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Types Of Cars: A Concrete Guide To The Perfect Choice

by Jordan Harris
Types Of Cars

There are different types of cars in the market, and there are also different models of cars available.

Selecting a vehicle is always difficult, especially when you are looking for a perfect car that suits all your needs plus those of your family.

Cars are mostly defined by how they look. Many are defined by their body style since this is the easiest way to categorize a car.

Vehicles are always categorized into different types. That is why it is good to do relevant research before going to buy one.

This article is going to give you some guides on the names of cars available, and their shapes.

Classification Of Cars

Cars are classified into different categories based on several factors.

Classification Of Cars Based On The Body Style

Automobiles can be categorized into various types according to the body style, those that are under this group include convertibles, hatchback, coupe, MPVs, and crossover.

Classification Of Cars Based On The Body Segments

Some cars are categorized based on the elements that they have. These cars include subcompact cars, compact cars, muscle cars, and luxury cars.

Classification Of Cars Based On Their Size

Vehicles that have been categorized according to their size are microcars, compact cars, mid-size cars, and extra-large cars.

Classification Of Cars Based On Fuel

Vehicles under this category are classified based on the type of fuel they use. Examples of cars under this section include;

Classification Of Cars Based On Their Purpose

Cars under this segment are categorized according to the purpose they serve. They include commercial cars, family cars, exotic cars, racing cars, and sports cars.


These types of cars are considered to be one of the most luxurious cars In the world. This is because of their large length and the partition between the back and the front.

Limousines are often long-wheelbase vehicles designed to provide extra rooms for passengers.

It has features that are designed to fulfill all the glamorous needs. It has a sleek exterior and its interior has very luxurious accoutrements, making it the most expensive car.

The limousine has a partition that separates the driver from the passenger compartment. The portion includes an openable glass section that allows the passenger to see the road.

This type of vehicle also has an intercom system that can be used by passengers to communicate with the driver. Examples of limousine cars are;

  • Toyota Century
  • Hyundai Equus limousine
  • Great Wall Hover
  • Chrysler 300


These types of cars are designed for long-distance journeys. It has a high ride height and a boxy body shape, making it easier for people to look around, and also offers a higher ground clearance.

It offers an elevated seating position, including a cargo area like the one for a station wagon that is accessed through a flip-up rear hatch door and they offer all-wheel drive. SUVs also use a ladder frame chassis, which is mostly found in trucks.

These SUVs have a utilitarian exterior design, four-wheel drive, and a sturdy chassis that are borrowed from an ordinary light truck.

SUVs are typically a two-box body design. Its engine area is in the front, followed by a combined cargo and passenger cabin.

Large Sport Utility Vehicles have three rows of seats and offer off-roading capabilities to a certain extent. With all that said, SUV cars are both off-roaders and soft-roaders.

The SUV off-roaders include;

The SUV soft-roaders includes;

Pickup Truck

These types of cars are light-duty trucks with enclosed cabins and open cargo areas and with a low side. These types of vehicles are ideal for people who want to complete daily chores and outing purposes. They serve dual functions at home and outside work.

This car is dissimilar to other vehicles because of its distinctive design. Its cargo space is completely divided from its cabin space and passenger cab, and it carries not more than 3 or 4 passengers.

Pickup cars offer all-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive for the off-road drive only.

Most of these vehicles have fixed sidewalls and a hinged tailgate.

This truck comes in two categories that are;

  • Full-size
  • Mid-size


Sedans are cars that have a cargo area behind their rear pillars. It features a 3-box configuration: a separate space for engine, passenger, and cargo, making them special, and the most popular car in the world.

They are most suitable for transportation and also best for a family because it has a well-designed passenger cabin with comfortable seats that are convenient for occupants and a large trunk for luggage storage.

They do not have glass windows in the cargo area, hence cargo is protected from theft.

Sedan cars are divided into different sub-categories based on their body style and sizes, they include;

  • Sedanette
  • Hardtop sedan
  • Close-couple sedan
  • Club sedan

They have four doors and a typical trunk.


These types of vehicles are cars with a rear door that swings upward and is hinged at roof level to provide a convenient cargo space and are designed for transporting large cargo. The rear window is made of glass and the cargo content is exposed but can be covered up by mats.

The hatchback features a three or five-door configuration including the rear door and they are taller than the sedan. Their 2nd- row seats are foldable, giving them a bigger seating capacity with enough boot space for luggage. They also have higher roofs and driving positions and their interior is very flexible.

Most of them use a 2-box design body style whereby the cargo area and the passenger cabin are a shared volume. They also have a removable rigid parcel shelf or a flexible roll-up tonneau to cover the cargo space behind the rear seats.


CUV cars are the type of car that combines the features of an SUV and hatchback. They have a superior interior, making it a perfect trip.

It has styling that is the same as the SUV, but it uses a monocoque chassis and is taller than the hatchback. It is a unibody type of automobile and offers good fuel efficiency.

They give passengers a comfortable ride, offer soft-roading capabilities, and are constructed like a car. They include;


Minivans are cars that are designed to offer enhanced space and comfort for passengers, making them best at carrying people and cargo in an efficient package hence named “people carriers”.

They have tall boxes on wheels with sliding side doors, a rear hatch that opens to give a large cargo area. Its second-row and third-row seats are adjustable and foldable to create a big cargo bay. Most of them emphasize mostly cabin space rather than cargo space and are ideal for people with large families.

They include;


Coupes are passengers cars with a sloping rear roofline and two-door body types with a trunk. They have four seats, two in front and two in the back. Its seats are smaller compared to the seats of other vehicles.

It comes with a top-of-the-range engine and trim level. They have small cargo space and an edgy design. They are often performance-oriented vehicles with storage in front of the vehicle and a second trunk area in the rear.

Coupe cars are ideal for enthusiasts looking for a car with a sporty look and feel with little worry for backseat passengers.


Convertible are cars with a convertible roof structure designed for two people, the driver, and one passenger.

They feature a retractable hardtop roof or a fabric soft folding top. Their roofs are convertible to allow for enclosed driving and they don’t have any glass on the top or side areas of the vehicle.

Convertibles have smaller cargo space, minimal weather protection, and minimal passenger cabin. Examples include;

Grand Tourer

Grand Tourer means motoring at speed, in style, safety, and comfort. They are a powerful, massive, more comforting type of sports car. It is designed to perform all the luxurious purposes along with high performance.

It has uprated chassis and suspension, which provides suitable handling and road holding on all routes during travel. Not to forget, it also has a front-engine rear-wheel-drive setup, creating space for the cabin, two doors with a 2+2 arrangement.

Grand Tourers provides you with all the driving thrills and comfort at the same time. It is good for long-distance riding at high speed. Examples of grand tourer cars are;

  • Jaguar E-type
  • Ferrari 250
  • Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Sports Cars

Sports cars are cars that are designed for quick response, easy to maneuver, and high-speed driving. They are not modeled for transport.

Most of them are usually 2+2 layouts with a rear-wheel drive with the engine located in front of the car. Sports cars are often the coolest looking.

They are generally two-seaters with smaller rear seats and a 2-door. It has sharp steering that offers great handling and a powerful drivetrain.

These small, luxurious cars are very expensive. They have minimal cargo space and cabin space. Examples include;

Station Wagon/Estate Cars

The station wagon is a vehicle with a two-box arrangement, a shared interior portion for passengers, and cargo space. It also has a rear door that is pivoted at a roof level.

They have folding rear seats that are foldable to create large cargo space. Estate cars mostly prioritize passengers and cargo volume with windows beside the cargo partition and its roof extends to the rearmost of the car.

The station wagon has 3-row seats whereby the rearmost row of seats is located in the cargo area. They may also include upgraded rear suspension for any additional load weight and also to minimize intrusion in the cargo area.

Station wagon vehicles have elevated ground clearance and rugged body cladding, making them more of an SUV.

Military Vehicles

These types of cars are vehicles that are designed to transport troops, fuel, and military supplies to the battlefield.

They are both wheeled and half-tracked vehicles. This makes them very heavy, hence the need for off-road capabilities and vehicle armor.

Military vehicles generally compose a chassis, an area for the placement of loads and equipment, all the running gear, as well as plenty of spares. These can help them with repairs on the field, such as fixing the transmission, engine, cooling, or brakes.

There are four-wheel drive, six-wheeled, eight-wheeled, ten-wheeled, and twelve-wheeled vehicles and are designed to withstand bullets and explosions and they are also fitted with extensive armor protection.

Subcompact Cars

Subcompact cars are passengers’ cars with a combined area for cargo and passengers. Its interior comes with four to five doors.

Subcompact cars are not designed to be quick on the roads. This type of car is considered one of the most affordable cars, the least expensive, best for city driving and commuting.

It also offers comfort with four to five seats for passengers, ideal for commuters, fuel savers, and environmentally conscious people.

Dragster Cars

These are modified race cars with a modified engine and are specifically modeled for drag racing.

Dragster cars are fitted with engine rails and slingshots. They come in different designs, one that can be supercharged and the one that can be turbocharged.

Because of their durability and performance benefits, the rear engine dragster has become the standard dragster.

Muscle Cars

They are the types of vehicles with a powerful, high-performance vehicle with rear-wheel-drive, both small and midsize with a large, powerful V8 engine.

Most of them have two doors, large fronts, small backs, smaller rims, and wide and thicker tires, while others have four doors. They include;

  • Ford Falcon
  • Ford Torino
  • Pontiac GTO

Race Cars

Race cars are the type of car that is developed with the power output of the vehicle in mind. This is then combined with an aerodynamic design.

They have engines that should be modified after every race since they don’t last for a long time. To be able to maintain top performance, they have a lot of downforce in their design.

These cars are particularly designed for racers or those who want to start racing and are designed keeping in mind the power output of the vehicle.

Family Cars

Family cars are normally sized vehicles that are ideal for people with large families.

These cars can accommodate five to six people comfortably. It also has an engine capacity of 2.3 liters.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are vehicles that are propelled by electric motors, using energy restored in the batteries.

They are always quieter, with no emissions, or overall lower emissions. Electric cars provide a high power-to-weight ratio.

Most of them use a fixed-ratio gearbox and have no clutch for simplicity and reliability. They have faster acceleration than the average ICE cars, this is because of the reduced drivetrain, frictional losses, and the available torque of an electric motor.

Commercial Cars

Commercial cars are the types of cars whose main purpose is to transport goods or materials rather than passengers.

They are designed for professional use as load carriers and tow vehicles. Most of them only carry two to three passengers. Behind the seating is designed to carry large loads.

In commercial cars, cargo space, payload, and running costs are more important considerations rather than comfort and design.

There is also another version of commercial cars which is designed for transporting paying passengers. It comes with lots of seats at the rear end.

In this case, its design is simple with no extravagant features like some cars.


Spyder cars are lighter, more agile cars with two seats, and their appearance and characters are like those of sports cars.

It is recognized as one of the most luxurious cars in the world.

Hot Hatchs

Hot hatch vehicles are high-performance hatchback cars. They often have a front-mounted petrol engine, with a front-wheel-drive. It also has the same door that swings open in the back.

These vehicles also come with a four-wheel-drive and a turbocharged motor, precise handling, sleek gear change, and a good engine.

Hot hatches have large cargo space and comfortable passengers seats. They are the ideal size for safety and practicality. They can carry up to 5 passengers.


Ute is a two-door vehicle that is based on a passenger car chassis with cargo space integrated with the passenger’s body.

They are generally smaller with a smaller load capacity. Most Utes are made on the principle that it has 2-seats and a small cargo bed at the back.

Low Rider

Low rider is a customized car with a lowered body. They are generally painted with colorful designs rolling on wire-spoke wheels.

Their wheels are generally smaller than the original wheels. They are fitted with airbag systems that allow for height-adjustable suspension.

Low riders are all about comfort, with plush seats and a banging sound system.

Shooting Brakes

Shooting brakes are the types of vehicles with coupe and station wagon body styles. They have two-door bodies fitted to the chassis of pedigreed cars.

They come with a low slung stance, a sloping coupe-style roof, with cargo space in the back. Shooting brake vehicles are used to transport people on hunts with their firearms. They are known for having elongated rears and large spaces for cabins. An example of a shooting brake car is the Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Hot Rod

A hot rod is a car that has been stripped down and made to go much faster, handle better, look better, and sound better.

Most of the hot rods are individually designed from many makes of a new or old car. They are mostly intended for exhibition rather than everyday drive.

Hot rods are considered classic cars fitted with large engines that are modified for speed. The bootleggers were the first people to use this type of car during the Era of Prohibition.

Micro Cars

Microcar is a term used to describe the smallest size car. They are space-saving, electric bubble cars with two seats. Microcars are a combination of a motorbike and a car.

They have three or four wheels, and their engine is often smaller. They are ideal for medium-income groups of people. Examples are;

  • Bubble cars
  • Cyclecar
  • Invacar


Supercars are high-performance luxury vehicles that are capable of tearing up the track. They represent a singular focus on performance rather than cost.

These cars can reach extreme speed, have superior handling, and have premium performance. Most of them have low noses.

Some supercars have been designed with a lift-out Targa roof with a panel that can be carried in the nose luggage. Examples are;

  • Ford GT40
  • Porsche 918

Pony Cars

Pony cars are affordable, compact, high-performance-oriented, and highly styled alternative cars for Americans. It traces its roots in the Ford Mustang of the 1950s.

They have a rear-wheel drive, a long hood, a short decklid, and a wide range of options.

Sports Sedan Cars

These are vehicles that are designed for great performance and impeccable features.

They originally used a manual transmission and a rear-wheel drive, however, other transmission types and layouts have become common.

Rat Rod Cars

This is a type of hot rod with large tires and an open engine with huge exhaust pipes.

They are custom cars with a deliberately worn-down, unfinished appearance. Its inception signified a throwback to the hot rod.

They are named so because they were cheaper alternatives to the high-priced hit rods.

Tuner Cars

Tuner cars are vehicles with many changed parts that have been customized for better performance.

These cars are modified for speed, performance, great handling, and better fuel economy. Some tuner cars are very expensive, some are relatively affordable, and some are fantastical.

Types Of Cars; Final Thoughts

With every detail about the different types of cars in this article, it will not be very difficult for you to choose the vehicle that fits your needs plus all the needs of your family.

This article has provided you with some basic information on the types of cars available in the market that you can now be more confident about to go and purchase or to even feel free to discuss with your friends about the different types of cars.

Before you buy these cars, please make sure you test drive them and know which type of vehicle fits you as theoretical experience and practical experience are very much different, and always remember to cross-check all the details of the car that you intend to buy before purchasing them.

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