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Car Cover For Snow: The Best Ones To Keep The Frost Away

by Jordan Harris
Car Cover For Snow

If your car has ever been damaged by ice, hail, or snow, protecting it from the harsh weather takes top place on the priority list. Your car is too precious to be exposed to these potentially damaging factors. It is especially important if you do not have access to a carport, garage, or similar protective zones. Environmental damage can be more harmful to your vehicle than collisions and crashes. Get a car cover for snow to protect it from the harsh winter.

The solution is to get a car cover designed to safeguard your vehicle in all weather conditions. The finest car cover for snow, ice, and hail does not dent or damage the car paint but can withstand the most severe of storms.

You have to do a little research to find the best car cover for your vehicle. As there are numerous options to choose from, some are not worth your money. However, after conducting a lot of market research we have put together a list of the best available car cover for snow as well as a guide to buying them.

Why Use A Car Cover

The UV rays become too powerful throughout the summer, and we know how damaging this is to the paint. Dust particles and leaves are everywhere during fall and spring. Temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, and there is a lot of snow. All these factors combine to harm the paint job.

Car Cover For Snow

Thus, a car cover offers an added layer of protection. An automobile parked outside is vulnerable to a variety of damages throughout the year. A car cover takes care of that.

Car coverings are also required for garaged automobiles. Although the vehicle is protected from general weather, it still collects dust. An indoor automobile cover protects against dust.

Car Cover For Snow Reviews

To give you the best choices within the market, we made sure to look at the features of each product. All these car covers do a stellar job at protecting your vehicle from various weather conditions, provide a good fit, and have satisfactory value.

1. Autsop Car Cover

The Autsop Car Cover has six layers to it and will be a great guard against rain, ice, snow, dust, hail, and the sun. This car cover is available in 13 different sizes. Customers and reviewers alike have agreed that this car cover for snow is one of the best on the market.

The layers protect against harmful rays of the sun and it is 100% waterproof. It is quick thick and can tolerate heavy hail scenarios. Regardless of what the elements throw your way, this cover can take care of everything.

One of the potential cons is the material’s heavyweight. Especially after snow, car owners might find it difficult to get the cover off. There is also a zipper on the driver’s end for easy installation and removal. The bright stripes on the side and front of the cover reduce the risk of collisions.


  • All-season car protection
  • 13 different sizes are available
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-flammable fabric


  • Heavy material

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2. CoverMaster Gold Shield Car Cover

If you do not have any monetary restraints and are looking for a premium product, the CoverMaster Gold Shield is best for you. With outstanding features and a heavy price tag, this premium pick offers five thick layers of protection and a watertight fit.

The CoverMaster’s inner layer is made up of soft fleece that protects your vehicle’s paint. The middle layer offers balanced air circulation inside the cover and prevents oxidation. We love how CoverMaster also allows car owners to get a custom fit for their vehicles.

A flexible and versatile sizing option like this one allows car owners to have a more precise fit for their vehicles.

It’s rare to find warranties on car covers but CoverMaster is providing a lifetime warranty on these; that’s how much faith they have in these car covers!


  • A microporous film that resists oxidation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Custom-fit
  • Protects car well


  • Pricey

Purchase Link: Check Here

3. ELUTO Car Cover

Are you looking to buy a great car cover on a budget? Then the ELUTO car cover is our amazing budget-friendly car cover for snow. This cover is made for sedans and is available in a variety of sizes. Mildew and mold will be out of the scene for good once you start using the cover. The size range is from 173” to 210”.

The ELUTO car cover allows the vehicle to remain dry and protects its true sheen and color. A big advantage of this product is that it is completely dustproof and windproof. Furthermore, you can use it to protect your vehicle when storing it for a long time.

Like many other car covers, this ELUTO one features fluorescent strips. Thanks to the high-density polyester fabric construction, a cover like this will last you for many years.

will last for years to come.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great value option
  • Four reflective strips give a hazard warning
  • Efficiently guards your vehicle against damage and decay


  • Thin material
  • May raise quality concerns

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4. Favoto SUV Car Cover

Car covers do not get any better than the Favoto SUV Car Cover. This cover protects from all kinds of weather concerns. Apart from being waterproof, the design can accommodate a range of SUVs.

What we love the most about this cover is its five-layer construction which helps it protect the vehicle from extreme weather situations and fading. In addition, the driver’s end has zippers that make it easier to install and remove the product.

Car Cover For Snow

With the elasticized trims the covers stay snug against your car’s frame. Also, there are short ties to hold the cover in place. Many people fear that a harsh cover will damage their vehicle’s paint. But, we did not find such problems with this cover.

The manufacturer also includes a storage bag with a cover. You can store the product when you are not using it in your car. Night reflectors make it easy for others to spot the car in the pitch darkness of the night and help reduce the risk of collisions.


  • Perfect for heavy-duty use
  • Has night reflection strips
  • Tearproof multi-layered fabric
  • Easy-entry design


  • Short tie straps

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5. OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

Seven layers of protection offered by the OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover make it one of the heaviest car covers out there. Granted, it is on the pricier side but considers this a worthy investment. Currently, you can get this cover in four different sizes. Cars up to 216” in length can fit inside their XXL covers.

Whether you drive an SUV or a sedan, we are sure that there is one cover that will fit your vehicle from the OxGord lineup.

This cover features 3 layers of polypropylene material with reinforced grommets. There is a tie-down too to deliver a better user experience.

Despite the hefty price point, the cover does not use a thick material but appears thick. The material did make us doubt its protection level and longevity.

OxGord also makes a windshield cover for snow so make sure to check that out! A windshield cover plus a car cover is all-around protection for your vehicle.


  • Protects cars from a range of weather conditions
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Built-in grommets for added protection and safety
  • 100% waterproof


  • Quite expensive
  • Perhaps not for heavy-duty usage

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6. BLIIFUU Car Cover

With dimensions of 190” x 75” x 72”, the BLIIFUU Car Cover is a great choice for SUV owners. As the cover is windproof, dustproof, and waterproof, it is going to protect your car in all seasons. Know that this car cover also provides UV protection.

The cover’s material is resistant to weather damage and scraping, thanks to its 190T polyester construction which also adds to its service life. It is robust and thicker than the average cover but you do not miss out on softness. Moreover, the cover is tear-resistant.

Apart from being helpful in winters, the BLIIFUU car cover’s temperature-resistant silver resistance handles the summer heat excellently. The manufacturer has added elastic strips and hems to prevent the car cover from slipping off.

Six fluorescent strips are featured on the cover. They help with safety concerns and make your car stand out in low light. While efficient, these strips are not the most durable.



  • Poor quality of strap-reflector

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7. Budge Lite Car Cover

Perhaps one of the most popular and affordable options on the market, the Budge B-2 is great for those who want protection on a budget. The product offers single-layer protection from dust and debris. As it is quite lightweight, it can easily be managed by one person. You do not need a helper to install or remove the cover.

The manufacturer claims that the cover works for both indoor and outdoor use. Breathability is ensured by polypropylene construction. Note: The breathable fabric does not promote mold or mildew growth.

One of the better parts of this car cover is that there are plenty of sizing options available. It can fit vehicles from 157” to 264” long. SUV-owners will not be displeased with the cover as it can also fit cars between 162” to 228” in length. Customers will also get an antenna patch with the cover as well as a storage bag. However, we are doubtful of the cover’s durability.


  • Comes with a storage bag and antenna pouch
  • Two-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Entry-level car cover


  • It may be too light

Purchase Link: Check Here

Car Cover Buying Guide

The best car cover for snow and ice will serve a variety of purposes, all of which are associated with protecting your car from environmental damage. Before jumping on to the first product that seems effective and affordable, take a moment to consider the few primary points mentioned below.

Car Cover For Snow

Types Of Car Covers

Car covers are available in a wide array of styles that influence the kind of fit they give.

  • Large enough to sit on top of a range of vehicles, generic fit covers are best for standard coverage and will not work fine in the wind and heavy storms. They are also not the best choice for small cars and motorcycles as they will be too big.
  • Perhaps the safest call is custom-fit covers because they allow you to make a cover specifically for your car, make, model, and all. Experts claim that a tight fit will hold onto the curves of the vehicle properly with no exposed areas or overhang to provide the best protection from the weather.
  • Portable car covers are lightweight and meant to be taken on the go. As they are light, they may not provide the most protection from harsh elements, such as ice or hail. Covers of this kind usually work well for sun, water, and dust protection.
  • As the name suggests, inflatable car covers blow up to accommodate the car. While these car covers can provide amazing coverage, they require a consistent flow of electricity and air to set up. This kind of car cover cannot be used away from a garage (unless there are numerous power sources in it).
  • Umbrella car covers protect the car like an umbrella would protect you. They are generally made from durable fabric and provide superb protection against the wind. The con is they do not cover the whole vehicle, so only basic protection is given.


Generally, car covers are made from heavy materials and feature certain specifications that help them resist impact and water. The exterior fabrics might also be UV protective so that cover does not break down when exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. The exterior materials also have waterproofing (usually).

The soft fleece is used as the inner fabric for these covers. This protects the vehicle’s paint from unwanted scratches. The inner material might also have distinct characteristics that help the car breathe and prevent moisture accumulation.

Can A Car Cover Damage Your Paint?

Unfortunately, even a car cover can do your vehicle harm by damaging the paint. But it depends significantly on how you use the cover and how precisely you follow the installation instructions. The primary reason behind the scratches is placing the cover on a grimy vehicle.

The surface contaminants and dust particles on your car will scratch off the paint if anything is laid on top of them. This is why you must always wash your car before putting the cover on it. If storing for a prolonged period, we also recommend detailing (including ceramic or wax coating).

Moreover, scratches can occur if there are grommets on the cover. You have to maintain caution while installing them and ensure that they don’t rub against the car. Another culprit is the wind. If this element whips around the cover, it can scratch the vehicle. And think of it like this: if wind can get under your car cover, dust easily can, causing more damage. You can stop this by adding wind protector straps.

Also, if the integrity of your vehicle is compromised by moisture sneaking inside the car cover, this can damage the paint too. It might not scrape it, but it can cause peeling and fading (learn how to fix faded color here).

Can You Put A Car Cover On A Wet Car?

Always allow your vehicle to dry entirely before putting the car cover on to avoid damaging the automobile with excess moisture. Moreover, it could help mold formation in the cover.

Can You Wash A Car Cover?

Manufacturers always mention instructions with the car cover package – make sure to give them a good read and abide by them. However, you can wash most car covers. Do not wash them too rigorously as it can decrease the effectiveness of the product and soften the material too much.

Can You Wash Car Antennas?

For the most part, car covers do not have a specific hole to find the antenna. The best thing to do here is to retract or remove the antenna. But, most covers come with tools you can use to make a hole for the antenna if you need the antenna at all times.

Follow the instructions to the tee to make sure you do not do damage to the cover or reduce its effectiveness.

How To Prevent Damage From Winter Car Cover

Winter automobile frost care leak

Many people argue that covers should be ditched in the winter as they can do more damage than good. You can certainly do that, but only if you do not know how to use the cover properly. There’s nothing to be worried about as long as the car cover is high-quality and fits your vehicle.

To avoid damaging your vehicle from its cover, follow these instructions:

1. Get A Custom-Fit Car Cover

Your tie straps can be the strongest in the market but they stand no chance to the forces of nature and will blow away from the wind. Snow can get on everywhere if the car cover doesn’t fit well. Get a custom-fit cover that sits nicely on the car and make sure everything is covered tightly – including the antenna patches.

2. Get A Car Cover For Snow

The cover has to be able to provide snow protection. This means the car cover has to be waterproof and should not allow the vehicle to freeze.

3. Protection From Excess Moisture

If there is moisture trapped inside the car cover, the vehicle will freeze. Get a cover made with breathable fabric. However, it must also be snow- and rain-resistant.

4. Tight Tie Straps

You do not want the wind to shift the cover – it will scrape the paint off its body. Also, loose tie straps may allow snow to get inside the cover.

5. Clean Your Vehicle And Car Cover Regularly

Remove snow from on top of the car cover. Do not allow it to sit like that for prolonged periods.

How To Protect Your Car During Winter

Store Inside

We know that not everyone can store their vehicle but if you can, we highly recommend you do it. If you are parking the car outside, make sure it is not close to snowplows.

Get A Car Cover

You need a car cover; that’s all! Whether you are storing your vehicle inside or outside, the cover will protect it from environmental elements. Wash your car often to wash off road salt, and do it when the weather is a bit warm and there is no snow.

Add A Wax Coat

A wax coat goes a long way in providing added protection to any car.

Car Cover Facts: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Vehicle

  1. The exterior of your car needs protection from environmental elements like snow, rain, sun, and hail to prevent damage over time.
  2. A car cover made of durable material acts as a barrier against harsh elements and can help maintain the value of your vehicle.
  3. Platinum Shield Car Cover is a high-quality option with a polyurethane coating and breathable fabric that’s resistant to UV rays and moisture.
  4. Budget Lite Car Cover is a lightweight and affordable option for indoor storage that protects against dust, paint, and dirt, but not water.
  5. Hail Protector CAR2 is an inflatable cover that protects against hail and comes with a remote control and an app for storm alerts.
  6. Ezyshade Weatherproof Car Cover is a 10-layer cover that’s suitable for snow, has security straps, and a zipper for door access.
  7. Kayme Car Cover is made of six layers of reflective aluminum to keep your car cool in the summer, and the interior has thick, soft cotton to protect the car’s finish.
  8. Bell+Howell Car Cover is a universal fit windshield cover that protects against ice, snow, and sun with anti-theft tabs and strong magnets.
  9. Favoto Car Cover is windproof with a reflective strip and a soft cotton interior, but has limited color selection and tends to run small.
  10. Consider access to your car, environmental concerns, and a tight fit when choosing a car cover. Choose a cover made of breathable fabric, and make sure it can handle the type of precipitation that occurs most frequently where you live.


The best car cover for snow will protect your vehicle at all times. These covers significantly help decrease repair costs and insurance claims. In our list of best car covers, there will be at least one cover that matches your requirements. If not, don’t worry! Refer to the buying guide given above and pick the best car cover for yourself.

Hopefully, with all this information, you are ready to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some popular FAQs:

What Is The Best Car Cover For Snow

The best car cover for snow is the CoverMaster Gold Shield Car Cover.

Will A Car Cover Freeze To My Car

A cover can freeze to your vehicle if it was made for the winter. An outdoor cover with rain and snow protection will not freeze nor stick to a car.

Does A Car Cover Do More Harm Than Good

Technically, no. Sized and used properly, car covers are one of the best ways to protect your car from the weather. A high-quality, well-maintained cover provides multiple layers of protection and will safeguard the vehicle from all sorts of weather damage.

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