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Texas Renewing Driver’s License – Learn All The Different Ways

by Jordan Harris
Texas Renewing Driver's License

Are you a Texan who wants to learn more about the Texas renewing driver’s license? If this is the case then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover. We are going to learn everything you need to know when it comes to renewing your driver’s license.

Making sure that your personal documents are up to date is key if you don’t want to have trouble with the law. These documents are the personal ID, passport, as well as driver’s license.

All these documents have an expiry date. This means that they do not last forever after they are issued. They usually last a couple of years and you will need to renew them to get a new photo and get your personal information updated. This will be of great aid to the authorities to identify you since we people are changing over the years as you can tell.

That’s why in this article, we are going to start from the basics of what is a driver’s license and the types of driver’s licenses in Texas. Then we will learn why renewal is needed and how long do these licenses last. Then we are going to cover all of the renewal methods that are available as well as the requirements to do this renewal. So, let’s get started.

What Is A Driver’s License?

A driver’s license is a document that gives you the authority to operate a vehicle that has internal combustion or electric engine in it. These vehicles include cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles that you usually see on the road.

The driver’s license is not a paper document but a document in a more appropriate form factor. In the past driver’s licenses usually were made out of paper. But since recently, they have evolved into a plastic form that is the size of a credit card. This makes them extra suitable if you want to store them in your wallet.

Modern driver’s licenses are also biometric. This means that they are much more difficult to counterfeit compared to previous forms of these documents.

As we said, modern driver’s licenses are made out of plastic and are extremely convenient. They also last quite a bit of time, depending on when is the expiry date for your driver’s license. When this time arrives, you better start looking for Texas renewing driver’s license and learn more about how you can renew your driver’s license. But that is something that we are going to talk about a bit later.

When it comes to getting a driver’s license for yourself if you are a beginner. You need to learn the law and that is that you can apply for a provisional license at 16 years if you live in Texas. This license is more of an upgrade to a learner’s license but still has some restrictions to it.

When it comes to getting a full driver’s license without any restrictions, the legal age is 18. This means that after 18 you can drive whenever you desire. But what are the types of licenses? Let’s find out in the following chapter.

Types Of Driver’s Licenses

Before we dive into the topic of Texas renewing driver’s licenses, it is worth noting the types of driver’s licenses in Texas. There are two types. Non-commercial and commercial driver’s licenses.

In the following two chapters, we are going to cover them in-depth and we will learn more about them. After, we are going to discuss Texas renewing driver’s license. So, let’s get into it.

1. Non-Commercial Driver’s Licenses

The first type of driver’s license is the non-commercial driver’s license. But what does this mean? This means that these driver’s licenses can only be used for personal use. You cannot perform any commercial activity with them.

For example, if you have a Class A driver’s license and you are driving an 18 wheeler truck, you are likely to get fined by the authorities since you don’t have the authority to drive a commercial vehicle like the truck in this case. But which are the different classes of non-commercial driver’s licenses? Let’s find out.

Class A – With this driver’s license you are allowed to drive a vehicle with a 26,001 GVWR or more. Or to drive a combination of vehicles with 26,001 GCWR or more.

Texas Renewing Driver's License

Class B – With Class B you are allowed to drive a vehicle with 26,001 GVWR or more. But you can also seat up to 24 passengers. Which means that you can drive a bus with this driver’s license.

Class C – Class C is limited to cars, which means that you can operate a vehicle with less than 26,001 lbs. You can also transfer up to 23 passengers with the driver. IN addition to this you can tow a farm trailer that has not exceeded 20,000 lbs.

Class M – With Class M, you are only allowed to operate a motorcycle.

Overall, Class A driver’s licenses get you the most when it comes to vehicle size. With this driver’s license, you will be able to drive the biggest pickup trucks that exceed 26,001 lbs and haul heavy trailers. But for non-commercial stuff. But what about Texas renewing a driver’s license? More on that in a bit after we cover the commercial types of driver’s licenses.

2. Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Now we come to the important bit and that is the commercial driver’s licenses. So, what does a commercial driver’s license means? It means that with this type of license, you will be able to use your driver’s license for commercial activity.

You cannot be a truck driver if you don’t have a CDL driver’s license. You will need to pass special driver’s tests to get this type of license and be able to work for a company as a truck driver. But what are the types of different commercial driver’s licenses? Let’s find out.

Texas Renewing Driver's License

Class A CDL – With a Class A CDL driver’s license, you can drive a tractor plus a trailer of more than 26,001 lbs that can tow more than 10,000 lbs. This driver’s license is the pinnacle of the CDL types, which means that you can drive all of the vehicles from the following two classes.

Class B CDL – With Class B CDL you can drive a single vehicle with more than 26,001 lbs. And tow a vehicle of 10,000 or less. And can also drive all of the vehicles that the Class C driver’s license can.

Class C CDL – With the Class C CDL you can drive a vehicle that weighs less than 26,000 lbs and you can carry more than 15 passengers together with the driver. These types of vehicles include small buses and stretch limousines. With this driver’s license, you cannot tow a lot of cargo and you are pretty limited. But you also need to do specific endorsements.

There are special endorsements as well that are needed to be done for you to be allowed to drive these vehicles, depending on the vehicle. This means special training for you.

Why Renewal On The Driver’s License Is Needed?

The main reason why renewal is needed is that some of the information that is in the driver’s license get outdated. We are people and we age, our hair falls or beard grows. The lines of our faces change.

That’s why authorities are demanding this information to be updated every once and then. Since they don’t want to deal with outdated information.

Imagine that you are stopped by a patrol on the highway and you are an elderly gentleman of 65 years. If you still have your first driver’s license from the late ’60s or ’70s. The officer will not be able to tell if this is really you or if that is somebody else.

To prove that you are really you, a lot of time will pass by and during this time you can already arrive home.

That’s why for convenience purposes and getting the right updated data for the institutions, renewing the driver’s license is a must thing to do. Texas renewing driver’s license is also a very convenient process that can be done pretty easily. And we are going to cover that a bit later. Let’s first see, how long do these Texas driver’s licenses last.

How Long Texas Driver’s License Last?

So, how long does the driver’s license last? This is a good question that deserves an elaborate answer. Especially if you are a Texan that is looking for Texas renewing driver’s license.

What is good is that the driving licenses in Texas are valid for a six-year period. Once this period is reached, you will have to renew the driver’s license. The exact date when this driver’s license is written on the driver’s license itself. You will see the word expiration or exp shortened. Right next to it would be the year when the driving license expires.

Also, it is worth mentioning that there are some limitations. For example, if you are above 85 years, you will have to renew the driver’s license every two years. This is because you need to prove that you can drive a vehicle. Because not a lot of people above this age have the capacity of operating a motor vehicle.

In some countries around the globe, this limit for doing checkups is even lower at 65 years or so. This tells you that it is quite good because in the US you have so much freedom and the elderly can operate vehicles at this point in their lives.

But we are talking about Texas renewing driver’s license here. So, what are the ways of renewing the driver’s license in Texas? In the following chapters, we are going to find out.

Driver’s License Renewal Methods In Texas

When it comes to renewing the driver’s license in Texas. There is a number of methods that make this process quite convenient and will not take a lot of time. We all are busy doing important stuff each day. So, not a lot of us have time to spend waiting in lines for a renewal.

In the following chapters, we are going to discuss the methods that you can follow for renewing your driver’s license in Texas. These methods are good for the territory of Texas. If you are living outside of Texas, things can be a bit different. So, make sure that you learn the specific ways of renewing your driver’s license in your state. So, what are the methods? Let’s find out.

1. In-Person Renewal

In-person, renewal is probably the most convenient way to renew it if you have time. Since you are there and you can file all the documents and fill in the information manually. So, What you will need to fill up? Let’s see.

First, you will need to be eligible for renewal. Suspended or revoked driver’s licenses are not eligible for renewal until the suspension period is done.

The second thing you will need is to fill out the application form and also make an appointment at the local DPS office. The DPS is referring to the Department of Public Safety. This is like a DMV in other states.

The next thing you will need to have is to pass your application and your personal ID, as well as the proof of citizenship.

The following things that you will need to perform are passing a vision test. Because they have to make sure that you can well see. Also if you are an elderly person, you might be required to do some other tests as well.

In addition to this, you will be required to provide your fingerprints, get a picture and also pay the fee that is required for your new driver’s license. After this, you will be granted a temporary document that you can use until you get the real driver’s license.

It is worth mentioning that for your first driver’s license you are required to go in person as well as if you are above 79 years old for the Texas renewing driver’s license to be done.

2. Online, Phone, or Mail License Renewal

You can also renew your Texas driver’s license remotely as well. This is very convenient if you don’t want to go to your local DPS and lose a ton of time to do this procedure.

To do this, you will be required that your last renewal was one in office. Also, this works only for class C and M driver’s licenses. This means class A or B or CDL driver’s licenses cannot be renewed via one of these ways.

Also, you have to be above 18 and you have a fully privileged license as well as you are needed to be younger than 79.

You also have to prove that your physical, mental health is in check and you are not impaired by any means.

In addition to this, your license should not be suspended or revoked. In addition to this, you got to have zero tickets or warrants.

You also need yours have social security number to be on file as well as that you need to be a US citizenship.

We have covered what you need to perform this renewal. Now let’s see how you can perform these three ways of renewing the driver’s license. First, we will start with the way that you can renew it online, and then we will cover the ways by mail or by phone.

2.1. Texas Driver’s License Renewal Online

To do this process, you will need to have an internet connection and an email address. A printer is also optional to later print the receipt and temporary license.

All you need to do is to go on the Txapps website and verify your information. Then you need to review your license information and pay for the new drivers’ license. You can pay using your debit or credit card. And you are only a few clicks away from your new Texas renewing driver’s license.


Then, print the temporary driver’s license as well as the receipt. The license should be at your doorsteps in 2 weeks. Make sure that you print the paper ID for the process to be valid.

2.2. Texas Driver’s License Renewal By Mail

If you receive an invitation by mail to renew your driver’s license, you can use this method as well. Just open up the package and read all of the instructions. Make sure that you fill everything up accordingly and then send it to the DPS.

Just make sure that you will not have a temporary driver’s license by going this route. With this route, you will only have the ability to receive the driver’s license via mail. So, make sure that you do this process, about 4 weeks before your driver’s license expires. Because if you are late, you will end up without a license for about 4 weeks until you receive the new one via mail.

2.3. Texas Driver’s License Renewal By Phone

Renewal by phone is the last option that you have available. And frankly, the easiest way to do this procedure. You will only need to pick up up the phone and call the local DPS.

For this task, you will need to have your driver’s license at your disposal, as well as the credit card and the last four numbers of the SSN.

Remember that similar to the way of renewing by mail, you will also have to wait 4 weeks to get your new license via mail. So, if you want to do this renewal by phone. Make sure that you call the operators 4 to 6 weeks in advance before your driver’s license expires. That’s how you will not going to lose the ability to drive.

Special Circumstances For Texas Driver’s License Renewal

There are some special circumstances for renewal that are worth noting. For example, if your driver’s license was suspended or revoked for some reason.

You will have to renew the driver’s license when this suspension is finished. Suspension may come as a consequence of failing to pay tickets, drunk driving, reckless driving, and a ton of other different infractions. Until you get these things sorted out and that to be approved by a court, you will not be able to renew your driver’s license.

In addition to this, there are situations where the driver’s license is stolen or lost. In these cases, you will have to report this situation and then make a report that you want your Texas renewing driver’s license to be done. This process cannot be done online and you will probably be required to go to the DPS to get the things sorted out.

Texas Renewing Driver’s License Cost

Now let’s talk about the Texas renewing driver’s license cost. Cost is useful to know to plan how much money to have in your account to pay for the service. Since renewing the driver’s license is not free and a fee has to be paid for the process to be done successfully. So, what are the fees?

The fee for a regular driver’s license is about $33. For a car or a motorcycle, the cost is $44. Above the age of 85, the cost is reduced to $9. And for veterans that have 60% disability is completely free. Even though these numbers can change and for the exact amount you need to contact the DPS or open their website to find out more about this process.

Facts about Texas Driver License and Identification Card Renewal

  1. Texas driver licenses and identification cards can be renewed up to two years before and after the expiration date.
  2. Renewal options include online, telephone, mail-in, or in-person at a local driver’s license office.
  3. Additional renewal requirements apply for expired driver licenses or ID cards (for more than two years), drivers age 79 or older, learner and provisional driver licenses (under 18), limited-term driver licenses or ID cards, and those currently living out-of-state.
  4. The most convenient way to renew is online or by telephone.
  5. To renew online or by phone, certain requirements must be met, such as having a valid driver’s license without hazardous material endorsement, being younger than 79, and having a valid medical certificate for commercial driver licenses.
  6. Mail-in renewal is available to those who received an invitation to renew by mail.
  7. In-person renewal at a local driver’s license office is required for those who are not eligible for online, telephone, or mail-in renewal.
  8. Applicants must complete a renewal application, provide the required documentation, pass a vision exam, and pay the application fee at a local driver’s license office.
  9. To renew an expired driver’s license or ID card that has been expired for more than two years, applicants must verify eligibility, meet all requirements for a new ID card or driver’s license, and apply in person as a new applicant at a driver’s license office.
  10. Additional renewal requirements apply for drivers age 79 or older, learners and provisional driver licenses (under 18), and limited-term driver licenses or ID cards.

Conclusion To Texas Renewing Driver’s License

In this article, we have covered a lot when it comes to understanding more on Texas renewing driver’s license. We covered the basics and learned what are driving licenses. Then we have covered the types of driver’s licenses. As we can tell, there are non-commercial and commercial driver’s licenses.

Then we have covered the ways of how you can do a Texas renewing driver’s license possible. And as we can recall, there were three ways. Going there personally, doing it online, or by phone and via mail. We have also covered what kind of documents you will need to perform this.

Overall, pretty straightforward process. Especially with these modern technologies, you can get this problem sorted in no time and enjoy your new driver’s license a few clicks away.

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