy installation time when compared to portable trackers.

4. Geofencing

This is a feature that many GPS trackers include. Geofencing entails telling you about a location’s safety as you drive across the lane. It indicates whether or not the location is restricted or unsafe. The GPS trackers also serve as a safety device with this feature.

5. Status Notifications

In an emergency, speed is a significant consideration. When you raise your speed, any connected or portable tracker will notify you. It sends you shock and tampering messages, alerting you to potential accidents or crises and allowing you to maintain control of your speed.

6. The Durability Of The Battery

Nobody wants to buy a tracker that dies all the time. While wired trackers can be powered, the battery issue is essential when choosing a portable GPS tracker.

7. Preventing Theft

In the event that your vehicle is stolen or your loved ones are in danger, you must act quickly. Because you can readily track where your asset is situated if you have a connected GPS, you can work with local authorities to resolve this issue.

8. Personal Security System

GPS trackers are also utilized to maintain tabs on loved ones, elderly parents, children, and employees. If your tracker clicks the SOS button in a crisis, you will be contacted immediately. This serves as a personal alert button, ensuring your safety.

You can compare all of the Best GPS trackers for cars now that you know what features to seek in an excellent GPS tracker.

Car GPS Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do GPS Trackers In Cars Work?

Ans: Trackers that use the Global Positioning System (GPS) rely on a network of satellites to show their location. For example, if you have a car GPS tracker and use the companion app to find out where your car is, the app will calculate its location based on its distance from three GPS satellites to provide you with an accurate report.

2. What Is The Use Of A GPS Tracker In A Car?

Ans: Best GPS trackers for cars are installed for a variety of purposes.

  • They allow you to know where your car is at all times, giving you peace of mind when leaving it in a crowded city center.
  • If the worst happens and it is stolen, you will be able to track it down while reporting the crime to the police.
  • Large fleets of vehicles can benefit from GPS trackers, which allow owners to keep track of where their drivers are at all times, as well as mileage and fuel expenses.
  • Many parents also choose to place the best GPS tracker for cars so that they can ensure that their children are not driving too far away from home and that they are going where they claim they are going.

3. How Do You Place A GPS Car Tracker In Your Car?

Ans: This varies with every tracker, but the most are either battery-powered or connect directly to your car’s battery. A battery-powered GPS tracker has the advantage of being more discreet and being able to be attached to almost any object. They may, however, run out of battery power and require recharging, leaving them unusable if not recharged regularly.

In contrast, GPS trackers that are permanently attached to your car will remain on at all times, but they will drain your battery if the car is turned off for an extended amount of time.

4. Is It Better To Use A Wired GPS Tracker Or A Portable GPS Tracker?

Ans: Your choice of the tracker will be determined by how you intend to utilize it. Wired trackers have more advanced functions, such as the ability to cut off a vehicle’s power supply remotely. They’re difficult to get rid of, and they might not be as easy to spot as portable trackers. However, they are only ideal for autos, and installation can be time-consuming.

Portable GPS trackers are powered by an internal battery and can be attached to anything from a pet’s collar to cargo containers or boats. These are highly adaptable and may be moved around or entirely removed with relative ease.

Car GPS Tracker Facts:

  • Car GPS trackers are useful for parents of teen drivers or caretakers of senior parents, allowing discreet tracking of location, driving habits, and emergencies.
  • Most GPS tracker units have a compact design that can be placed in a seat or door pocket, glove box, center console, or have a magnetic mount for exterior placement.
  • The Spytec STI GL300MA GPS Tracker is the best overall GPS tracker with an excellent battery, email and text notifications, and magnetic placement options.
  • The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is the best waterproof GPS tracker with excellent battery life, a SIM card included, and the use of Google Maps.
  • The Bouncie GPS Tracker is the best GPS tracker for parents, as it requires no battery, provides diagnostic info, and includes roadside assistance.
  • The MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker is the best GPS tracker for new drivers with monthly report cards and a driving coach program.
  • The Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker is the best-hidden GPS tracker with a long battery life, magnetic mount, and an SOS feature.
  • The Vyncs Link GPS Tracker is the best GPS tracker for mapping with international use, no battery required, and OBD2 or 12V power.
  • The PrimeTracking PTGL300MA is the best GPS tracker for seniors with international use, a SIM card included, and a long battery life.
  • The Logistimatics Mobile-200 is the best GPS tracker for audio monitoring with live audio monitoring, a long battery life, and a SIM card included.
  • The Americaloc GL300 is the best splurge GPS tracker with international use, 1 year tracking history, and multiple battery nodes.
  • GPS trackers can be installed nearly anywhere on a car, and prices can range from $25 to over $100, with additional monthly fees for cloud storage of GPS data.
  • When choosing a GPS tracker, it’s important to consider factors such as price, special features, and power source (battery or plugged in).

Final Verdict:

It doesn’t matter why you want to get a tracking device. However, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind before purchasing it. If you want to utilize a car GPS gadget to assure your safety, you can install one in your vehicle.

You may also keep track of your loved ones and close ones using any of the top tracking gadgets listed above for safety and well-being concerns. We’ve reached the conclusion of this article, which included the best GPS tracker for cars on the market. As a result, if you’re looking for one, we hope this list will help you limit your options.

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