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Dodge Power Wagon – The Might Of The RAM 2500

by Jordan Harris
Dodge Power Wagon

Heavy-duty vehicles require significant effort and durability. These big pickups must resist the challenges of a job site over years of operation. Comfort and technology are usually excluded from the discussion. The Dodge Power Wagon 2500, on the other hand, is a special case. The current generation of the Dodge Power Wagon 2500 has set new milestones for the class in terms of ride smoothness, interior elegance, and touchscreen size since its debut in 2019.

Advanced driver assistance systems are available to increase road safety. Based on its innovative coil-spring suspension and powerful engine lineup, the Dodge Power Wagon 2500 is the top-rated pick for heavy-duty trucks. The truck will see minor changes for the 2021 model year, as it is still relatively new on the market. That’s great news.

The Dodge Power Wagon 2500 has an upscale cabin that rivals its competition, and its maximum towing and payload capacity are impressive throughout its several trims and combinations. This is a truck designed for work, but it doesn’t force you to suffer as a result of it. Continue reading to learn more about the Dodge Power Wagon.

Dodge Power Wagon Was The First Factory 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

A WWII military vehicle preceded the Power Wagon. The US Army needed innovative means to transport troops off-road as it fought its way through Pacific islands and deteriorating European roadways. The Jeep was invented by Willys.

Dodge was the first to introduce a 4×4 platform. For the Allies, Dodge produced approximately a quarter-million 3/4-ton of their trucks. A Jeep-like “Command Car,” ambulances, and a heavy-duty 666 were among the company’s concepts.

The tough Dodge pickups were popular among the troops. Following the war, the business decided to produce a civilian version to attract some veterans. Dodge really combined components designed for consumer automobiles. The 1946 “WDX” truck featured only a new 8-foot high-sided bed.

The new Dodge WDX was the world’s first mass-produced 4×4 for civilians. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most significant pickup trucks in history. Dodge’s marketing staff gave the WDX project the Power Wagon moniker: the 1946 truck was officially known as the Dodge Power Wagon WDX. The moniker Power Wagon still refers to off-road performance.

The Dodge Power Wagon won the admiration of all Americans. The recognizable vehicle was purchased by many veterans returning to the trades. Even farm labor was possible at low speeds and power take-off (PTO). The Dodge Power Wagon grew in popularity among fleets over time. Power Wagons were purchased in large numbers by municipalities and utility corporations. Snow plows and wrecker bodies were added to American Dodges.

Generation Of Dodge Power Wagon 2500

Dodge revamped the Power Wagon for the 1957 model year. The competent 4WD pickup was introduced with the same sheet metal as the company’s 2WD vehicles. Power Wagons with a “civilian look” were available in half-ton and three-quarter-ton capacities. Dodge introduced the Ram pickup truck model in 1980. The 4WD models have a Power Ram badge as a nod to the Power Wagon. The Power Wagon moniker was revived by Dodge in 2005 for their most capable off-road trucks.

First Generation From 1981 To 1993

The Dodge Ram pickup’s initial version, known as the Dodge D-Series, was introduced in 1972 and offered four different cabs in two- and four-wheel drive. The Ram received a minor facelift in 1986 when it received its signature crosshair grille.


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Second Generation From 1994 To 2002

With a prominent vertical grille and hood positioned above the front fenders, the Dodge Ram pickup was given a striking makeover, resembling a large rig. With this new design, sales increased dramatically.

Third Generation From 2002 To 2008

A new structure, suspension, interiors, sheet metal, and powertrains were part of the Dodge Ram 1500’s major overhaul. For the first time, rack and pinion steering were available. The revamp increased sales once more.

Fourth Generation From 2009 To 2018

What is now known as the 2019 Ram Classic is based on the 2009 model year makeover. In 2011, the Dodge moniker was discontinued, and all Ram trucks for 2012 were branded as Ram. This model features the Rambox storage system, a new four-door cab type, upgraded suspension, and the much-hyped Hemi engine.

Fifth Generation From 2019 To Present

For the 2019 model year, Ram unveiled its fifth-generation lineup, which includes 1500, 2500, and 3500 models. The 2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon comes equipped with a locking differential and a winch. Dodge chose to develop a vintage vehicle when the retro Ford Mustang first came out and they were working on the four-door Charger.

The Dodge Power Wagon Ram 2500 was the end outcome. The name has been synonymous with off-roading prowess for the previous sixteen years. A factory-installed bumper-mounted winch is one of the characteristics of this Ram truck. The Ram Power Wagon is also one of the few cars with both front and rear differential locks.

Ram installed the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 in every Power Wagon in 2014. Ram combined this engine with 8-speed automatic transmission in 2019 and subsequent Power Wagons. In 2021, Ram released a special edition truck to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Power Wagon.

Dodge Power Wagon 2022

The Dodge Power Wagon 2022 is one of the most capable off-road production trucks. A crew cab and a 6’4′′ bed are standard on every new Power Wagon. The price range begins at $57,390. The new Ram Dodge Power Wagon is more than ever meant to be an off-road specialist, not a towing and hauling vehicle.

The 2022 model has fine-tuned suspension, an automatic sway bar disconnect, and electrically locking differentials, although the payload and towing capacity (about 1,500 lb and 10,000 lb, respectively) are lesser than other heavy-duty trucks.

It is powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine, producing 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. All Ram 2500 Power Wagons have been equipped with ZF 8-speed transmissions since 2019. The 2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon is only available in a crew cab with a 6’4′′ bed, as it has been in previous model years, but it is the best-looking version ever.

The Power Wagon boasts light steering and a better ride than some mid-size pickups. While the size may be too large for some city dwellers, Hardy claims that being so high gives the driver a “master of the roads” feeling.

Design Of The 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

Following a recent facelift, the three-quarter-ton Ram 2500 returns with no notable changes throughout the range. The appearance and interior design of the off-road-ready 2021 Ram Dodge Power Wagon remain unchanged. A new 75th Anniversary special edition version has been announced, which includes some unique aesthetic and interior upgrades as well as extra premium amenities.

The Dodge Power Wagon features a more rough appearance than standard variants, indicating its off-road prowess. The vehicle has a Rebel-style grille and front bumper, as well as a factory-installed 12 000-pound winch. The package also includes knobby DuraTrac all-terrain tires wrapped around 17-inch aluminum wheels. Additional underbody protection, distinctive designs, and color patterns, among other features, are included in the model.

The new special edition version includes unique 17-inch bead-lock wheels, Mopar rock rails, a custom grille insert, and other features. On the model’s front fascia, there are additional dark-colored headlights. The new truck model also includes decals on the doors and tailgate, as well as emblems on the C-pillar. The color selections Anvil and Go Mango Orange are likewise limited to this special edition version.

Equipment And Interior Of 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

The 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon cabin shares many design aspects with the light-duty Ram while also adding a few distinctive touches. The 2021 Ram Dodge Power Wagon 75th Anniversary Edition interior is finished in Mountain Brown leather. The commemorative “Power Wagon 75” logo is imprinted on the bucket seats.

Gloss black instrument panel inlays, center console, dashboard logos, and a dark brushed aluminum radio surround with piano black Silverline details are other notable features. Ram’s interior is a class leader in terms of design, and it, like its competitors, can be customized to significant luxury levels.

Despite this, the 40.9-inch front legroom falls short of Chevrolet’s (43.9) and Ford’s (44.5). While those two give 43.6 and 43.4 inches of rear-seat legroom in the crew cab, Ram offers only 40.2 inches in the crew cab but 43.1 inches in the Mega Cab.

However, while the Mega Cab adds only a few inches to rear legroom over the crew, the majority of the extra 11.1 inches of overall cab length goes behind the back seat, where there are nearly 6 cubic feet of space.

Trim And Upholstery Of The 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

The model comes standard with durable vinyl upholstery and black and graphite inlays. An 8.4-inch touchscreen and a customized instrument cluster with a model-specific smoked appearance are also standard on the Dodge Power Wagon. A 12.0-inch touchscreen, leather upholstery, 360-degree cameras, heated front and back seats, heated steering wheel, premium sound system, and more are available to buyers willing to pay more.

Longhorn diamond black leather upholstery is used for the new special edition model. The front seats are also stamped with a model-specific 75th Anniversary emblem. Inside the interior, there is a dark brushed aluminum finish with gloss black accents. Only far more expensive premium systems from Mercedes and Audi can match Ram’s top-end 12.3-inch touchscreen.

The screen is sharp and clear, with an easy-to-follow organizational structure. The 8.4-inch touchscreen, on the other hand, is more affordable. Both provide quick access to your linked smartphone as well as effective voice commands.

The smartphone connectivity with Apple CarPlay (if you know how to turn CarPlay off) and Android Auto works flawlessly, and there are plenty of USB ports. A fantastic 17-speaker premium stereo is available for those willing to invest more for better sound. Adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring are two examples of effective and non-intrusive driver assistance.

Performance Of The 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

The only reason to consider a heavy-duty truck is for heavy-duty hauling, and the 2022 Ram 2500 is up to the challenge. It comes with massive gas or diesel engines that are designed to haul a lot of stuff, whether in the bed or on a trailer. The Ram 2500 earns bonus points for its engine lineup and exceptional competency after starting with a low score.

A 6.4-liter V-8 gas engine with 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque comes standard on every Ram heavy-duty truck. An 8-speed automatic transmission operates the rear wheels or all four axles. It’s the payload champion in a dual-rear-wheel, regular-cab Ram 3500 with rear-wheel drive, with a bed capacity of approximately 7,680 pounds.

It’s a pleasant user who allegedly makes fuel-saving concessions through cylinder deactivation technology, which can reduce the number of cylinders used in certain conditions by half.

A Cummins 6.7-liter turbo diesel inline-6, available in two outputs, is the next step up. Both engines are mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission with fewer forward speeds than Ford and GM rivals but are nonetheless capable. The engine’s original version produces 370 horsepower and 850 pound-feet of torque, while the enhanced version increases to 400 and 1,000, respectively.

In dual-rear-wheel, regular-cab Ram 3500 configuration with rear-wheel drive, it can tow a trailer that weighs up to 35,100 pounds. Because different configurations have varying restrictions, it’s best to double-check your math before looking for the proper pickup.

Ram 2500 pickups have softer coil springs for a better ride, whereas Ram 3500 pickups have leaf springs. Air suspension is an option that can assist level the load in the back, making hauling easier. The Ram Dodge Power Wagon features 33-inch tires with thicker sidewalls and stiffer Bilstein shocks, making it more suited for off-roading than hauling.

Comfort & Quality Of 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

Indulgent refers to anything that is too large. The 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon will be bigger than anything else in the neighborhood. Whether or not this is beneficial depends on your priorities.

Starting with an average score, the Ram heavy-duty trucks earn a point for their load capacity (almost unlimited) and comfort in crew-cab models, which are more popular with shoppers. The front and back seats are roomy, but most passengers find it difficult to get into them. The comfort rating is a 7.

We’ll give you a quick rundown of what’s possible. The Ram 2500 is available in normal, crew cab, and giant crew cab versions, much like the previous year. Regular-cab trucks are primarily used for work and come in more basic trim levels (as with what does SE mean on a car).

Crew cabs are popular full-size four-door versions with 6-foot-4 or 8-foot beds that can span more than 260 inches from bumper to bumper. Longer crew cab pickups are only available with 6-foot-4 beds and should be considered long-haul trucks.

Crew-cab variants provide more than 40 inches of back seat legroom. Mega cabs have three additional inches and can comfortably seat up to five persons. Ram’s heavy-duty trucks and light-duty pickups have the same cabs, which is positive.

All of the interior materials are particularly comfy, and there is more interior storage. The Ram 2500 is notably quiet on a long-distance incline, where the large truck settles and relaxes on the highway. The top trim levels include soft hides and a large 12.0-inch touchscreen.

Release And Price Of 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

The off-road-capable 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon is expected to arrive later this year. Buyers looking for a heavy-duty truck with real off-road capability should budget $55,000 for the base model. The price will easily exceed $60 000 with some of the available features added.

Storage And Towing Capability Of 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

When fitted with the diesel, the Ram ties the Ford F-250 for a maximum towing rating of 20,000 pounds, which is one of the main uses of such trucks. Gas-powered Ram 2500s can tow up to 17,220 pounds… GM’s trucks can tow up to 18,500 pounds and come with a diesel engine as an option.

Engine, driveline, load, and axle ratio all affect towing and payload capability and the highest-rated vehicles aren’t usually the most popular choices. The most popular configuration, the standard bed Ram 2500 crew cab, is one of the 20,000-pound rated vehicles in this case. Towing and carrying capacity is tremendous, as you’d expect from a vehicle like the Ram 2500.

The available rear air suspension’s characteristic kneeling feature makes loading and trailer hookups a breeze. Even when compared to the admittedly strong competition, Ram’s maximal payload and towing capacities are excellent.

The center console storage bin on the Ram 2500 is enormous, and the back part of the cab provides plenty of room for cargo. The ultra-wide back seat can comfortably fit three child seats, and the seat anchors are conveniently accessible if you’re carrying children.

The Experience Of Driving Of 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

Driving a Dodge Power Wagon is a thrilling experience. It’s a monster off-road, capable of ascending steep rocks, blasting through dunes, jumping when necessary, and crawling when necessary. On the road, it’s a very different beast and surprisingly courteous.

The first is the Goodyear DuraTrac off-road tires on 17-inch wheels, which are suitable for many kinds of terrain but have a tread pattern that doesn’t make them too loud on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

Highway driving is surprisingly peaceful, and the Power Wagon’s sheer size, combined with the superior cabin insulation and quieter tires, gives the sensation that you’re going much slower than you actually are.

Thanks to the Power Wagon’s exceptional refinement, it’s possible to cruise around at super-legal highway speeds without ever realizing it, which sets it apart from rivals like the new 2020 Ford F-250 Tremor.

The Ram 2500 accelerates, handles, and stops admirably for a truck of this size. In addition, acceleration to top speed is modest but perfectly enough. At the Edmunds test track, the 4WD test truck took 8.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, which is great for the consumer. A simulated-panic stop from 60 mph took 140 feet, which is also the typical distance for a heavy-duty vehicle.

The steering is light and responsive in turns, but the handling is limited. If you ignore the size of 2500, it’s actually quite drivable in town. Off-road capability is provided by the optional Power Wagon variant, which most other heavy-duty trucks lack.

Safety Of 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

Crash-testing a heavy-duty Ram truck is too risky for federal and independent testers. All Ram 2500 models include the majority of active safety features at a cost. All trucks come with automatic emergency braking, active lane control, and a surround-view camera system as options. We believe that all three are not just necessary but also mandatory.

Blind-spot monitors are the only standard feature, and they’re only available on the most expensive Limited pickups. The NHTSA gives the Dodge Power Wagon Ram 2500 four out of five stars in crash tests, one less than the Ford F-250.

Meanwhile, Ford and Nissan all offer a number of active-safety systems as standard, while Ram offers none. Adaptive cruise control with stopping capabilities, lane keep assistance, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision alerts with automated emergency braking, and automatic high beams are all available as optional equipment on most models, with packs ranging from $1,670 to $4,085 depending on the model.

Fuel Economy Of 2022 Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon

The EPA does not rank heavy-duty pickups for gas mileage, including the Ram 2500 in 2021. However, that’s a tragedy because families increasingly turn to large pickup trucks for detail. The Ram 2500 Dodge Power Wagon isn’t extremely fuel-efficient, which is no surprise given its size and big engines.

It’s not uncommon for combined mileage to be in the low teens, and it may be even lower with towing. As a result, if you’re towing more than 12,000 pounds isn’t a regular occurrence, the Ram 1500 is a more fuel-efficient alternative.

Dodge Power Wagon – Facts:

  1. The Dodge Power Wagon was the first mass-production 4×4 pickup truck in America, introduced in 1945 after WWII.
  2. The Power Wagon was based on the Dodge 3/4 ton WC truck, which was made for the military during WWII.
  3. The Dodge Power Wagon was built using a simple, durable, and affordable body-on-frame construction method.
  4. The Power Wagon featured a strong inline-six engine, a four-speed manual transmission, and a two-speed transfer case.
  5. Dodge marketed the Power Wagon for agricultural applications, recognizing that its ruggedness and reliability would appeal to farmers.
  6. The civilian version of the WC truck had a fully enclosed cab, manual windows, improved seats, and a red and black paint scheme.
  7. The prices of Dodge Power Wagons can vary, but they are generally considered collectible and can easily run over $50,000, with earlier models being more expensive.
  8. The Dodge Power Wagon that was produced in 1951 has an estimated value of $75,000-$85,000.
  9. The truck has a correct 230 cubic inch flathead inline-six gasoline engine, a two-speed transfer case, and a four-speed manual transmission, making it an excellent off-roader.
  10. The Dodge Power Wagon’s historical significance in the war effort, combined with being the first mass-production 4×4 pickup truck in America, makes it the most important pickup truck in America.

Final Verdict:

With amazing controls and high-quality materials that feel worthy of the price tag, Ram is definitely leading the way. Therefore, all of the outside body panels, as well as optional extras like the bed cover, are well-made. The warranty coverage for the Dodge Power Wagon Ram 2500 is comparable to that of its key competitors. These include Chevrolet and Ford.

Pricing is completely up to you in this class. A Ram 2500, like a heavy-duty Ford or Chevy, can easily top $70,000. You should be alright if you don’t get carried away with the options list. Tradesman, Big Horn, Lone Star, Laramie, Limited Longhorn, Limited, and the off-road-specific Dodge Power Wagon are the seven trim levels available for the Ram 2500.

A 6.4-liter V8 (410 horsepower, 429 lb-ft torque) is standard, while a 6.7-liter turbo diesel six-cylinder (370 horsepower, 850 lb-ft torque) is offered on all models except the Power Wagon. Four-wheel drive is available on all trim levels except the Power Wagon, which comes standard with 4WD.

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