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Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator – And Other Fast Cars To Try

by Jordan Harris
Fastest Car in Vehicle Simulator

Looking for the fastest car in Vehicle Simulator? That’s what we’re here to answer. We’ll list down the fastest car you can buy in Roblox Vehicle Simulator, as well as some other fast ones that, unfortunately, you can’t buy anymore. Don’t worry, we’ll also list down the other fast cars in the game that you can still buy. These fast cars should make your life in Roblox Vehicle Simulator a lot easier, and more fun! Let’s begin.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator

The answer to this is a bit tricky. You see, the fastest car in Vehicle Simulator is no longer available for purchase within Roblox. And even if it is, the car has actually been nerfed twice. If you didn’t know, nerf is when a video game developer reduces the power of a character or an item (in this case, a car) because it was overpowered.

They will do this either to fix the game or to make it more realistic if realism was their goal. Anyway, what used to be the fastest car in Vehicle Simulator is now no longer available for purchase and has been nerfed, but we’ll list it down anyway alongside the fastest car you can actually buy:

(See our guide on Vehicle Simulator codes to get free a and get those cars faster)

Unavailable For Purchase: Banana Peel P50

The fastest car to ever grace the Roblox Vehicle Simulator was actually the Banana Peel P50, based on the Peel P50. Get it? Banana Peel? They had to add the Banana due to copyright reasons. Anyway, yes, it’s THAT Peel P50 that Jeremy Clarkson drove on Top Gear to the BBC office back in 2007. That microcar which still stands as the smallest car in the world was actually the fastest car in Vehicle Simulator.

The car was added as an April fool’s joke in 2020. Initially, it had a top speed of 850mph and accelerates from 0-60mph in just 0.1 seconds. However, it was nerfed around October 2020. The car now only has a top speed of 100mph, and acceleration is now much slower as well but there are no official figures.

Players also said the braking and handling are now terrible, and upgrades will barely help with the car’s performance. Basically, they’ve turned the Banana Peel P50 from an overpowered April fool’s joke to a more realistic interpretation of the real thing.

Here’s a clip showing just how fast the Banana Peel P50 was before the nerf:

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator: The Top 10

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #10: Peregrine Manifesto/Lamborghini Egoista

We start off the list with what is one of the most expensive cars in the game and definitely one of the flashiest. It’s based on the Lamborghini Egoista, so you’re definitely going to turn some Roblox heads when you drive one of these.

If they don’t turn around, then tell them the price for one of these babies is $12,000,000 and they will surely bow down in respect. Not sure if Roblox avatars can actually bow down but you get the point.

That being said, the figures are not that impressive when you consider the price and compare it to other supercars in the game. In standard form, the Peregrine Manifesto only does 240mph, which is slow when you compare it to other cars.

But to be fair, the acceleration is pretty brisk, taking just 2.4 seconds to reach 60mph. With tuning, the car will reach a top speed of 328mph and cut down the acceleration to just 2.1 seconds.

Admittedly, this car isn’t really fast and it’s very expensive. You’re really buying this mostly for the looks. The brakes are also excellent though.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #9: Peregrine Falco VF/Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, then we recommend the Peregrine Falco VF. At max tuning, this car will easily keep up with the much more expensive Peregrine Manifesto, capable of reaching 328mph, and accelerates to 60mph in just 2.1 seconds with max tuning.

Thanks to the speed, the Peregrine Valco is great for drag races. However, the braking and handling are considered to be rather average, which makes the Peregrine Valco less ideal for Around the World races. Additionally, you will need to use Robux (Roblox’s in-game currency) to purchase the Valco.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #8: McLovin Mk-1/McLaren P1

Absolutely ridiculous name which just reminds me of Fogell from Superbad aside, the P1-based McLovin Mk-1 stands as the 9th fastest car in Vehicle Simulator in terms of top speed. It can reach 221mph and accelerates from 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds in standard form.

When maxed out, the McLovin will 310mph and accelerate to 60mph in just 2.3 seconds. All while giving you $4,000 for every mile driven (which is pretty much the largest amount of money any car can give you).

Much like the real thing, it’s quite pricey at $1,600,000. And even though the figures sound impressive, players have described the McLovin’s speed and acceleration as average when compared to other supercars in the game.

However, the McLovin’s brakes and handling are considered to be very good. Making it suitable for Around the World races. In any case, that McLovin name alone is worth the $1,600,000 price tag, no?

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #7: McLovin Sharpshooter GT3/McLaren 650S GT3

The McLovin GT3 is actually a bargain, costing just $350,000, and yet it will reach 205mph and accelerate to 60mph in just 2.7 seconds in standard form. Almost matching the performance of its McLovin big brother for a fraction of the price.

If you tune the car, it will raise the top speed to 340mph, but acceleration will remain the same at 2.7 seconds. Weirdly enough, this GT3 racing-based car doesn’t have good handling in the game. Braking is excellent though, but handling will need some upgrades to make it better.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #6: Bucatti Vacances/Bugatti Veyron

Of course, no fastest car list will be complete without the Bugatti Veyron. Or at least, the knockoff version of the Veyron, which is called the Bucatti Vacances in this game. The Bucatti is surprisingly affordable, costing just $1,600,000 which is the same as the McLovin Mk-1. It has a top speed of 252mph in standard form, but acceleration to 60mph takes a lengthy 3.5 seconds, best use a Pro-Short gear tuning on this.

Thankfully, you can tune the car and it will reach around 341mph, while acceleration will improve to just 3.1 seconds. Meanwhile, the braking and handling performance are considered to be above average. The Bucatti really isn’t anything special, and it isn’t really one of the player’s favorites, but it’s not a bad choice either.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #5: Guran Sukairain R-III/Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Who needs supercars when you can have a supercar killer? The Guran Sukairain R-III is here to show these expensive supercars who’s boss. The name is a mouthful though, I’m just going to refer to it as the Guran.

The Guran is a fraction of the price of the other cars on this list, costing just $250,000 for players to purchase. However, true to the real-life specimen, the Guran isn’t all that impressive in standard form. The top speed stands at 200mph and it takes 2.9 seconds for the car to accelerate to 60mph. It’s when you tune it that the car starts to show its potential.

With the Pro-Long gear, the car can reach up to 344mph, and the acceleration can be cut down to as little as 2.4 seconds. Where the car really shines though is the braking and handling, making the Guran one of the best cars for an Around the World Race.

One downside of the Guran to consider is that it will only earn you $1,000 per mile, while other supercars can earn up to $4,000. Still, if you’re on a budget, this is a good supercar killer.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #4: Peregrine Vieno

Peregrine Vieno is the fastest Lamborghini-based car in Vehicle Simulator. Based on the Lamborghini Veneno, in stock form, the car will reach 221mph and accelerate to 60mph in an unrealistically fast 1.4 seconds. Tune the car and you will easily reach 306mph, which isn’t particularly great. But it will reach 60mph in a blinding 0.8 seconds. Keep in mind that if you use Pro-Long gearing, the top speed can be higher.

The car is quite pricey at $4,000,000, but it’s still just a third of the Peregrine Manifesto. While the top speed and braking aren’t great, the acceleration and handling are where the Vieno shines.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #3: Baron GT-S/2017 Ford GT

The 2017 Ford GT, or known as the Baron GT-S in Vehicle Simulator, is one of the more sensible supercars in the game. Costing just $600,000 to purchase, and has a top speed of 292mph even in standard form. The acceleration is a little underwhelming though, it needs a lengthy 4 seconds to reach 60mph.

Tune the Baron GT-S, and you can reach up to 349mph, and cut down the acceleration time to just 2.5 seconds. The Baron is probably one of the most well-rounded cars in the game. The acceleration isn’t the fastest, but the top speed, the braking, and the handling have all been praised by Vehicle Simulator players.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #2: Superbil Act/Koenigsegg Agera R

While the Bucatti isn’t a bad option, may we suggest the Superbil Act instead? Weird naming aside, this car is based on the Koenigsegg Agera so it looks fantastic. Additionally, it costs the same as the Bucatti Vacances at $1,600,00 and yet it has better performance, so you get more bang for your buck.

The standard top speed is 273mph and acceleration to 60mph stands at 3.1 seconds. Spend a fortune modifying it and your Superbil Act will reach 374mph and accelerate from 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds, easily beating the Bucatti Vacances.

That being said, the car falls behind in terms of braking and handling. Braking is fairly average, and handling is terrible, especially at high speeds. It’s recommended that you upgrade the brakes and handling to get the most out of the car.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator #1: Edison Roadster 2.0/Tesla Roadster 2.0

Based on the 2020 Tesla Roadster concept model, the Edison Roadster 2.0 stands as the fastest car in the game that you can purchase. That is if you have $12,000,000 to spare. Of course, for your money, you will get a 279mph top speed right from the start, and 0-60mph acceleration stands at 2.3 seconds.

Max the car out and the Edison Roadster will go as fast as 375mph and reaches 60mph from a standstill in just 2 seconds. Impressive, right? And you should definitely save up to buy this car? We’re not so sure about that. First of all, the handling and braking of the car aren’t great. Some players even suggest that the handling and braking don’t improve even after tuning.

Secondly, the car will only earn you $1,200 per mile, as opposed to the $4,000 per mile most other supercars will earn you. Of course, when you spend $12,000,000 on a car you probably don’t really care anymore about how much money the new car earns you, but still, it’s important to take it into consideration.

Here’s a clip of the Edison Roadster 2.0 going against the Peregrine Manifesto:

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator: Honorable Mention

Alongside the Banana Peel P50, there is one more fast car that is no longer available in Vehicle Simulator. Admittedly, I’m only mentioning this car because I used to collect Hotwheels and the Twin Mill is actually one of my favorites.

Yes, the Twin Mill III was available for players to obtain back in the 2019 Hotwheels event and still stands as one of the fastest cars in the game, even though you can no longer buy it.

It has a top speed of 250mph in standard form and can reach 341mph when you modify it. It will also accelerate from 0-60mph in a mere 0.57 seconds. Thanks to this performance, the Twin Mill III is perfect for drag racing.

However, braking and handling are the weak points of the Twin Mill III. Some players have even described it as abysmal. Still, if you like drag racing, the Twin Mill III will win you lots of races. Not that you can buy this car anymore, it’s no longer on sale.

Roblox Vehicle Simulator: Tips & Tricks

If you’re new to the game or you just decided to start playing after reading this post, here are some tips for Roblox Vehicle Simulator for you to read whilst you wait for the download to finish:

1. Turn Off The Weather Effect

Not all of us have the privilege of playing on an expensive gaming rig that costs thousands of dollars and can run even the most demanding game at 4k and 60fps smoothly. If your hardware is a bit limited, turning off the weather effect in Roblox Vehicle Simulator is a good idea. This will make the game run a bit more smoothly if your PC is struggling.

Simply pull up the in-game phone, and click the Settings icon on the bottom right. Then scroll down to find the weather settings, click on it, and select ‘Off’. Voila! Your game will run more smoothly now. Sure there will be no more weather effects, but it’s a small price to pay if you’re running on older and limited hardware.

2. Pro-Long Or Pro-Short?

Roblox Vehicle Simulator allows you to modify your car, both cosmetically and mechanically. You can tune the engine, the suspension, and the transmission as well. You will have two options when you tune the transmission: you can either use “Pro-Long” gearing, which elongates the gearing and gives the car a better top speed. Or use “Pro-Short” to shorten the gearing of the car which gives better accelerations. So which one should you go for?

Most cars will benefit from using the Pro-Short gearing, especially if you often take them drag-racing. The drag race isn’t very long, so the car needs to be able to build up speed quickly while sacrificing a bit of top speed. However, if you like doing Around the World Race more, then you will benefit from the Pro-Long gearing setup.

Keep in mind that some cars won’t benefit from the Pro-Long gear setup. For example, the Lamborghini Egoista is so powerful and accelerates so quickly that using the Pro-Long gearing won’t have any meaningful effect on the acceleration. As for most other cars, especially non-supercars, stick with the Pro-Short gearing if you do a lot of drag races.

3. Get The ‘Mazda RX-7’ Or ‘Nissan GT-R'

The goal of pretty much any racing game is to buy the coolest, fastest, and most exotic cars available in the game. Like the cars, we listed in the top 10. But obviously, you’re going to have to start with more affordable vehicles.

Once you earn more money, there are two cars that you should buy according to the more seasoned players. First is the Akora Carflex-7, which is based on the Mazda RX-7. The second is the Guran GT-R, which is based on the Nissan GT-R.

The Akora Carflex-7 is quite pricey at $80,000, and it will only earn you $1,000 per mile in the game, which is the same as the starter cars. However, players like this car thanks to the acceleration which can actually match some of the entry-level supercars in the game.

Making the Akora Carflex-7 a good option for those of you who like drag racing. It also has good brakes and good suspensions, which allows it to drive very smoothly.

As for the Guran GT-R, it’s slightly more expensive at $100,000. But it will earn you $4,000 per mile, which is significantly more and will ease the grinding. Additionally, it has good top speed and acceleration, meaning you can win drag races rather easily without having to spend a fortune on performance modification.

4. New Server, New Crates

One of the main things to do in this game is to collect crates to earn collectibles to use for your car. If you get a duplicate item, that item will be turned into cash. If you’ve joined a server and you’ve collected all the crates on the map, then simply join a new server to collect the crates there. No point in driving around on a map where you’ve collected all the crates.

5. Block People From Getting In Your Car

If you’re new to the game, you’ll find that other players can get in your car and drive off. Obviously, this is a massive nuisance. One moment your car is parked nicely, you turn around and the next thing you know someone is joyriding in your vehicle without your permission.

To stop people from doing this, simply pull up your in-game smartphone. Click on the ‘Specs’ icon in the middle, and you will see your car’s current settings. You can block absolutely everyone from getting in your car, or you can allow players in your friend list in Roblox to get into the vehicle. We wouldn’t do that though, it almost always ends up badly when a friend borrows your car. Be it in games or in real life.

6. Around The World Races

As the name suggests, Around the World races are a race that goes around the game’s map. It’s lengthier than the drag races, but it also yields good rewards. Finishing in 1st place will earn you $34,000. Even if you finish last, it will still give you $3,500 for participating.

In comparison, finishing 1st place in a drag race will earn you $2,500. So, while drag races are simpler and quicker, an Around the World race will give you a lot of cash, even if you didn’t win.

There are some tips for the Around the World Race. Such as not expending your entire boost right from the start, so you can use it in crucial moments. However, you will need to use a bit of boost just so that you can get off the line faster.

And also, don’t be afraid to go offroading in specific parts of the track to gain more time. Don’t worry, this isn’t Formula 1, so there won’t be harsh penalties for exceeding track limits.

For tips on how to win the Around the World Race, as well as other tips for Roblox Vehicle Simulator, you can watch the video below:

Vehicle Simulator Roblox – Facts

  1. The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the game, but the fastest car in the game is debatable and depends on factors such as the specific vehicle model and individual driving skills.
  2. The Peregrine Manifesto, with proper tuning, can reach a top speed of 328 mph and accelerate to 60 mph in 2.1 seconds.
  3. The Bugatti Veyron knockoff is considered the fastest car in the game.
  4. The Edison Roadster 2.0 is the fastest car in the game with a price tag of $12,000,000 or less and is modeled after the Koenigsegg Agera.
  5. The Gauntlet Oppressor is a good car for dominating the competition in the game due to its acceleration, handling, and braking abilities.
  6. To buy a car in Roblox Car Simulator, click on the “Cars” tab and then click on the “Buy” button next to the car you want.
  7. Selling your car in the game may give you a small refund, but this feature is currently unavailable.
  8. In Bloxburg, vehicles are the primary mode of transportation, with prices ranging from $2,300 to $170,000, depending on the model.
  9. The Ferrari LaFerrari is a vehicle simulator that allows players to experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari LaFerrari.
  10. The fastest car in Roblox Vehicle Simulator is the Bucatti Vacances548.7 (341), which can reach a top speed of 341 mph on a specific racetrack.

Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator: In Conclusion…

There you have it, now you know that the fastest car to ever existed in the Roblox Vehicle Simulator was the Banana Peel P50 just before it got nerfed. As for the fastest car in the game that you can actually still buy, it’s the Edison Roadster 2.0 which is based on the 2020 Tesla Roadster concept. It does cost $12,000,000 to purchase though, and it does have several caveats. Other supercars are probably more sensible for you to buy in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re keen to learn more about the fastest car in Vehicle Simulator, our FAQs here might help…

Roblox Vehicle Simulator How To Get Money Fast

There are several techniques that you can practice to earn money more rapidly in Vehicle Simulator. For starters, you can try looking for crates. Although, do bear in mind that you only get money from crates if you pick up a duplicate. Moreover, the money you get from these crates varies depending on their tier level. Otherwise, test-driving cars also earn you money. To maximize your returns in this regard, test drive every single supercar for as long as you can. Just driving around the city nets you some money, too. The same goes for reaching top speeds and maxing out your car’s performance on the highway or open road. Another avenue for earning money more quickly is simply to be more active by taking part in races, especially the Around the World races.

What Is The Fastest Car In Vehicle Simulator

The fastest car in Vehicle Simulator does change from time to time, depending on what updates have been released. With every iteration, new upgrades are unlocked where certain cars can be modified to beat out the others more speedily. As of right now, in 2022, the fastest car in Vehicle Simulator is still the Banana Peel P50. When fully upgraded, it has a whopping top speed of 850mph and accelerates from 0 to 60mph in just 0.1 seconds. Naturally, these are joke figures that are nigh impossible to attain in the real world. Beneath it, there’s the CMD Hovercar, the second fastest car in Vehicle Simulator. It has a top speed of 400mph and does 0-60mph in just 0.5 seconds. In third place, we have the Twin Mill, topping out at 340mph and sprinting from 0-60mph in 0.57 seconds.

How To Max Out A Car In Vehicle Simulator

Most stock cars in Vehicle Simulator aren’t fast. Therefore, and to max them out, you’ll need to apply various upgrades and modifications to increase their performance. It can be done to any vehicle in the game, too. If you’re aiming for top speed and to create the fastest car in Vehicle Simulator, you can start with the engine. For $60,000 in in-game money, the Ludacris tier unlocks max performance from the engine. You could then consider adding some nitrous. The top-level nitrous kit you can fit is the Rocket Fuel tier, costing you $80,000 in in-game currency. A turbocharger would also help. Here, you can fit a quad-turbo setup for $75,000, further boosting performance. While you’re there, you should also consider upgrading the transmission, ideally Pro-Long gears to attain a higher top speed.

How Fast Does A Lamborghini Egoista Go

The Lamborghini Egoista was initially made to mark the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini brand. It’s a one-off, and underneath, you’ll find a Lamborghini Gallardo. While the Egoista was built as a concept car, it has a functioning running gear. The powertrain was upgraded from the regular Gallardo, now outputting as much as 600hp. The name, Egoista, is Italian for selfish, which is fitting, as the Egoista is a one-seater. No performance figures were ever unveiled beside the horsepower. More accurate estimates place the Egoista’s top speed at around 202mph and it’s capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in just 3.0 seconds. Although, games have taken the liberty to increase this. For example, Vehicle Simulator quotes the Egoista’s top speed as 328mph, with a 0-60mph time of just 2.11 seconds.

How To Get A Police Car In Vehicle Simulator

Among the many vehicles that are present in Vehicle Simulator, among them is a police car. While most of the cars you see in Vehicle Simulator can be acquired in some way, you, unfortunately, can’t unlock the in-game police car. If you really want a police car in Vehicle Simulator, there are some techniques that you can try. The most common is downloading police car mods or other custom cars that mimic the look of a police car from online communities into the game. Otherwise, you could try modifying your existing cars to look like police cars, such as including police decals and flashing lights. In short, you have to make your own police car, as the game doesn’t yet allow players to unlock them officially from within the game.

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