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How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh – Why Does This Matter?

by Jordan Harris
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Electric cars are relatively new to the automotive industry and people have questions regarding them. Questions like, “how much does a Tesla battery weigh” and many more. Electric cars are trendy and people believe that they are the future of the automobile industry. When we talk about electric cars, Tesla is the epitome of electric cars.

Teslas are becoming more and more popular, especially with the increasing global warming. People want to do everything they can to help the environment. Many people are also drawn to Tesla cars because of the unique features, cutting-edge technology, and as mentioned before the all-electric powertrain.

One of the most exciting parts about a Tesla is its car battery. They use massive batteries to power their cars. These giant batteries not only produce more power but are efficient too. These batteries are massive when compared to a normal gasoline-powered vehicle (and no, don’t even try testing if can you put gas in a Tesla).

They weigh a lot too. So how much does a Tesla battery weigh? Let’s get into it.

Tesla Models

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc, is extremely smart and has gained the respect of quite a lot of people in the automotive market. He is known for his mischievous and clever ways of marketing and especially the ways he names his vehicles.

The vehicles available with Tesla are the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and their newest launch the Cybertruck. The first four models are named like this because Elon Musk wanted Tesla’s lineup to read as “S3XY” (sexy). Comparisons between them are frequent, as folks try to find the best Tesla model among them.

This not only created a lot of buzz around Tesla but was appreciated and called “cool” by many enthusiasts out there.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is the flagship sedan model that they manufacture. It is one of the oldest Teslas that came into production and have made a name for itself in the market. The prototype was introduced in 2009 and by 2012 it has a good fanbase.

The Model S is one of the most powerful sedans in the Tesla lineup. This flagship is slightly cheaper than the crossover Model X. Model X might have more range but the top of the Plaid Model S has faster acceleration.

No matter which Model S you choose, serious speed comes standard with all of them. The long-range or dual motor variant is the variant that is not focused on its performance.

As claimed by the company this vehicle can reach 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. Alongside that, the top speed of this variant is 155mph. This is better than several sports cars out there.

On the other hand, the new Plaid version of the Model S is the sports variant of this sedan. It is extremely quick and fast all thanks to the three high-performance electric motors which are split across the front and rear axles.

The 0 to 60 on the Plaid variant is 1.9 seconds which is not only faster than sports cars but also has faster acceleration than hypercars. The Model S Plaid produces about 1,020 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 holds a prestige ranking in both the electric car as well as luxury sedan categories. The Tesla Model 3 has a generous range and the affordable pricing makes this vehicle extremely appealing.

Alongside that, the Model 3 comes with exceptional performance and beautiful luxurious interiors. One other thing you need to know is the fact that the Tesla Model 3 has a minimalist but luxurious and comfortable interior.

To elaborate on this “clean interior”, there is a massive 15-inch central control touchscreen. There are some mixed reviews about how it looks, but it does help the interior look relatively clean. Nearly every aspect of the car can be controlled with the help of that display.

There are barely any buttons present in the cabin. The Tesla carries with it a significant learning curve that comes with this Tesla car. This gives the Model 3 an edge over other conventional luxury electric cars like the Audi E-Tron or the BMW I4.

There are three variants of The Model 3. The standard range package, the long-range package, and the performance package. The entry-level package comes with a single motor and rear-wheel drive.

On the other hand, the other two Model 3s use a dual motor setup with an AWD system. And if you’re wondering if this upgrade is worth it, we have a guide on whether are all Teslas AWD. The base level of the Model 3 can do 0-60 in 5.3 seconds while the long-range does it in 4.2 seconds and the performance in 3.1 seconds.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is one of the best cars in their lineup. It was one of the first electronic SUVs that were made and it took over the automobile market with a bang. The Model X comes with new updated and plush interiors with a stylish exterior. Not to mention, it has those Tesla falcon doors that everyone loves.

The 2022 model of the Model X also comes with the 3-motor Plaid version producing just above 1000 horsepower. The Tesla Model X comes in two variants. The base Model X or the Long Range Model X is not a slouch. Tesla claims that this vehicle can complete a 0 to 60 mph run in just 3.8 seconds and top out at 155 mph.

The new Plaid version of this Tesla comes with the same 3-motor setup that is available with the Model S Plaid. These three motors work together to put out 1020 horsepower.

These far above surpass the Tesla Model 3 performance horsepower figures. This SUV will sprint up to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds making it extremely fast. The top speed on this SUV is 163 mph.

The range of these two variants of this Tesla Model X is extremely generous when it comes to the range of the car on a single charge. Both the long-range and Plaid variant delivers over 300 miles on a single charge. Charging it may take longer if you’re considering the Tesla home wall charger cost (to find out more, check out our guide on how to charge Tesla at home), as it charges at a slower rate.

Tesla claims that the base model or the long-range version of the Model X puts out about 360 miles. On the other hand, the Plaid variant is more performance-centric and hence Tesla claims that it can cover about 340 miles on a single charge. So, make sure you spare enough change to cover how much does it cost to charge a Tesla.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is the small-size SUV available in the Tesla lineup. It is the cheaper and smaller sibling of the Model X. The Model Y is just as impressive as the higher models in the Tesla lineup.

This vehicle is extremely quick and with near-instant responses with the powerful two-motor AWD electric motor. Alongside the powerful powertrain, the interiors and the steering dives the Model Y a sports car look.

Tesla offers two variants with the Model Y like most of the other cars that come in the Tesla lineup. The two variants are the long-range variant and the performance variant. Both these variants come with a dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain.

The motors are well fed by a 75 kWh battery. The Model Y, the long-range version, can do 0 to 60mph in just about 4.1 seconds. While on the other hand, the performance model can make that sprint in just 3.5 seconds.

The Model Y has been rated as one of the safest cars available on the market. It has gotten a five-star rating in all the tests by the NHTSA. This makes the car extremely desirable for a number of people out there. Even the little details like the Tesla Car Wash mode make this an easy-going car to live with.

Making this car extremely convenient for the owners. Even more, further convenience is thanks to the Supercharger charging network. As such, there are no serious concerns over how long does it take to charge a Tesla, as it can be done in minutes with a fast charger.

Tesla CyberTruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is the latest addition to the Tesla family. The Cybertruck comes with some bold and futuristic design language. The interior is also not something to be taken lightly. It looks like an alien race on this planet dropped it off. The Cybertruck used straight lines without any curves on the interior as well as the exterior.

The design of the Cybertruck is definitely unconventional and can be classified as an acquired taste. The Cybertruck is here to give fierce competition to all of the pickup trucks available in the market. This is solely because of the quad motor setup that Elon Musk introduced with the unveiling of the Cybertruck.

A quad motor means that the Cybertruck will have all-wheel steering allowing the car to have some amazing features. We will get to know more about their features later on but with the crab walk feature in the Hummer EV, we can expect something really fun from the Cybertruck.


Tesla Battery

As said before Tesla as a company is doing amazing in the electric car market. But when we talk about cars, especially when people want to make their cars faster, the first thing that comes to mind is weight reduction.

Now because the combustion engine has so many components, some components can be made lighter with a change in the process of making this component. This is not possible in the battery of an electrical motor.

Hence the question on everyone’s mind, “how much does a Tesla battery weigh” is something that needs to be discussed in depth.

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh

A Tesla battery or an electric vehicle battery is relatively way heavier than an internal combustion engine. But the new Teslas are doing extremely well after they reduced the weight of their vehicle drastically. The average weight of the Tesla battery is anywhere from around 1000 to 1200 pounds.

All Tesla cars use different battery sizes, and the kWh or the power produced by these batteries differs from model and variant. Now to answer the question, “ how much does a Tesla battery weigh”, the best way to do that is to name all the different models alongside the weight of their batteries.

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh #1: Model S

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh

How much does a Tesla battery weigh? Usually, the people who are most interested in that question are the ones who want a fast and light car. Due to the heavy components like the battery pack, Tesla has come up with different ways to shed off the extra weight and make the car extremely quick.

The 2022 model of Model S comes with a 100 kWh battery. This battery pack has 7920 lithium-ion cells grouped in modules of 1584. This is one of the most powerful battery packs that has ever been built by Tesla. But with great power also comes a lot of weight. This 100kWh battery weighs about 1377 lbs or 625 kgs.

Due to this extremely heavy battery pack, Tesla has come up with innovative ways to make the rest of the car significantly lighter. The first thing that Tesla did was change the bodywork and frame to light aluminum.

Alongside that, the Model S comes with interiors made from lighter alternatives. Tesla managed to shed off 500 kgs just by switching to lighter interiors. These interior panels are made from a natural fiber composite manufactured by Bcomp-natural fiber composite solutions.

They cleverly created a sustainable interior panel that is lightweight and rigid.

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh #2: Model X

The Model X and the Model S are extremely similar. When we talk about the Model S, it leads the sedan division while the Model X is the SUV leader. Both of these vehicles use the same three motor systems and have the same lightweight materials used in the Model S.

The Tesla Model X first appeared on the market in 2015. There have been several Model X versions since then. They had a 65 kWh, 75 kWh, 90 kWh, and 100 kWh battery which is the highest performance battery pack offered by Tesla.

The Model X is extremely powerful and with the new weight drop with the aluminum frame and lightweight interiors, the Model X is an absolute beast on the road. It is not only fast but an excellent towing vehicle too. It’s even more impressive than the Tesla Model Y towing capacity.

Regarding the weight of these motors, the three lightest packs are comparable to those found in the Model S. The 100 kWh park adds approximately 500 pounds. So to answer the question, “how much does a Tesla battery weigh” (and how much is a Tesla battery), the Model X 100 kWh battery weighs around 625 kg.

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh #3: Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has been designed and made for the average user. It maintains the performance and efficiency offered by its siblings while still being within the budget for several people looking to buy a car.

Or, you could study our guide on the lease vs buy argument with a Tesla, should that meet your budget. The Tesla Model 3 is anticipated to have as much market share as the Model S, making it one of the best sedans out there in the market.

When we talk about the overall weight of the Tesla Model 3, Tesla didn’t ignore the cheaper cars in their lineup. Of course, is it heavier than the Model S but is made of high-strength steel and aluminum.

This makes the Tesla Model 3 as safe as any other Tesla on the road. It has an all-glass roof which contributes to making the vehicle lighter. Alongside that, the ideal ratio of these two metals gives the maximum stiffness without it affecting the overall weight of the car.

Now to anywhere the question of how much a Tesla battery weighs for the Model 3. The Model 3 runs a two-motor setup. The Model 3’s battery weight is about 1060 lbs. This makes the Model 3’s battery pack is approximately 15% lighter than the Model S’s battery.

Alongside that, the two-motor battery pack is 6% lighter than the P100D. This reduction in weight is because of the new 2170 battery cell motor. This resulted in a significant weight deduction.

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh #4: Model Y

The Model Y is a compact SUV and is one of the best vehicles available on the market. The vehicle’s body is composed of aluminum with steel reinforcement just like the other models.

It does not have a full aluminum chassis and frame because it is less expensive than the top-of-the-line models. Even though the body is not fully aluminum, the correct ratio of these two compounds makes the car lighter without compromising the strength of the car.

It has a dual-motor all-wheel drive electric powertrain and can go from 0 to 60 miles in approximately three seconds. The battery weight for the Model Y is 1700 lbs or 771 kg. This powerful battery can give a range of 303 miles.

This makes the Model Y one of the heaviest SUVs on the market. But this vehicle is lighter than its other siblings, the Model X, and the Cybertruck.

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh #5: Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is one of the newest models that was introduced by Tesla. Even though this car has not hit the streets, in the unveiling, there were some pretty cool features that made people extremely excited about this vehicle.

The top model of the  Cybertruck is expected to come with a quad motor set-up. This motor is what most people await. This motor is also expected to have a great range but no news about the numbers has been introduced.

The Cybertruck is supposed to come in a single, dual, triple, and quad motor setup. The single-motor setup can go up to 250 miles, the dual motor has a range of 300, and the triple motor is supposed to have a good range of about 400 miles.

The long-awaited quad motor model has a range of 500 miles. The size and exact information of this battery are still to be confirmed by Tesla. Moreover, there are still questions about how long does a Tesla battery last.

How Much Does A Tesla Battery Weigh: In Conclusion…

Tesla has been an important part of introducing electric cars into the market. Electric cars are gaining more and more popularity, especially because of the power and torque produced by these electric motors.

The motors and batteries that come with these vehicles are extremely efficient and amazing. Now when we talk about fast cars, conventionally are extremely lightweight. Hence the question,” how much does a Tesla battery weigh” comes to the minds of different enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts also are liking these Tesla cars because of the different powertrain types present on the market. Unlike an internal combustion engine, an electric car can have more than one motor powering the vehicle. The most powerful setup is the quad motor set-up, which was introduced with the Cybertruck.

If you’re still on the fence about getting a Tesla, we do have plenty of guides to shed more light on what ownership of one is like. There is our guide on the myriad of Tesla problems and the Tesla reliability concerns. Additionally, we’ve looked at Waymo vs Telsa to see which brand offers the best semi-autonomous driving.

Electric vehicle charging

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of all the common or frequently asked questions other than, “how much does a Tesla battery weigh”

How Long Do Tesla Batteries Last

According to the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, Tesla cars supposedly have a long life. Technically they can last anywhere between 300,000 and 500,000 miles. This means that there are around 1500 battery cycles that come with your vehicle. That is about 22 to 37 years for the average car driver. According to the department of transportation, an average person drives about 13,500 miles in a year. Another thing that needs to be pointed out, is that this is not the same distance that Tesla’s warranty covers. After 100,000 to 150,000 miles (depending on the model), Tesla does not cover repair and replacements if your battery has passed these points. If you decide to drive 300,000 to 500,000 miles on one Tesla, you’re working on a pretty beat-up battery.

How Much Is A Tesla Battery

If the battery on your Tesla fails, loses charge, or has sustained any covered damage within the warranty period, you do not have to pay for their repairs. It’s when a battery is damaged in a way not covered by the battery that is extremely expensive. These costs can be extremely steep especially if you need to replace the whole battery. The average cost of replacing a Tesla battery, not under warranty can be anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000. The price usually depends upon the severity of the damage. This cost does not only include just the battery, but also different parts as well as the labor cost. A complete battery replacement for a Tesla Model 3 costs over $16,000. $2299 was the labor price, and $14,251 was the cost of the parts. This includes the price of the battery costing $13,500.

Do Teslas Have Engines

Yes, Teslas do have ‘engines’, but they do not have conventional internal combustion engines. The engines present on them are made with electric motors that use rechargeable batteries. While traditional cars have one engine, a Tesla vehicle can have up to four electric motors. This quad motor setup has been introduced to the Tesla line-up with the Cybertruck. That means that each wheel has its own personal motor powering it. In the rear-wheel drive models of the Teslas, the electric motors sit right over the rear axle. While the all-wheel drive versions have a motor in between the front wheels. Unlike an internal combustion engine, Tesla runs on electricity. To charge this vehicle, it must be plugged into an appropriate connector. The time it takes to charge depends on the Tesla model you drive and the type of charger you use.

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