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Smallest Jeep: How Reliable Is It?

by Jordan Harris
Smallest Jeep

What is the smallest Jeep in the Jeep brand? Jeep produces a large variety of models in Chrysler’s Jeep brand but have you ever wondered or even tried to think which one of its models is the smallest? First, Jeep is an automobile brand that originated in the United States. It is currently owned by European American conglomerate Stellantis. This brand has been part of Chrysler since 1987.

The Jeep brand has all along been about brash, middle-weight off-roader ever since the Second World War. This branding has been very successful, and it has made Jeep to be one of the few profitable newly originated Stellantis nameplates.

Jeep has recently tried to build something far smaller than the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee. The Jeep Renegade, which is the most adventurous, off-road compact crossover SUV based on Fiat’s 500x platform. This model is known to be the smallest car in the Chrysler’s Jeep brand in the market.

This smallest Jeep model offers two engines, four-wheel drive, and most importantly, it has off-road abilities making it the right vehicle for many occasions. Although it is the smallest Jeep, it still manages to handle itself well on rough surfaces, this is as a result of its innovative design and modern gadgets. This car is a combination of a compact design and a stylish look.

Even though the Jeep Renegade is smaller than its siblings, it is certainly a proper Jeep, inside and outside. From the classic grille and round headlights in the front to the “X” shaped taillights that pay respect to the era of the Second World War Jeeps that carries fuel cans in the back.

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Look And Design

Jeep Renegade’s design is a well-made combination between the traditional and modern. It is boxy, square-jawed and with a close look, you will be able to notice that it has a Wrangler design in its DNA. Small-wide-4×4 is the enchantingly descriptive name of Renegade’s platform.

This smallest Jeep traces its roots back to the Fiat Punto of 2005 but it has been developed to integrate differing wheelbases, body widths, and suspension. Its inside brings the same combination of classic and new. With the vintage Jeep design addition mixing well with high-tech, comfort, safety, and connectivity feature.

Although the Renegade is shorter than Mazda CX-3, it is, however, wider than the Mazda. It is also more than taller in top Trail Hawk spec. Its suspension is all-independent. They have a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Its driveline provides a genuine off-road ability. Four-wheel drive is delivered through an electronically actuated clutch system that is usually used by the Range Rover Evoque.

This Jeep model comes with the cheapest four-wheel-drive which is a 138bhp 2.0-liter diesel mid-spec longitude trim. It is one of the cars whose 190mm of ground clearance is approached by that of a Skoda Yeti outdoor.

Jeep Renegade’s Interior

The interior of the Jeep Renegade which is the smallest Jeep in the brand’s line-up features innovative new storage solutions, high-quality materials, and a new, carefully arranged center console.

Its spaciousness and best-in-class width allow you to take anything you need with you wherever you go. Even though the Jeep Renegade embraces its heritage, it is also packed with state-of-the-art technology such as the row USB ports that make the most of the journey.

Apart from that, its interior also combines high-quality materials with working features. Its soft-touch panels intersect with bold working elements such as the passenger grab handles. This vehicle also has a new center console to improve interior storage and functionality.

Because adventure needs modern storage solutions, the Jeep Renegade has innovative ways to keep your items safely. They include the smartphone slot or the center console and a new console net that is perfect for keeping an iPad Mini.

With the Jeep Renegade, you should be ready to rock. It comes with the nine-speaker Kenwood Premium Audio System with a 560-watt amplifier.

This smallest Jeep also comes with standard features like LED lighting, a new front fascia designed for challenging approach angles, and colored roof rails. It also comes with an exciting range of available fabrics, colors, and seating options that perfectly blends style with comfort. This smallest Jeep offers the kind of available winter-ready features that you need to withstand the weather.


The smallest Jeep Renegade has got five seats. It also comes standard with cloth upholstery and manually adjustable front seats. Available are also leather upholstery, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, and heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel.

Its front seats are very comfy with enough headroom and legroom for tall drivers and passengers. The rear seats accommodate two passengers.

Renegade’s Exterior

This smallest Jeep is designed for city explorers and adventure enthusiasts. Its exterior offers one-of-a-kind style for one of the confidently flexible compact SUVs. The Renegade comes with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof this is perfect for lovers of the sun and stargazers. It is said to be the ticket to blue sky views and sun-filled travels.

Smallest Jeep

With the available LED lighting, you will continue to shine even if the city lights fade. The LED lighting group puts bright and enough LEDs into the headlamps, and the tail lamps. Its red tow hooks and a black hood label lure all those drivers who seek new roads.

This vehicle is ready to roll. It comes with multiple wheels and tire combinations that offer contemporary style and reliable capabilities. The smallest Jeep Renegade’s body material is fully galvanized steel, this car also has got four main doors and a lift gate cargo door.

Renegade’s Performance

The Jeep Renegade is an excellent off-roader but it feels indefinite on it. Anyone who is looking for an accomplished tow car should go for the 2.4-liter turbocharged engine.  The Jeep Renegade’s base engine is a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This produces 160 horsepower and 184-pound feet of torque with a six-speed transmission.

This one is good for people who enjoy and can handle a manual transmission.

Renegade Technology

The Renegade’s infotainment systems differ depending on the trim with the USB and AUX connections. The only standard feature that stands across the entire line-up is the 6-speaker audio system. All trim features the brand’s Uconnect infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen display.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity come standard on all the models except for the base model where it is optional. All these features allow you to access smartphone apps. It also comes in with Bluetooth, a USB port, remote keyless entry, a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control. There is also an 8.4-inch touchscreen display that’s standard on the higher-tier trims.

With the available CarPlay support and the Uconnect touchscreen, you can take your smartphone on the road. The system provides a suitable way to listen to your music, send messages, receive calls, and it also allows you to get available navigation guidance.

With the smallest Jeep Renegade, you’ll have all types of ways to connect with your vehicle and the world. All this is a result of the available advanced technologies. This smallest Jeep also has the SiriusXM Guardian that connects you to your vehicle in a manner that you cannot imagine.

You will also get more remote access and control. Also the key information about how you drive. The Jeep Renegade comes with a Remote Vehicle start. This allows you to start the engine from your phone using the Uconnect app. This makes your vehicle to be ready even before you.

The smallest Jeep Renegade is also equipped with available built-in connections that allow you to entertain yourself and to get information services when on the go. You can also be able to keep track of speed, and speed control with the available 7-inch Driver Information Digital Cluster Display.

Safety Features

The smallest Jeep Renegade offers a series of standard and available active safety and security systems that will alert you when there is any problem. It also comes with the Blind Spot Monitoring and the Rear Cross Path Detection that rely on radar-based sensors to detect other cars in your blind spot zones or those that are crossing your path when moving in reverse.

The Jeep Renegade also has the Lane Sense Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist, Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with active braking, and adaptive cruise control. This smallest Jeep can be equipped with a variety of available parking technologies that will help to get you in and out of some of the most difficult parking spots.

This car also has a rigid chassis that is manufactured with advanced high-strength steel, this helps with crash protection. It also has standard airbags that help to protect you and the passengers when in need.

Not to forget, Renegade also comes with the Park Sense Rear Park Assist System that uses sensors to give you an alarm when you are too close to any obstacle while backing up. It allows you to even stop your vehicle at a low speed when an object is detected. This vehicle also comes with rain-sensing windshield wipers. With this, you can be able to sense rain conditions. It will automatically regulate wiper speed to match.

Jeep Renegade Reliability

Generally, the reliability of a car depends on the person, the car, and the situation. Stellar reliability ratings are one of the things that you shouldn’t expect from the Jeep Renegade. This car does not have a good reliability reputation. Euro NCAP retested the model in 2019 and its five-star rating to down to below-par three.

It scored 82% for adult protection, 55% for pedestrian protection, and 58%for safety assistance.

2019 Jeep Renegade Reliability

The 2019 Jeep Renegade model earned the number 8 ranking and in the 2019 Affordable Subcompact SUVs category, it also ranked number 9 in the Used Subcompact SUVs $20K And Up category. This year’s model however earned less favorable rankings in two further categories.

The advantage of the smallest Jeep Renegade involves high-performing off-road abilities and a user-friendly infotainment system that is easy to use. US News’s Cars publication scorecard gave the Jeep Renegade a 7.1 out of 10 scores with the critics rating earning 8.0. The performance came to 6.9, for the interior, it earned 6.8 out of 10, the cost of ownership earned 8.9, and safety earned 8.6 out of 10.

The J.D. Power reliability of the 2019 smallest Jeep Renegade earned 2 out of 5 very poor stars.

2020 Jeep Renegade Reliability

This is the newest model of the Jeep Renegade. It earned a fair ranking in many categories. This model earned its highest ranking with the number 11 spot in the Subcompact SUVs category. It however earned a poor ranking in the SUVs with two rows where it come out at the number 35 and number 51 in spot in the Crossover SUVs category.

This year’s model features a comfortable and luxurious ride, it also comes with great off-road capabilities and performance, and an infotainment system that is easy to use.

The 2020 Jeep Renegade however features a poor predictable reliability rating, a small list of standard features, and poor fuel economy.

The Car US News scorecard ranked the 2020 smallest Jeep Renegade with 6.8 out of 10, the critics’ ratings coming to 7.2, the performance rating was 6.8 and the interior rating coming to 6.8, the safety ratings of this year’s model come to 8.5, and the J.D. Power reliability coming to 2 out of 5 stars.

The reliability of this type of vehicle is generally low, but this does not mean that you should not buy this car.

Renegade Specs

  • Vehicle type: SUV

Fuel economy

  • Fuel economy–city (mpg): 21
  • The fuel economy-highway (mpg): 29
  • Fuel economy- combined (mpg): 24
  • Fuel tank (gal): 12.7
  • Recommended fuel: regular unleaded


  • Engine liters (L): 2.4
  • Cylinder configuration: I-4
  • Valvetrain: SOHC
  • Horsepower (hp): 180@ 6,400RPM
  • Drive Type: four-wheel
  • Transmission: 9-speed automatic


  • Radio: AM/FM Satellite
  • CD: none
  • Speakers: 6

Suspension and Handling

  • Front Suspension: Strut
  • Rear suspension: Multi-link
  • Brakes: Four-wheel brakes
  • Tires: P215/65TR16LBLAS
  • The wheel material: styled-steel
  • Wheel diameter: 16in
  • The wheel width: 6.5in
  • Wheel appearance: Black

Jeep Renegade Problems

The top 3 issues focusing on the Jeep Renegade all overall model years focus on the 9-speed automatic transmission not working in the 2015 Jeep Renegade being the third most frequent problem. The problem occurs at around 11,000 miles.

Another problem includes the squealing brakes in the 2015 smallest Jeep Renegade. The average mileage of this problem to be noticed is 3,000 miles. The top problem is the check engine light turning on in the 2015 Renegade. To fix this problem, you will need around $1,600. The problem occurs at around 21,000 miles. The Jeep Renegade has many problems that should always be addressed immediately.

2015 Jeep Renegade Problems

The 2015 Jeep Renegade had by far the highest number of complaints. The NHTSA issues with the worst user categories that focus on the electrical system, the transmission problem, the interior accessories, and the brakes.

The 2015 Jeep Renegade users highly complaint about the electrical system problems which involved the engine not starting, the engine not being able to turn over, and the electrical accessories not working correctly.

To keep the car running smoothly, the top problem of the engine not being able to turn over and the electrical accessories not working correctly requires fixation. The car users’ complaints of the engine not turning over that occur at below 10,000 miles. The owners of the 2015 smallest Jeep Renegade also stated that the transmission light turns on during use and the power is lost while driving.

Another problem associated with this year’s Jeep Renegade model is that the electrical accessories do not work correctly. This problem is reported at around 10,000 miles. The accessories that are not working properly are minor but very important.

Users have also invoked several problems with the interior accessories. The top issue focus on the door locks not working properly, the keys stuck in the ignition, and more. Braking system problems have also been reported in this year’s model.

Smallest Jeep

The owners have reported that the car’s brakes squeal, the brakes make noise, there is uneven rotor wear, and that the brakes lock up. These brakes issues highlight the frequent smallest Jeep Renegade problems.

2016 Jeep Renegade Problems

The 2016 Jeep Renegade models also have the same problems as the 2015 models. The top problem reported by customers focuses on the interior accessories, the engine, and the electrical system. The problems associated with the interior accessories include the poor sound quality of the premium audio, the audio system not working properly, the Bluetooth and Uconnect software not working properly, and more.

Another category with a lot of user complaints is the engine. The customers reported that car stalls while driving. They also stated that there is excessive oil consumption, the engine light and service light come on (you can learn more about service lights in our guide on how to reset maintenance light on Toyota), and there is unintended acceleration.

The 2016 smallest Jeep Renegade users also had issues with the electrical systems. They complain mostly about the engine not turning over, multiple electric failures, computer system failing, and multiple warning lights turning on. To cost of repair for the engine not turning over is approximately $220. This problem occurs at around 16,550 miles.

2017 Jeep Renegade Problems

The 2017 smallest Jeep Renegade model has much lesser problems when compared with the first two years’ models. The users of this year’s model reported complaints mostly about the engine, the transmission, and the electrical system.

The 2017 owners complaint that the car dies and stall while driving, there is excessive oil consumption, and there is an engine knocking and rattling noise. These problems occur at an average mileage of 18,000 miles. They also complain that the car shuts down while driving. This year’s problems are very difficult to deal with. They require replacements and repairs.

2018 Jeep Renegade Problems

The most complained about the 2018 Jeep Renegade category is about the engine with a few issues on focusing on the electrical system and the transmission.

The main issue on the electrical system focus on excessive oil consumption, the car stalling while driving, and the car losing acceleration. Excessive oil consumption normally occurs at around 5,400 miles. The users complain that there is too much oil that is being consumed and poor fuel economy.

Jeep Renegade Maintenance Cost

The data about the car’s maintenance cost is based on a mix of scrutinizing the cost and frequency of maintenance, the warranty coverage, and by looking at the long-term reliability by looking at long these cars stay on the road.

How Frequently Does It Require Maintenance

The Jeep Renegade generally has yearly car maintenance costs that total $498. This car is usually cheaper to maintain. This is because the average vehicle costs $651 annually.

The components that are used in this car are designed to withstand the harshest off-road conditions. These components that are used in Jeep Renegades have to be of the highest standards.

They have to be engineered to meet the demands that the Jeeps will go through. The maintenance of the smallest Jeep Renegade can differ depending on driving conditions, climate, and other factors. In most cases, recommended maintenance will consist of services like oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacement, filter changes, and fluid checks and exchanges.

Staying on track with routine service appointments can assist your Jeep Renegade to perform better, increase your vehicle safety, and prevent common 2019 Jeep Renegade problems. The Jeep Renegade’s battery generally should be replaced after every three to five years.

Making sure that you have a well-charged battery can help your vehicle’s overall performance. Regularly scheduled oil changes can also prevent premature wear and tear on your Jeep Renegade’s engine. Maintaining your car’s steering and suspension system helps you maintain control of your vehicle in compromised road conditions.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Jeep Renegade is considered to be the smallest Jeep, Jeep is however reportedly considering a new small SUV. It is set to be smaller than the existing Jeep Renegade. This new upcoming smallest Jeep will come with electric powertrains.

Until 2025, the Jeep Renegade remains the smallest Jeep in the market. This article has talked about some of the important things to consider before going for the Jeep Renegade. This smallest SUV was first introduced in 2015. It has attracted many drivers because of its strange color and distinctive boxy shape.

The Jeep Renegade has been very popular with buyers but it is not very favorable with critics.

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