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Summoners War Codes That Work In February 2022

by Jordan Harris
Summoners War Codes

Looking for free rewards in Summoners War? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll list down the Summoners War codes that you can redeem for 2021. Additionally, we’ll also list some older promo codes, just in case you want to give them a try. If you don’t play Summoners War, maybe these free rewards from the promo codes are enough to convince you to start playing.

What’s a Promo Code?

Some video game developers will give out promo codes for players to redeem and get a promotional item. In the case of video games, the promo is often in the form of a free item, accessory, or in the case of some games, a free character. Promo codes are often used by publishers and developers to attract new players to start playing their video games. Additionally, they’re also a great way to keep existing players returning to play their game. Promo codes can also earn you free resources in a game such as energy or in-game currency. This will make life a lot easier and motivates you to keep playing.

Of course, not all games have a promo code. Games that have promo codes are usually games that are free to play and have microtransactions within them. This is what Summoners War is; it’s free to download but there are microtransactions in the game. Meanwhile, games where you have to pay in the first place to purchase the game normally don’t have promo codes. This is because all the contents are unlocked right from the start, which is how it’s supposed to be since you paid for them. However, they do often have downloadable contents or DLCs. These will provide you with extra content that you can play with after finishing the main game, although you do often have to pay for DLC.

Summoners War Codes

Updated: February 03, 2022

Use the following Summoners War codes to get free rewards in the game:

  • SW2022JAN97

This promo code is currently active at the time of writing and will earn you free rewards. However, Com2uS (the developer of Summoners War) didn’t specify what it was for, but it will earn you free rewards in the game. These rewards can be in various forms of items that are useful in the game, such as energy, mana, scrolls, and crystals. Keep in mind that these promo codes don’t last very long. So be sure to use them as soon as you can before they expire!

Older Summoners War Codes

There are also older Summoners War codes that are now inactive. These older promo codes also give you free rewards in the game. However, we’ll list them here just in case you want to give them a try. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky:

  • SW2021SEP93 – 10 Mystical Scrolls
  • CONGRATZDAY2 – Redeem code for 100 Energy & 1 Mystical Scroll
  • SEEUONSEPT12TH – Redeem code for 100 Energy
  • RUNTHEGAUNTLET – Redeem code for 1 Mystical scroll
  • SUMMON2GETHERSWC – Redeem code for 100 Sommoning Stones
  • GROUPB2021HELLO – Redeem code for 100 Energy & 100,000 Mana
  • SW2021AUG82 – Redeem code for 1 Light and Dark Scroll
  • SW2021JUN69
  • SW2021MAY58
  • SW7THTK887
  • SW2021APR47
  • SW2021MAR36
  • SW2021FEB25
  • Seagtontheway
  • SW2021JAN41
  • sealegendhere
  • 2021NEWSEASON16
  • joyeuxnoellestream
  • hohohoinvocateurs
  • kamun1211
  • SW2020DEC89
  • seacleaguety
  • swc2020daebak
  • staynplaysw
  • lostcenturiacbt
  • swcwillreturn
  • MEGASWC2020
  • SW2020NOV64
  • SWC2020AINI
  • nextupapac20
  • 2GETHERSWC2020
  • LAOTIE666

Again, we remind you that these promo codes are now inactive, so it’s unlikely you will get anything out of them. Also, Com2uS doesn’t always specify what you get from the codes but expect a healthy helping of energy, crystals, mana, or scrolls.

Summoners War Codes: How to Redeem Codes

If this is the first time you’re redeeming a promo code in Summoners War, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Go to the News and Events section.
  3. Scroll down until you find the Enter Your Promo Code Here section and tap on it.
  4. Type in the promo code you want to use and tap enter.
  5. Enjoy the free rewards.

Summoners War Gameplay

Summoners War is a turn-based massively multiplayer online game made by Com2uS which is a South Korean game developer. Players will assume the role of a summoner, they will need to use scrolls to summon monsters in the game. Afterward, players will command the monsters to fight in turn-based battles.

Summoners War was launched in 2014 and was simultaneously available on both iOS and Android. The game since seen 150,000,000 downloads and $1.35 billion in earnings.


Monsters in the game range from 1-star to 5-star monsters. This goes without saying, 4 and 5-star monsters are the rarest and most powerful in the game. Players can summon them with mystical scrolls, with only a 0.5% chance for a 5-star monster. Meanwhile, players have an 8.2% chance of getting a 4-star monster and a 91% chance for a 3-star monster. Players can then use these monsters in battle, and using them will raise their experience level and evolve their star grade. The highest possible star grade for a monster to achieve is 6 stars.

Additionally, the monsters come in five different elements: fire, water, wind, light, and dark. And as Pokémon teaches us, these different elements have different advantages. Fire has an attack advantage over wind, while water monsters will obviously have an attack advantage over fire, and finally, wind has an advantage over water. Meanwhile, light and dark monsters have an advantage over each other, but no attack bonus is provided when attacking the other three types. Also, each monster has its own class. This includes support, defense, and attack, and this means each monster has its own individual roles.

On top of the star grade and elements, another gameplay mechanic is “awakening” which transforms the monster. This process will change the monster’s appearance, name, stats, and the monster may gain a new or improve an existing skill. An awakening will require “essences” of the elements that the monster possesses, such as magic, fire, water, wind, dark, and light. These essences can be obtained from entities called “Keeper”. There are six different keepers with different attributes, and they can be found in the Cairos Dungeon. However, the keeper’s appearance is timed in the dungeon and usually lasts around 12 to 72 hours.


Another gameplay mechanic of the game is runes. Runes can be equipped to monsters, and each monster can accommodate up to six runes. This will then boost the monster’s stats, making them more powerful. The runes can be upgraded by using an in-game currency called mana, and once upgraded it will increase the stats that the runes provide.

Like the monsters, runes come in different grades. The grade ranges from 1 to 6 stars, with the higher ones providing better stats but will cost more mana to upgrade. Runes will also provide additional bonuses when the player equips a complete set of runes to a monster. For example, equipping four Violent Runes will give the monster an extra 22% chance to gain an extra turn.

Multiplayer Gameplay

The main storyline for Summoners War is single-player gameplay, but there are several multiplayer modes that you can play in should you want to play with your friends. Or maybe make new friends from Summoners War. Remember when they used to tell us stranger danger and don’t make friends on the internet? Those days are long gone now.

Anyway, one of the game’s multiplayer mechanisms is guilds. Joining a guild will not only allow you to chat with other players, but you can also participate in a guild war. In guild battles, your guild will be facing a randomly selected guild of a similar ranking. Each guild is allowed up to three monsters in a battle. There are also siege battles where guilds will battle to occupy the enemy guild’s base to earn points. Afterward, players can spend the points to purchase prizes.

Other multiplayer modes include ‘Rift of Worlds’ where a team of three players goes up against a three-headed boss. Each player is allowed to use up to six monsters. Winning this battle will earn players unique rewards, including rune grindstones and enchanted gems. Keep in mind that this mode has to be unlocked by completing the World Boss battle at least once.

Finally, there’s the World Arena mode where players can battle against each other in real-time. They can do this up to 30 times a day. In this mode, two players will take turns selecting a team of five monsters. Afterward, each player bans one monster on the opposing team and the match begins. And of course, the winner is the first player to eliminate all the monsters on the opposing team.

Summoners War – Is It Worth Downloading?

Well, yes, since the game is free to download and play, we say it’s certainly worth downloading. And if the reviews are anything to go by, Summoners War is certainly a fun game to play. Brittany Vincent of 148apps gave it a 4 out of a 5-star review, praising the game’s high production value and mechanics.

Other reviewers have also noted that the game has superior graphics, which is impressive considering how there are tons of turn-based MMO games that you can play on mobile. Competitors of Summoners War include One Punch Man: The Strongest, Lord of Heroes, Final Fantasy Tactics, and more. Reviewers also praised the 3D rendering of the fights and monsters during combat. This is something that not all turn-based MMO games have, so it’s a nice thing for Summoners War to have.

That being said, the game is not without its flaws. As with many free-to-play games, a high degree of grinding is required to collect the strongest monsters available. Of course, you can spend money to make the process easier if you’d like. However, many reviewers have noted that the game is still enjoyable even if you don’t spend any money on it. Reviewers also criticized the generic storyline in single-player mode. Complaining that it has a mediocre and linear storyline that is good enough to give the notion of progress, but not much else. The story mode of the game basically takes you from one map to another.

Here’s a review video from Gacha Jay if you want to learn more about the game:

Summoners War: Tips & Tricks for New Players

If you’re new to Summoners War or you just decided to download the game after reading this post, then worry not, we have a few tips and tricks! These tips and tricks will help you to progress quickly and smoothly from early to mid-game. Hopefully, it’ll help you avoid rookie mistakes we so often do when starting a new video game.

1. Understand Elemental Relationships

Remember the elements that the monsters have we mentioned in the game? Again, we remind you that using this to your advantage can be very useful. An elemental advantage will grant you a +15% critical hit rate (CR) and an increased chance to land +30% damage. If there’s anything I learn from playing RPG games, having a good critical hit rate and damage is very important. It’s arguably even more important than your standard attack stats.

There’s also an elemental disadvantage. Attacking a monster with an elemental upper hand means there’s a chance of landing what the game calls a “glancing hit”, which is a 30% damage reduction. Additionally, the elemental disadvantage will add a 16% damage reduction. This means with a glancing hit, there will be a 46% damage reduction when you have an elemental disadvantage. On top of this, a glancing hit will also prevent most skills from landing their effects on the enemy monsters.

Remember, water beats fire, fire beats wind, and wind beats water. Light and dark have an advantage against each other but no reaction with the other three elements. Be sure to pay attention to your and your opponent’s monster element before landing an attack.

2. Recommended Starter: Lapis

Summoners War is basically a gacha game. Gacha games are basically a game where you will randomly get items by spending in-game currency that you earn by either grinding or spending real money. We’ll save the argument for and against gacha games for another day, but there’s no denying that it’s really fun. Especially when you get a 5-star character or item in the game. But of course, this will either take a lot of time or a lot of money to happen. Instead, if you’re just starting, we recommend you put your efforts into getting Lapis.

Lapis is a Water Magic Knight and players praise her for being a good starter. You can also get her for free by clearing Mount Siz on Normal Mode. She’s a 4-star grade monster which means she’s quite good, especially if you equip her with the right runes. For example, experienced players will recommend that you equip the Despair Runes on her. This will sync really well with her AoE (Area of Effect) stun ability.

3. Complete the Trial of Ascension

The Trial of Ascension is a PvE (Player vs Environment) area where you can earn rewards by progressing through the levels. These rewards then obviously will be very useful to your monster’s progression. Completing the Trial of Ascension might be a chore for some players, but it is recommended that you reach floor 70 as the reward for completing it is a devilmon. After earning the devilmon, you can then use it to increase the skill level of a monster by 1 level when you use the devilmon as a level-up material.

This is quite useful as devilmons are quite hard to come by. Other ways of obtaining devilmons include the Glory Shop, defeating the World Boss, completing a siege battle, or during special events that offer devilmons. The Trial of Ascension will reset around every 30 days or so, which will erase the player’s progress. After it’s been reset, you can do the Trial of Ascension all over again to earn more rewards.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of the Three-Headed Monster

Remember the Rift of Worlds multiplayer gameplay? The one where you have to face a big scary three-headed dragon? Well, don’t be afraid of that. Players like to call this mode raiding. It’s recommended that you regularly go raiding once you unlock this mode by completing the World Boss battle at least once. There are tons of unique rewards to be earned here and it will be very useful for your progression. One tip to keep in mind is that the monsters at the front will shield the monsters behind them. Also, the party’s leader’s skills will apply to the entire party. Speaking of multiplayer…

5. Join a Guild, Make Friends

Some of us play video games to get away from human interaction. But whether you like it or not, joining a guild, participating in multiplayer modes, and making friends in Summoners War can be very helpful. By joining a guild, you can participate in guild battles and earn guild points. You can also take part in siege battles to earn points. Afterward, you can exchange these points for rewards and resources to help you progress in the game. More importantly, some of the rewards are exclusive, meaning they can only be bought with guild points.

Also, making friends in Summoners War can help your monsters to level up faster. There’s a mechanism in the game called ‘Rep monster’, or representative monster. If your friend has a higher-level rep monster, it will help boost your monster’s exp.

If you want to make friends, be sure to have a useful monster as your own rep monster. For example, Lapis can be used for Faimon farming in the game, and players find this very useful. If you have an interesting and useful monster, people are more likely to be friends with you in the game.

6. Farm Runes and Master Them

Runes are an important aspect of Summoners War. In fact, most other RPG games also have mechanisms similar to runes and they can make or break your character. Or monsters, in the case of Summoners War. These runes will have their own individual stats which will boost your monster’s innate stats. When these runes are equipped in a set of 2, it will offer a bonus stat, making your monster more powerful. Equip them in a set of 4 and your monster will get an even better stat boost.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that not all runes will go great with every monster. Each rune has its own unique stats, increasing a certain capability of a monster. By using runes with the correct stats that complements a monster, you can massively buff them up and make them more powerful. Thus making your progress a lot faster and easier.

Be sure to learn about runes and master them, making sure that you can equip them to the right monster. Equipping runes to a monster that can’t make good use of it will make the game feel more difficult and make progress feel slower. If you need help, search for rune tips on Youtube. If you’re not planning to spend any money on the game, you can search for F2P guides. These are guides made by seasoned players who are doing a Free-to-Play playthrough. Meaning they’re playing the game without spending any money, therefore they’re less likely to have 5-star monsters and items.

7. Participate in Special Events

Just like they told you to do in school, participate in events, and be active. The same goes for these MMORPG games, where there are tons of special events happening every couple of months or so. These events usually change every time there’s a new and significant update to the game, or when there’s an upcoming holiday such as Christmas.

Special events are a great way to earn unique and limited items, as well as earning useful rewards. Game developers will often give out a lot of free resources every time there’s a special event, including Com2uS. Keep an eye out for these events when you’re in the game. You can also follow Com2uS’s social media so that you’ll see updates regarding the game.

Summoners War Promo Codes Facts:

  • Summoners War is a popular mobile action fantasy roleplaying game with millions of players worldwide.
  • The game involves assembling a team of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena.
  • Developers often release promo codes for their players, rewarding them with free in-game items, currency, and other goods to help them out.
  • The complete list of Summoners War promo codes for both iOS and Android devices can be found online.
  • Codes are released periodically as part of various promotions or randomly, and each code has a short expiration period, so players should use them quickly.
  • Generally, codes reward users with in-game items like Wind Scrolls, Summon Stones, and Mana.
  • This article provides a FAQ section that answers questions about what Summoners War codes are for and how to redeem them.
  • To redeem promo codes, players need to follow specific steps depending on their mobile device.
  • To redeem codes on Android, players need to launch the game, tap on the Event button, scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter the promo code, and tap the red “Enter” button.
  • On iOS, players need to click a direct link to claim a promo code.

Summoner’s War Codes: Wrap Up

That’s our Summoners War codes article for this month as well as our quick tips and tricks for new players of the game. Be sure to use the Summoners War codes that we listed as soon as possible since they might expire soon. We’ll try to keep this list updated if there are any more Summoners War codes in the future. In the meantime, keep our tips and tricks in mind and you should progress quite quickly in the game. If you need any more gaming guides, be sure to check the following articles:

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